Hogwarts Legacy Finding Rowland Oakes [Step By Step]

The quest is pretty simple, but it includes a map that is quite hard to follow. We'll guide you through every step of "Tale of Rowland Oakes"!

The tale of Rowland Oakes
Rowland Oakes

Are you stuck in finding Rowland Oakes? Here’s a walkthrough on the sidequest “The Tale of Rowland Oakes” in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy has been out for a couple of days now and offers a lot of sidequests/assignments along with its primary plot.

Mostly, they are fun obstacles and side tasks to fulfill but some side quests are shockingly in-depth. The sidequest involving Rowland Oakes is one such quest. Let’s get you through it!

Key Takeaways

To start “The Helm of Urtkot” quest:

  1. Make sure you’ve completed the related main story quest.
  2. Search for Rowland’s camp.
  3. Find Rowland’s map and notebook.
  4. Examine the hand-drawn map with landmarks.
  5. Follow the map’s hints to reach the ruins.
  6. Locate Rowland in the ruins.
  7. Retrieve his wand from a nearby desk.
  8. Return the wand to Rowland to complete the quest.

The Tale Of Rowland Oakes

The character Adelaide needs your assistance in determining what happened to her uncle Rowland. She will send you a letter through your Owl Post. You’ll need to go to the Transfiguration Courtyard’s north section to talk with her. You’ll learn that she is anxious about her uncle Rowland Oakes’ whereabouts because he hasn’t spoken to her since he got stuck with radical goblins.

The Tale of Rowland Oakes
The Tale of Rowland Oakes quest. 

The quest is pretty simple but it includes a map that is quite hard to follow against the in-game map. There is a lot of exploration and battle in this specific side quest and it is very long. But, we’ll guide you through every step of the Tale of Rowland Oakes’s side mission. That includes how to use Rowland’s map in Hogwarts Legacy, so don’t worry!

Recommended Requirements

Firstly, we will guide you through the requirements before you start the quest! Here they are below:

  • Players must have finished the main story quest for The Helm of Urtkot in order to access this quest. Adelaide Oakes will then show up in the Transfiguration Courtyard with this side quest.

Steps For The Tale Of Rowland Oakes

Rowland Oakes, her uncle, has been conducting business with Ranrok’s goblins, and she will request that the player looks for him. Adelaide believes Rowland is in danger because she has not talked to him in a while.

Furthermore, she wants you to start by looking for the camp where Rowland was last seen. Here is the list of steps in detail that you need to follow to find him!

Guide To The Map

Rowland Oakes Map
Rowland Oakes’ Map. 
  • Use the in-game map to locate Rowland’s camp.
  • Clear the camp of goblins.
  • After clearing the camp, cast the spell Revelio.
  • Retrieve Rowland’s journal and a map.
  • The map is on top of a neighboring container, and the notebook is on the ground nearby.
  • Study Rowland’s hand-drawn map, which hints at locations along a river leading to a demolished castle.
  • Follow the map’s hints to pinpoint Rowland’s location.

Following The Map

Following Rowlands' map
Following Rowlands’ map. 
  • Open the in-game global map.
  • Head west from where you battled the goblins and discovered Rowland’s map.
  • In the northeastern part of the North Hogwarts region, locate a river flowing west toward a bandit fortress.
  • Follow the riverside route, passing the locations indicated on Rowland’s map.
  • Continue until you reach a goblin-occupied castle.
  • Enter the castle and engage the goblins on the upper floor.
  • Look for the concealed entrance to Korrow Ruins behind a metal gate within the castle.
  • Climb the ladder to proceed in the quest.

Finding Rowland Oakes

Opening the metal door
Opening the metal door. 

Inside Korrow Ruins, you’ll encounter goblins, and Rowland is held captive in one of the complex’s underground prisons. Here’s what to do:

  1. Follow the quest point on the map until you reach a room with more goblins, a large metal door, and staircases on both sides.
  2. Clear out the chamber and continue following the quest marker to reach the lowest level of the region.
  3. Rowland is imprisoned behind a closed door guarded by goblins on this level. Interact with him, and he will ask for your help in locating his wand.
Rowland Oakes is behind this door Image Credits: FP Food Game
Rowland Oakes is behind this door 

Finding Rowland Oakes’ Wand

Rowland Oakes' wand
Rowland Oakes’ wand.
  • Light up the room: Go back to the chamber with the big metal door, climb up two flights of stairs, and look around the room. You’ll find a large silver boiler. Use the Incendio or Confringo spell to ignite the fire below the boiler. This will open the metal door to the next room.
  • Getting the Wand: In the next room, you’ll encounter more goblins, including the boss Pergit. After defeating them, you’ll find Rowland’s wand on a desk in the room to the right.
  • Finishing the Quest: Return to Rowland and interact with him to give him his wand. You won’t be able to fast travel from this location, so you’ll need to backtrack to the entrance of the ruins to exit.
Rowland Oakes getting out of the cell
Rowland Oakes getting out of the cell. 

After you give Rowland his wand, he will use his spells to break out. Rowland will come out to thank you for finding his wand and getting him out by using his map


Congratulations! You got Rowland out and now he is a free wizard. Ultimately, that is all we could tell you about the “Tale of Rowland Oakes” quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Now, Adelaide will not be worried about her uncle as he is in no more problems with the goblins. Consider leaving feedback if you liked reading the guide.

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