Hogwarts Legacy: Unicorn Location [6 Easy Steps]

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Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Location
Unicorn Location in Hogwarts Legacy explained

In the magical world of Hogwarts, you’ll find not only witches and wizards but also a variety of magical creatures, including Fantastic Beasts like Nifflers and rare Unicorns. If you know where to look, you can capture these extraordinary creatures, nurture and breed them, and then sell them for Galleons.

Here’s a detailed guide on finding Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy and how to care for them and sell them if you’re interested.

Key Takeaways

  • Unicorns are found in the northeast of the Forbidden Forest in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • There’s only one Unicorn Den, making Unicorns rare.
  • Only one Unicorn is in the Den at a time, so players must return after a day or two to capture more.
  • Cast Disillusionment to avoid startling the Unicorn, then Levioso to capture it in the Nab-Sack.
  • Access your Unicorn in the Vivarium, located in the Room Of Requirement.
  • Feeding and petting the Unicorn yields Unicorn Hair for gear upgrades.
  • Unicorn Hair can also be purchased from Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade for 700 Galleons.
  • Breeding Unicorns is possible with a male and female after getting the Beast Breeding Pen during the “Foal of the Dead” quest.
  • Selling Unicorns to Brood and Peck for 120 Galleons is an option for gold but not recommended unless necessary.

    Where To Find A Unicorn

    The Unicorn Den is in the northeast part of the Forbidden Forest, west of Hogsmeade Valley. No other unicorn Dens can be found on the map, so don’t spend time searching elsewhere. I once spent 30 minutes exploring the map and couldn’t find another Den.

    To visit the Unicorn Den in the Forbidden Forest in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these steps for the easiest access:

    1. Use the Floo Flame to travel to Upper Hogsfield, which provides a convenient starting point.

    2. Head west from the Floo Flame location, keeping an eye on your map.

    3. As you approach the Unicorn location in the Forbidden Forest, the Unicorn Den sign will appear on your map. This signifies that you have reached the only location in the game where Unicorns can be found.

    Note: Initially, the Unicorn Den might not appear on your map until you fly over the location. This typically occurs on your first visit. To ensure you see the Den on your map, consider using a Flying Broom or another mount instead of walking.

    Once you fly over the Den, it will become visible on your map.

    1. Along your journey, you may encounter poachers. Defeat them to protect the Unicorn.

    2. Once you reach the Unicorn Den, you’ll find the Unicorn roaming in the woods. Approach it carefully to avoid startling it, as startling the Unicorn may cause it to flee and require you to start the process again. You can use a Disillusionment spell on yourself to remain unseen by the Unicorn.

    3. If you don’t immediately find a Unicorn in the Den, you can use the “Wait” option located on the bottom right of the map screen. This allows your player to advance time, potentially causing a Unicorn to appear in the Unicorn Den.

    Unicorn Location on map – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

      Respawn Rate Of A Unicorn

      Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy are exceptionally rare, and their respawn rate is extremely low. Regrettably, you won’t find two Unicorns at the Unicorn Den simultaneously. To capture another Unicorn, you’ll need to revisit the Den quite frequently. Each trip will only reveal a single unicorn roaming about.

      It’s advisable to wait for a day or two in-game before returning to the Unicorn Den for another capture, as unicorns do not respawn there on a daily basis.

      How To Catch A Unicorn

      Capturing a Unicorn – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

      Capturing Unicorns requires a proper strategy to deal with their swiftness. First, make sure you have the Nab-Sack, a creature-capturing bag that you can obtain from the Room of Requirements.

      Follow these steps after finding a Unicorn location in Hogwarts Legacy:

      1. Approach the Unicorn only after casting a Disillusionment on yourself, this helps players sneak up on the Unicorn. If you are extremely lucky, you might run across a Shiny Unicorn.
      2. Once close enough, cast the Levioso spell on the Unicorn in order to give yourself some time to capture the Unicorn. Instead of Levioso, players can also cast “Arresto Momentum” if it has unlocked yet. It makes the job much easier.
      3. Once the Unicorn is under your spell, keep it in one place by pressing the catch button till it is in your bag.
      4. After successfully rescuing the Unicorn with your Nab-Sack, you can access it in your Vivarium.
      Unicorn in Vivarium – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

      Requirements To Catch A Unicorn

      To begin rescuing magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, including Unicorns, you don’t need many requirements aside from having a Nab-Sack.

      Here’s what you need to do:

      1. Unlock the Room of Requirement.

      2. Complete the quest “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom.” This quest will provide you with the Nab-Sack, the essential tool for capturing magical creatures.

      Once you have the Nab-Sack, you can start rescuing, nurturing, and selling various magical creatures, including Unicorns.

      How To Collect Unicorn Hair

      If you take good care of them, Unicorns will provide you with fruitful benefits in the long run. You can harvest Unicorn Hair from these creatures, which is an essential and rare item as it provides gear upgrades and gives them additional attributes.Unicorn drops a Unicorn Hair after being fed

      Unicorn drops a Unicorn Hair after being fed – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

      Here’s how to obtain Unicorn Hair from your Unicorns:

      1. Regularly pet and feed your Unicorn in the Vivarium. By providing proper care to your Unicorn, it will drop Unicorn Hair over time.

      2. Alternatively, you can purchase Unicorn Hair from Brood and Peck, a shop located in Hogsmeade Village. However, be prepared for a hefty price of 700 Galleons if you choose to buy it from the shop.

      You can purchase Unicorn Hair from Brood and Peck – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

      How To Breed Unicorns

      Like any other Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, players can gain benefits from multiple Unicorns at once by breeding them in a Beast Breeding Pen. If you manage to create a unicorn army in your Vivarium, the Unicorn Hair harvest rate will go up, or you can sell the offspring in return for 120 Galleons (not a good deal if you ask us).

      • Note: All the Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy are sold for the same price of 120 Galleons. It’s better to sell a common beast like Giant Purple Toad or Puffskein than a rare and beneficial Unicorn.

      Unlocking A Breeding Pan

      • To breed Unicorns, you need a Beast Breeding Pen.
      • Unlock it by starting Deek’s side quest “Foal of the Dead” after completing his first two side quests.
      • During this quest, purchase the Breeding Pen from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade for 1000 Galleons.
      • The Breeding Pen recipe is inaccessible until you complete this quest.

      Breeding The Unicorns

      • After getting the Breeding Pen, place a male and a female Unicorn inside.
      • Interact with the Pen, select “Unicorn” as the species to breed, and wait.
      • After some time, a baby Unicorn will be born.

      Selling The Unicorns

      • You can sell any Magical Beast, including Unicorns, at “Brood and Peck” in Hogsmeade.
      • However, the selling price is a flat 120 Galleons, regardless of rarity.

      If you are in crucial need of some money though, go for it. You can also breed loads of Unicorns and sell as many offspring as you’d like in exchange for gold.

      My Verdict On Unicorns 

      The majestic Unicorns barely made any appearance in the Harry Potter movies which was a bit let down for me. But worry not, Hogwarts Legacy allows players to engage with them quite frequently. You can rescue them, take care of them, and even breed them for baby unicorns. These creatures are not just known for their beauty, as they provide remarkable benefits by upgrading a player’s gear. I was mainly intrigued by the Unicorn’s beauty till I started collecting Unicorn Hair from them which just impressed me even further. 

      You can always visit Brood and Peck and buy Unicorn Hair, but where’s the fun in that? Start capturing the rare unicorns for their Unicorn Hair and upgrade your gear as a result. Good luck!

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