Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell Guide

Hogwarts Legacy features a control spell referred to as Transformation Spell. You must complete a few quests and meet specific requirements to learn this spell. You will become familiar with the Transformation spell and learn how to carry out various tasks after reading this article thoroughly.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell

The transformation spell is one of the most valuable spells in Hogwarts Legacy because it helps solve some environmental puzzles. This makes it one of the essential tools to have in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Transformation spell allows changing objects into barrels.
  • Try to finish the main storyline, Fire and Vice.
  • After completing the main story quest, complete the side quest named Professor Weasley’s assignment.
  • Get the first Field Guide Page from Underground Harbour.
  • Get the second Field Guide Page from Library after answering Franklin’s Quiz.
  • Go to Transfiguration Classroom and give guide pages to Professor Weasley.
  • You can unlock the transformation spell after completing the minigame.
  • Transformation Mastery Talent will upgrade the effect of the spell.

What Is Transformation Spell 

The transformation spell is considered a highly advanced and complex spell at Hogwarts and requires a great deal of skill and control to cast as it involves changing the form of an object or being into something else.

When you use a transformation spell, the target cannot move quickly, leaving them open to other attacks. If the enemy is hard to beat, channels can use this extra time to either attack or run away.

Condition To Unlock Transformation Spell

There are two primary requirements to fulfill to activate the transformation spell. The first step is to finish the primary mission of the story, which is called “Fire and Vice.” Since this is the main quest in the story, you will find it and can’t miss it. During this quest, you will be asked to assist your companion Poppy in locating a dragon egg. Secondly, you should be on level 20 to unlock the transformation spell and Prof Weasley’s Assignment.

Unlocking of Transformation Spell

To use the transformation spell, you must first advance through the main storyline and then access a side mission known as Professor Weasley’s assignment. The task isn’t complex, but you must find the Field Guide pages in these two places.

  • The first page of the Field Guide can be obtained from the Underground Harbour.
  • The second page of the Field Guide can be obtained from the Library.

It may appear simple initially, but casting so many spells quickly might be challenging. It could get frantic trying to command these spells at the correct time.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell
Prof Weasley’s Assignment Credits (eXputer Guides)

Underground Harbour

To complete the quest, you must head to the cave beneath the castle and follow the directions on the map. If you are having problems locating the entrance from within the castle, you can access the underground port outside by traveling to the boathouse and then flying to the underground port on a broomstick.

Since it is a harbour, there will be rows of boats in the harbour. You must avoid becoming sidetracked in this area, so hurry to the Fourth Dock and use Revelio there. The Field Page will show automatically when using Revelio. You can then combo it with Accio to have the page fly toward you, where you can grab it.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell
Underground Harbour Field Guide


It’s time to return to Hogwarts and look for the Library, the next clue in the quest’s jigsaw. Like every other time, open your map and continue following the quest until you locate the transfiguration book. As this will be a library, there will be plenty of shelving units for books.

Here Sophronia Franklin will take the quiz from you. The Guide can be obtained using Revelio, but the book Professor Weasley wishes to study is now in the ownership of Sophronia, so you will need first to persuade her to give it to you.

Book On Intermediate Transfugation
Book On Intermediate Transfugation

Answers to Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz

There will be a series of questions for you to answer in the quiz. The makers included this Trivia game to test your Potterheadedness. You probably know most of the answers, and it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t since she will give you the book whether you deserve it or not.

Five questions need to be answered, but if you are unfamiliar with the issues discussed, they can be challenging. The following list provides you with all the questions and their corresponding answers so that we can assist you:

  • Answer no 1-  The Golden Snidget
  • Answer no 2-  Felix Felicis
  • Answer no 3-  The Deathly Hallows
  • Answer no 4-  The Quaffle.
  • Answer no 5-  False.
Sophronia Franklin Quiz
Sophronia Franklin Quiz

After you have finished answering these questions, she will ask you to participate in another trivia game; however, you should politely decline. As she will have returned the book on its pedestal, you can easily apply Revelio once more with some Accio mixed in.

Students interested in pursuing the more sophisticated Transfiguration Spells will find a transcription on the Field Page detailing how the Transfiguration Book is structured. Professor Weasley always tells her most competent students to read this book.

Transfiguration Classroom

Once you have both sheets, you should go back to the Astronomy Wing and then to the Transfiguration Classroom to take the class to learn the Transformation spell. You complete the quest by conversing with Professor Weasley, who congratulates you on discovering the potent spell and provides insight on how it should be used in certain situations.

Professor Weasley will teach you the Transformation Magic after you speak with her. You will need to trace a symbol to learn how to use the Transformation Spell in Hogwarts Legacy, just like you would need to learn how to use any other spell.

Minigame Credits (Gamerpillar)

Use Of Transformation Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to be prepared for anything, you should always have the transformation spell in your inventory. This is because it may be helpful in a variety of circumstances.

Turn Enemies into Objects

It is an exceptional talent that allows you to transform your foes into barrels. With this skill, you can throw around your opponents as if they were real-life evil wizards. You can even use this opponent, which looks like a barrel turned upside down, to deal extra damage to other enemies by throwing it at them. Remember that your adversaries may revert to their original appearance when some time has passed, so take precautions.

Special Talents

It is possible to make your transformation even deadlier by augmenting it with specialized skills. If you use this, the spell’s damage will be multiplied by a factor of three. The skill is called Transformation Mastery and is available for purchase at level 22 and above. When you open the barrel, you can use it to turn your adversary into an explosion. If thrown at numerous enemies, it will explode into a barrel that will kill them or cause significant damage. While combating multiple foes, this becomes quite useful.

Solving Puzzle

Using a transformation spell is essential to solving some puzzles in the game, most notably the Chess Puzzle. If you don’t have this spell, you won’t be able to solve them.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell
Turning Objects into Barrels


We hope you now know all the details about the transformation spell, its workings, and its uses. From these guides, You can also get more information about Alohamora Spell, All Spells And Unlock Guide, and Hogwarts Legacy Unlock Locks.

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