Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Location: How To Catch A Unicorn

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Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Location
Unicorn Location in Hogwarts Legacy explained

The magical world of Hogwarts not only consists of Witches and Wizards but also has a bunch of magical creatures ready to be caught. The Fantastic Beasts such as Nifflers made it to the Hogwarts Legacy universe which includes the rare Unicorns too. If you know the right places, you might get your hands on these extraordinary creatures. Players can catch them, nurture and breed them, and eventually sell these Unicorns in return for Galleons. Therefore, here is a detailed guide on the Unicorn location in Hogwarts Legacy along with the way to take care of them and sell them if you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Unicorns exist in a Unicorn Den located in the northeast area of the Forbidden Forest.
  • There is only one Den of Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy, making them a rare species.
  • Only one Unicorn exists in the Den at a time, so to capture more than one, players must revisit the Unicorn Den after one or two days.
  • In order to capture one, players must approach the unicorn after casting the Disillusionment spell on themselves to avoid startling them. Then cast Levioso on the Unicorn and start capturing it in the Nab-Sack.
  • The Unicorn will be in your Vivarium. You can access it by going to the Room Of Requirement.
  • If you feed and pet your Unicorn, it will drop Unicorn Hair, which can be used to upgrade your player’s gear. You can also purchase Unicorn Hair from Brood and Peck for 700 Galleons located in Hogsmeade.
  • You can breed the Unicorns in a Beast Breeding Pen once you have both, a male and a female Unicorn. Buy the Pen from Tomes and Scrolls during the quest “Foal of the Dead.” You can not buy it before the quest starts.
  • If you need gold, you can sell the Unicorn to Brood and Peck for 120 Galleons, although we do not recommend it unless necessary.

Where To Find A Unicorn

One of the rarest magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy is said to be Unicorns, just like portrayed in the Harry Potter universe. Luckily, Unicorns can be found roaming in the Forbidden Forest, which is not that far from Hogwarts if you travel by foot. The exact unicorn location in Hogwarts Legacy is the Unicorn Den located in Forbidden Forest’s northeast area, which is west of Hogsmeade Valley. There are no other Dens of unicorns on the entire Map so it better not waste your time looking for them anywhere else.

The easiest way to visit the Unicorn Den located in Forbidden Forest is by traveling to Upper Hogsfield by using the Floo Flame. Make your way to the west from the Floo Flame location while keeping an eye on your map. The Unicorn Den sign will show up on the map once you reach the Unicorn Location in Hogwarts Legacy, indicating that you have made it to the only place in Hogwarts Legacy where Unicorns exist. Here is a Unicorn Den location on the Map:

Unicorn Location on map – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Note: You might not see the Unicorn Den on your map until you fly over the location. This only happens on your first visit Therefore, use your Flying Broom or mount a beast instead of walking around. Once you fly over the Den, it will start showing up on your map.

You may run across poachers during the journey, take them down. Once you reach the destination, the Unicorn will be roaming around in the woods, make sure not to startle it, or else you will lose it, having to restart the entire process.

If you fail to find any Unicorn in the Unicorn Den, go to the map and select “Wait” shown on the bottom right of the screen. This way your player will advance the time, leading to a Unicorn appearing in the Unicorn Den.

Respawn Rate Of A Unicorn

Due to its rarity, the respawn rate of a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy is extremely low. Sadly, you can not find two Unicorns at once in the Unicorn Den and have to revisit the Den quite frequently in order to capture another Unicorn. Each time you make a trip there, you can only see a single unicorn roaming around. After capturing a Unicorn, waiting for a day or two in-game is better before revisiting the Unicorn Den for another capture. The unicorns do not respawn on a daily basis in the Unicorn Den.

