Hogwarts Legacy: The Helm Of Urtkot [Quest Steps]

Having trouble completing The Helm of Urtkot quest? Worry not because this guide will help you finish your quest hunt.

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Hogwarts Legacy: The Helm of Urtkot

Out of the 52 quests in Hogwarts Legacy, The Helm of Urtkot comes at number 23. Before activating this quest, you must be at least level 12 and should know how to use the spell Depulso.

In the quest, The Helm of Urtkot, your core objective will be to search for a Helmet inside a Tomb before the others find it, and for that, you seek the help of others, specifically Lodgok, a goblin.

Key Takeaways

All You Need To Know About The Helm of Urtkot quest:

  • Quest: The Helm of Urtkot
    • Level Requirement: Level 12
    • Required Spell: Depulso
  • Quest Steps:
    1. Start the quest by talking to Sirona Ryan in the Three Broomsticks.
    2. Sirona directs you to meet Lodgok, a goblin at the Hog’s Head Inn.
    3. Lodgok instructs you to find a Goblin Relic, a helmet, hidden in the collector’s cave outside Hogsmeade.
    4. Enter the cave alone and use the Lumos spell to attract moths towards the four Moth doors to open them.
    5. Beware of Inferi enemies that may appear; defeat them with fire and use explosive barrels if needed.
    6. Instead of finding the helmet, discover a dead Ashwinder in the cave.
    7. The Relic is located at a nearby Ashwinder campsite. Head there and prepare to fight Ashwinders and a troll to retrieve the helmet.
    8. Defeat all enemies, collect the helmet, and return it to Lodgok to complete The Helm of Urtkot quest.

The quest path will be explained by listing the objectives and explaining what it requires. The mission is very straightforward, and you are to spend at most 25 minutes on it if you follow the instructions carefully.

Speak To Sirona

To activate the quest, you will go to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, a main attraction for the faculty at Hogwarts. In there, you will meet Sirona Ryan. Your character will ask Sirona about a goblin whom she was talking to the day she saw her before.

talking with sirona ryan
Sirona Ryan in The Three Broomsticks

Sirona will identify that goblin as Lodgok, a friend who will be much help later on. Moreover, she will guide you to find Lodgok at the Hog’s Head Inn. After you are done conversing with Sirona, The Helm of Urtkot will get activated, and the chase for the helmet starts now.

Speak To Lodgok

Leave The Three Broomsticks and travel toward the southwest to reach the Hog’s Head Inn. It is about 80 to 85 meters from your current location, which is not very far, so you can walk or run to get there.

talking with lodgok
Lodgok in The Hog’s Head Inn

As you open the door, look to your left, where you will see Lodgok sitting at a table. During your conversation with her, you will have to earn his trust by mentioning Sirona so he can spill the news to you about the Helmet, a sacred goblin relic.

Meet Lodgok At The Witch’s Tomb

At the end of your conversation with Lodgok, he will ask you to meet him outside the Witch’s Tomb.

To get there, you need to travel toward the northwest. You can also see the location by opening the map; the pathway will be highlighted in yellow dots, which you can follow.

The Collector's Cave
Collector’s Cave on Hogsmeade map | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Lodgok will be standing outside the wooden gate of Hogsmeade in the open fields. After that point, follow Lodgok, and he will directly take you to the entrance of the Witch’s Tomb, also known as the Collector’s Cave.

On your walk with him, Lodgok will tell you that you must retrieve a Helmet from the tomb. He will ask you to go in alone at the entrance, and he will wait for you outside when you return.

about to enter collector's cave
Press the hinted button on the screen to enter the cave | Image taken by: VeryAliGaming

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Search The Tomb For The Helmet

After entering, go down the slope and make a left to see a door to your right. That door will be locked, with three Moth symbols engraved. Two moths will be already inside their marks. Searching for the third moth to open the door would be best.  

First Moth Door

opening the first moth door
1/4 Moth Door

Look opposite the door to see the Moth. Use your Lumos spell to bring the moth toward the door, so it goes directly into its symbol.

using lumos for moving moths
Use Lumos throughout the quest to bring Moths toward the respective door.

The mechanic to this door is that it gets open as soon as you collect three moths and bring them to the door. You can also use the Revelio spell to identify the door or the moth in blue highlight if it is hidden in the dark.

After opening the door, follow the curved path by going straight and then making a left where you will see another moth door. All three moths will be missing from it.

first moth door has been opened
Open area after opening the first moth door | Snapshot by: VeryAliGaming

Second Moth Door

opening the second moth door
2/4 Moth Doors

In the center, you can find two out of three moths to the left and right of the grave. Use Lumos to bring them toward the door. The last one will be behind a broken door. Use the Depulso spell to open that door.

Repeat the same procedure for bringing the moth toward the door.

After you move past that door, your character will get a little scared about not being the only one in that cave. At that point, you will fight Inferi; they are undead enemies that can only be damaged once in contact with fire.

battling the inferi enemies
First time interacting with Inferi enemies during the quest

You can use your magic throw to lift explosive barrels and throw them at the enemies. Moreover, use other spells like Confringo to damage them. If under attack, cast the Protego spell for your protection. It would be best to kill all the Inferi enemies and move forward.

