Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell Guide

Hogwarts Legacy features a control spell referred to as Transformation Spell. You must complete a few quests and meet specific requirements to learn this spell. You will become familiar with the Transformation spell and learn how to carry out various tasks after reading this article thoroughly.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell

The Transformation spell in Hogwarts Legacy is fun to use as you can transform your adversaries or items into something more hilarious. But attaining this spell demands you to do some tasks that may require an effort but chill out as we are going to tell you how you can get this most demanding spell.

Key Takeaways

  • With a transformation spell, you can change things or people into something else.
  • Your level should be 20, and you must complete the Fire and Vice main
  • The Professor Weasley’s assignment quest unlocks as you complete the main story one.
  • You have to find two Field Guide pages.
  • The places where you can look for the pages are Underground Harbour and Library.
  • For the second page, you have to complete Sophronia Franklin’s quiz.
  • Use the Revelio spell to reveal both pages.
  • You can learn the spell from Transfiguration Classroom.
  • One can use the transformation spell for multiple purposes.

What Is Transformation Spell 

A spell that allows you to convert or transform either objects or people in Hogwarts Legacy. It may seem easy to play with the transformation spell, but in reality, it demands practice and skills to handle.

The biggest advantage of using this spell is that it leaves the enemy vulnerable to attacks, as when you cast a spell on an enemy, then it doesn’t move for some time. You can utilize this time to make further strikes or move to a safer position.

Condition To Unlock Transformation Spell

For activation of the transformation spell, you need to go through two steps of requirement. Firstly your level should be 20, and secondly, you will have to complete the main story quest, which is “Fire and Vice.” In this quest, Poppy will be searching for the Dragon egg, and your task will be to provide assistance.

This also includes combat with poachers, and after defeating them, you will be able to attain the egg. To win the battle, use the right spells against the enemy so you may finish the quest quickly and efficiently.

Unlocking of Transformation Spell

Fulfilment of the previous requirement enables you to play Professor Weasley’s assignment, a side quest. In this mission, you have to look for the Field guide pages. There are two places from where you can get these pages: First is the Underground Harbour and Second one is Library. We will discuss both of them below in detail.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell
Prof Weasley’s Assignment Credits (eXputer Guides)

Underground Harbour

For the underground harbour, you can use the map for guidance to make your way to the cave or else you can go to the Boathouse travelling to get there. Upon reaching there you will come across the elevator, and by using it, you will reach the underground harbour.

Now look for the fourth dock while ignoring the rest and use the Revelio spell to make the page appear. Then use another spell which is Accio, and it will cause the page to fly in your direction so you can get it easily.

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell
Underground Harbour Field Guide


As soon as you attain the first Field Guide page, head to the Hogwarts library. In the library, you will have to look for the Transfiguration book, but it is not that simple as Sophronia Franklin is a person who will be holding this book, and to get it from her, you will have to answer her quiz.

After completing the quiz, she will put the book back, and then you can use the Revelio spell to attain the Second Field Guide page.

Book On Intermediate Transfugation
Book On Intermediate Transfugation

Answers to Sophronia Franklin’s Quiz

If you are a Potterhead, then you must be aware of many answers, but for those who are not aware of any of them, don’t worry, as we will list down all the answers to the questions that she will ask in her quiz.

Well, the good part is that it doesn’t really matter if you answer them right or wrong, as she will leave the book in both conditions. She will ask you five questions, and after completing them, you can get your desired item. So the quiz’s answers of Sophronia Franklin go like this:

  • Answer no 1-  The Golden Snidget
  • Answer no 2-  Felix Felicis
  • Answer no 3-  The Deathly Hallows
  • Answer no 4-  The Quaffle.
  • Answer no 5-  False.
Sophronia Franklin Quiz
Sophronia Franklin Quiz

After completing it, she will ask you if you want to participate in another quiz but you will have to refuse as you have to get the page and return it to Professor Weasley.

The page you will get from there will have the information regarding the transfiguration book and holds great knowledge about learning the transfiguration spells.

Transfiguration Classroom

Head back to the castle and go to the Transfiguration classroom, where you will learn the transformation spell. Your quest will end as you will communicate with Professor Weasley after getting there. And then she will make you learn the Transformation spell.

You will have to follow the pattern that will be shown on your screen, and by doing that, you will be able to transform the particular object. If you do it successfully, then it will be added to your set of spells.

Minigame Credits (Gamerpillar)

Use Of Transformation Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to be prepared for anything, you should always have the transformation spell in your inventory. This is because it may be helpful in a variety of circumstances.

Turn Enemies into Objects

A transformation spell is best to use against the enemies as you can turn them into a barrel while fighting. Well, this sound funny, but it is possible. After becoming a barrel for some limited time, it becomes hard for them to move or make an attack against you. Apart from this, you can throw this barrel towards the other enemies to deal damage. A transformation spell can be of great help when you get in combat with highly threatening adversaries. Don’t forget about the time, and utilize this spell accordingly.

Special Talents

If you want to make your spell more effective and powerful, then you can add up the special talents that enhance your spell. But these can only be purchased if you are on level 22 or higher. You can use the improved spell when multiple enemies have surrounded you, and it will offer amazing outcomes.

Solving Puzzle

Last but not least, there are some puzzles that demand the utilization of a transformation spell,l and without them, you can’t solve them, such as Chess Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Transformation Spell
Turning Objects into Barrels


This was all for the Transformation spell guide in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell is more like a necessity, so it will be great if you lay your hands on it as early as possible to double the fun of playing. There are also other guides that may provide you with more information, so check them out as well. Alohamora Spell, All Spells And Unlock Guide, and Hogwarts Legacy Unlock Locks.

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