Hogwarts Legacy Review – A Magical Experience

A Detailed review of all new Hogwarts Legacy so you can decide if it's the right game to pick or not for your Potterhead fantasies.

Hogwarts Legacy
A detailed review of Hogwarts Legacy.
A Magical Experience
Hogwarts Legacy offers everything that a Potter fan is looking for to re-live the magical life. The story is engaging, and the Combat is fluid, with excellent background music and narratives to keep the adventure fresh and interesting.
Excellent Story with fluid gameplay mechanics.
Replayablitiy is pretty good.
The progression system is fun and keeps you engaged in different activities.
Excellent Graphics.
Could be a little confusing for beginners.
Voiceovers are a little robotic, which can be fixed with a future patch.

Are you among the Potterheads who dreamed of living the life of Harry Potter and his friends and being a part of Hogwarts? Do you look for every moment where you can give 10 points to the Gryffindor? Well, you no longer need to dream, as Hogwarts legacy will make it a reality.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Hogwarts legacy is actually from the original writer J.K. Rowlings. With Warner Bros Studios they have done a fantastic job of recapturing the magic and making us relive the moments from our favorite movies and experience them in a unique way.


Hogwarts Legacy Story
Hogwarts Legacy Story (Captured BY VeryAliGaming)

You start your journey as a Fifth-Year student getting into Hogwarts a bit late, so you have to catch up a lot, You have some previous experience of wielding a Magic wand, and that helps you a lot throughout the game.

On your way to Hogwarts, you get attacked by a berserk dragon, and after that, everything changes and a new journey begins for you at Hogwarts where you will be making new friends and foes, will be meeting some exceptional teachers, and yes, homework will be mandatory.

While on the track of becoming a great wizard or witch, depending on which path you choose, you will uncover dark secrets about the wizarding world and learn some extremely powerful spells.


Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Hogwarts Legacy offers a (3rd-Person) RPG style Open world sandbox where you get to live the life of a Hogwarts student and perform all kinds of activities that wizards and witches do in their school life.


Hogwarts Legacy Combat Mechanics
Hogwarts Legacy Combat Mechanics (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

The game offers a fluid and unique combat system that is engaging and keeps you entertained all the time.

It’s fun to use your wand to cast different spells, and during a fight, use Protego to either guard yourself against incoming attacks or to stun the enemies. Combat is not limited to enemies only. You will get plenty of opportunities to have duels with your friends and classmates.

Hogwarts Legacy Duels (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

The duels are fun and allow you to learn new spells during the class, there are other dueling opportunities as well that are, of course, against the rules of Hogwarts, but as they say, ” Rules are meant to be broken.” you get to learn some really exciting and helpful spells.

Not only that, if you be in the good books of your teacher, you can stay out of trouble, and they might teach you a thing or two that will come in handy later on to get out of the sticky situation.

Hogwarts Legacy Teachers ( Captured By VeryAliGaming)
Hogwarts Legacy Teachers ( Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Just do make sure you don’t trouble them much; otherwise, you might get some weird kind of punishment.


Hogwarts Legacy Quests
Hogwarts Legacy Quests (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Hogwarts legacy has a whole bunch of Main Quests and Side Quests, along with extra assignments that will keep you busy throughout the game. Certain side quests are always required to either level up or, in general, to complete before you proceed to the main quests.

Assignments are also rewarding and help you earn extra experience when a quick level-up is required to start a quest.

Character Customization

Hogwarts Legacy Character Customization
Hogwarts Legacy Character Customization (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

We didn’t expect this to happen, but yes, Hogwarts legacy includes a handful of customization options to create your unique character. You can choose whether you want to be among the witches or the wizards and customize accordingly.

Visuals And Audio

Hogwarts Legacy Cinematics
Hogwarts Legacy Cinematics (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

The game being next-gen has to offer top-notch cinematics and in-game graphics. The engine is not the best optimized, yet it runs on most systems. Ray tracing is a different story, though, as it’s very taxing, and we will recommend to keep it off if you want an optimal experience.

Hogwarts Legacy Textures
Hogwarts Legacy Textures
Lighting and environment details
Lighting and environment details

Character models are well-textured, and the lighting and atmosphere are scenic too. It overall gives the game a fresh feel andmakese it replayable.

There are certain areas that are a bit demanding due to terrain, or if you are flying around on the broom or a beast, the rendering can cause some good amount of frames to drop other than that, it’s a great experience altogether while the game looks as pretty as possible.


In-Game sound and music are very accurate. You get correct prompts for directions and can distinguish between multiple characters.

One thing we found odd was that our character might start sounding slightly robotic if the pitch is not adjusted correctly, which doesn’t affect too much of your gaming experience, yet you might notice it from time to time and that it was never there in the first place.


Hogwarts Legacy offers everything that a Potter fan is looking for to re-live the magical life. The story is engaging, and the Combat is fluid, with excellent background music and narratives to keep the adventure fresh and interesting.

The game doesn’t go hard on the RPG mechanics, yet still, some progression is required to keep moving forward in the game. But the grind is not dull, and you can easily complete the game without feeling exhausted.

The Learning curve is minor, so those who don’t have much idea about the Harry Potter franchise can still start from here and learn a lot about it quickly. From flying brooms to taming the beasts, we loved every moment of it and will definitely recommend you guys try it if you haven’t yet.

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