How To Catch A Unicorn

Capturing a Unicorn – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Capturing unicorns requires a proper strategy or else these swift creatures will give you a hard time. Firstly, make sure you have the Nab-Sack, it’s a bag used to capture creatures. You can obtain the Nab-Sack from the Room of Requirements. Follow the mentioned steps after you successfully find a Unicorn Location in Hogwarts Legacy and catch it:

  1. Approach the Unicorn only after casting a Disillusionment on yourself, this helps players sneak up on the Unicorn. If you are extremely lucky, you might run across a Shiny Unicorn.
  2. Once close enough, cast the Levioso spell on the Unicorn in order to give yourself some time to capture the Unicorn. Instead of Levioso, players can also cast “Arresto Momentum” if it has unlocked yet. It makes the job much easier.
  3. Once the Unicorn is under your spell, keep it in one place by pressing the catch button till it is in your bag.
  4. After successfully rescuing the Unicorn with your Nab-Sack, you can access it in your Vivarium.
Unicorn in Vivarium – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Requirements To Catch A Unicorn

There aren’t many requirements to start rescuing beasts from the wild except having a Nab-Sack. Once you get your hands on it, you can rescue, nurture, and sell any magical creature, which includes a unicorn. Simply unlock the Room of Requirement first and complete “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” in order to get yourself the Nab-Sack and start capturing various creatures.

How To Collect Unicorn Hair

If you take good care of them, Unicorns will provide you with fruitful benefits in a long run. You can harvest Unicorn Hair from these creatures, which is an essential and rare item as it provides gear upgrades and give them additional attributes.

Regularly pet and feed your Unicorn in the Vivarium, that’s all you have to do and the Unicon will drop Unicorn Hair.

Unicorn drops a Unicorn Hair after being fed
Unicorn drops a Unicorn Hair after being fed – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You can also buy Unicorn Hair from Brood and Peck located in Hogsmeade Village. But it comes with a hefty price of 700 Galleons. So if you’re looking forward to becoming stronger without paying for it, start taking care of Unicorns in your Vivarium.

You can purchase Unicorn Hair from Brood and Peck – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

How To Breed Unicorns

Like any other Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, players can gain benefits from multiple Unicorns at once by breeding them in a Beast Breeding Pen. If you manage to create a unicorn army in your Vivarium, the Unicorn Hair harvest rate will go up, or you can sell the offspring in return for 120 Galleons (not a good deal if you ask us).

  • Note: All the Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy are sold for the same price of 120 Galleons. It’s better to sell a common beast like Giant Purple Toad or Puffskein than a rare and beneficial Unicorn.

Unlocking A Breeding Pan

Firstly, in order to breed Unicorns, you must have a Beast Breeding Pen. The first step required to unlock a Breeding Pen is to start Deek’s side quest “Foal of the Dead.” You can perform the “Foal of the Dead” quest after completing the first two side quests from Deek’s questline. In this quest, players get to buy the Breeding Pen from Tomes and Scrolls located in Hogsmeade with 1000 Galleons. Keep in mind, you can not access the Breeding Pen recipe before performing the mentioned quest.

Breeding The Unicorns

Once you complete the quest and get yourself a Breeding Pen, the next thing you need is two opposite-gendered unicorns. Place one male and one female Unicorn in the Breeding Pen. Interact with the Pen and choose “Unicorn” as a species to breed. Wait for some time and a baby unicorn will appear.

Selling The Unicorns

Yes, you can sell any Magical Beast even if it happens to be a unique Unicorn. Just go to the shop “Brood and Peck” located in Hogsmeade, and sell the Unicorn to the shopkeeper. However, the sad part is, you won’t make any whopping profit as you should, by selling these majestic beasts. From the most common to the rarest, all the magical beasts are sold at 120 Galleons price.

If you are in crucial need of some money though, go for it. You can also breed loads of Unicorns and sell as many offsprings as you’d like in exchange for gold.

Final Remarks

The majestic Unicorns barely made any appearance in the Harry Potter movies, but worry not, Hogwarts Legacy allows players to engage with them quite frequently. You can rescue them, take care of them, and even breed them for baby unicorns. These creatures are not just known for their beauty, as they provide remarkable benefits by upgrading a player’s gear.

To help you guys find the rarest Creatures hiding in woods, here is a detailed guide on Unicorn Location in Hogwarts Legacy along with how to tame and breed them. Start capturing the rare unicorns for their Unicorn Hair and upgrade your gear as a result. Good luck!

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