Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogeys: Location + Tips

Troll bogeys are part of an assignment given by Professor Onai, let's see how to find them and what to do to be able to defeat trolls!

Hogwarts Legacy Defeating Trolls
Hogwarts Legacy Defeating Trolls

You must encounter and defeat trolls to collect troll bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy. Troll bogeys are key for crafting invisibility potions and unlocking eyeball chests. To find the trolls, you must look in troll lairs, and you can identify possible troll lairs on the map with cave-like icons.

Key Takeaways

  • You need to defeat trolls to get Troll Bogeys.
  • Troll bogeys are crucial for making invisibility potions and unlocking eyeball chests.
  • It will cost you around 100 Galleons to buy Troll bogeys at J. Pippin’s Potions.
  • You can find trolls in troll lairs such as Feldcroft, Coast Cavern, Marunweem Lake, Glagmar Coast, Rockwood Castle, and South Sea Bog.
  • Troll Lairs can be distinguished by the Cave-like icons scattered on the map.
  • Get your hands on many healing potions, and don’t forget to dodge their attacks to deal with troll combats easily.
  • You can use spells and take advantage of the things scattered around to throw at the trolls during the fight.
  • You will get the troll bogeys as soon as the troll drops down.

Locations Of Troll Bogeys

Cave-like icon for trolls
A cave-like icon on the maps means Troll Lairs. Image credits: WoWQuests

Here are some locations where you can find trolls and gather troll bogeys in the game:

  1. Feldcroft
  2. Coast Cavern
  3. Marunweem Lake
  4. Glagmar Coast
  5. Rockwood Castle
  6. South Sea Bog

These are just a few places on the map where trolls can be discovered. The cave-like symbol on the map indicates a possible troll lair. You must explore these locations and defeat the trolls inside to obtain troll bogeys.

Remember that trolls are rare monsters in the game and may appear randomly in any of these locations.

Troll Bogeys at J. Pippin's Potions
Troll Bogeys at J. Pippin’s Potions, image credits: WowQuests

If you prefer not to spend time searching for trolls in various locations, you can purchase troll bogeys at J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade. While this convenience costs around 100 Galleons, please note that J. Pippin’s Potions may have troll bogeys available in limited quantity. If you need troll bogeys and have the Galleons to spare, you can consider buying them at the store for your potion-making needs.

Defeating Trolls To Acquire Troll Bogeys

Trolls are one of the more substantial boss-style monsters you will face throughout the game. They are a frequent enemy in both the game’s main plot and side quests. 

They are challenging to defeat, particularly in the game’s early stages, before you can level up your spells or acquire more potent ones. If you plan and carefully avoid their assaults when they arrive at you, you can defeat them.

Fighting a troll to get troll bogeys
Confronting a troll, image credit: ZaFrostPet

When facing trolls in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s important to be prepared and utilize effective strategies to defeat them.

Here are some of my tips to help you deal with trolls:

  1. Dodge and counter when you see a red sign appear above your head.
  2. Use the Protego button to block and counter when a yellow sign appears.
  3. Throw objects at the troll to inflict significant damage.
  4. Keep a good supply of Wiggenweld Potions to heal during battles.
  5. Boost your stats using potions, which can be purchased at J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade or crafted in the Room of Requirement.
  6. Cast Flippendo at the troll to make its own club strike it in the face.
troll bogeys
Collected: Troll Bogeys, image credits: ZaFrostPet

My Recommendations For Defeating Trolls

I advise collecting any Ancient Magic your opponents dropped and using it to your advantage in combat. By entering battles well-prepared with stat-boosting potions and ample healing options, you can increase your chances of defeating trolls and getting troll bogeys more efficiently.

Ultimately, you can always wait and buy troll bogeys even if you cannot give time to finding and defeating them. But that will cost you a few galleons.

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