Please go through the door from which the enemies came forward. You will come across your third moth door; this one is a little complex to open. This one also has three moths missing, so you must collect all of them to unlock it.

Third Moth Door

opening the third moth door
3/4 Moth Doors

The first one will be to your left. Grab it by casting Lumos and making it follow the light. The second one will also be there, to your right, but you don’t have to take it directly to the door.

I recommend using it first to find the third moth and then bringing both to unlock the door. You will see a golden moth symbol precisely at the center of your position.

depulso spell to be used on this
Use Depulso on this to lift a piece of ground

Take the other moth and insert it in here. After that, if you use the Depulso spell on the symbol, it will rotate and ascend a piece of the ground to match the heightened path. When the rotation slows down, the block slowly descends.

Quickly grab the third moth from there and step on the same block to come down with it or directly make a jump. Insert both moths in the door to finally open it. Move past the door and make a quick left, then keep walking.

When you see an opening, look up to see a crate held by a rope pulley. If you don’t see it, cast Revelio while looking up, and the pulley will get highlighted in blue.

You can use the basic cast to break the pulley, so the crate falls off on the wooden floor and breaks it to open a path underground.

pulley highlighted by revelio
Break the pulley using magic so the crate drops

If you wish, you can open a chest for bonus items to the left of the underground opening. Cast the Depulso spell to open the door and climb to open the chest. Move out that door and jump into the space.

After jumping into shallow water, look at the map on the bottom left and head East.

Keep moving forward until a closed-door blocks your path. To open this one, locate the lever to its right and use the Accio spell to pull it and slide open the door.

open the turn by pulling this lever
Use Accio spell on this to open door

On the other side, you will see another cavity in the ground, just like the one you created previously. Jump in it again and start moving West.

After getting into the opening, you will face multiple Inferi enemies. Defeat them using the same spells you cast before.

opening the fourth moth door
4/4 Moth Doors

To open the tricky moth door involving timing:

  1. Enter the open area and cast Lumos to illuminate the surroundings.
  2. Grab a moth from the right side.
  3. Take the moth to the rotating moth symbol in the center.
  4. Use Depulso on the symbol to rotate it and lift a ground piece between two balconies.
  5. Note that one Depulso isn’t enough; use it two or three times to match balcony heights.
  6. Jump to the right path once the ground piece is high enough.
  7. Cast Lumos to grab another moth.
  8. Bring this moth to the opposite balcony where the door is.
  9. Hit the rotating symbol with Depulso two to three times.
  10. Quickly collect and bring the moth to the door to prevent the block from descending.
  11. There’s a second moth nearby; also bring it to the moth door.

For the final one, you need to use Lumos and Depulso simultaneously, but it also makes you lose the moth if you switch to Depuslo, so a solution is required. We will go down and take the fourth moth out of its holder by going down.

There will be another holder which goes up when you rotate the moth symbol.

finding a way to get 3 moths into the 4th door
Store the moth temporarily on this holder

Place the fourth moth in that holder and use Depulso to go up. When you are in front of the door, quickly take the moth out of the lifted holder using Lumos and take it to the door to open it.

On the other side of the door, you will find a dead Ashwinder instead of a Helmet in the tomb. 

dead ashwinder has been found
Finding dead ashwinder instead of the helmet | Snapshot taken by: VeryAliGaming

This has to be reported to Lodgok. To get out of the cave, observe a small door behind the dead body; open it to find the exit to the cave.

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Recover The Helmet From The Thieves

When you report to Lodgok, he will direct you to an Ashwinder campsite where the helmet might be taken. The camp is roughly 220 meters to the northwest. To go there faster, use your broom and fly if it is unlocked. 

travel northwest to reach here
The ashwinder campsite

The camp is guarded by multiple Ashwinder Soldiers, Executioners, Scouts, and a Poacher Tracker. Other than that, you will also fight a giant Forest Troll. Defeat them all and collect the helmet from a crate inside the camp.

find the helmet over here
Exact location at the camp where the Goblin Relic is placed | Image by: VeryAliGaming

As soon as you keep your hands on that goblin relic, an Ashwinder assassin will spawn behind you, along with a couple of Scouts. They are your final enemies; kill them to get one step closer to the ending.

Return The Helmet To Lodgok

After retrieving the Helmet, take it back to the same place where you took off from, the entrance of Collector’s Cave. Lodgok will be waiting for you over there. Use a broom to fly and reach faster.

giving helmet to lodgok
Returning the helmet to Lodgok that was taken from Ashwinder camp so The Helm of Urtkot quest completes

A cut scene starts where you will have a short conversation with Lodgok about bringing the helmet to him and impressing Ranrok. During the discussion, Lodgok shows that he is not letting you know everything, and there is more to the story that will be figured out in the future. After the cut scene ends, the mission’s objectives also end; therefore, The Helm of Urtkot quest has been completed successfully.

This is about the step-by-step walkthrough of the quest, The Helm of Urtkot. If you are following the instructions carefully and not wasting much time opening the moth doors, the quest will take around 23 to 25 minutes, which is not so much.

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