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Horror Game by Kojima Productions in Collaboration with Stadia Canceled

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  According to a report by VGC , a horror game that was in development by Kojima Productions in collaboration with Stadia was canceled. The game was said to be an episodic horror game utilizing cloud technology. The deal was later blocked by Stadia’s GM Phil Harrison. Kojima referred to the project last year during an interview with a Japanese publication. In the interview Kojima was angry about a major project getting canceled. “I’m pretty pissed, but that’s the games industry for you” he said. 

   Kojima has shown interest in making another horror game after Silent Hills was canceled. Kojima Productions has teased about multiple secret projects but has yet to make an announcement. So far, the only major game they have published is Death Stranding. The game had receive mixed reception by fans who took issue with the repetitive mission structure.

Stadia’s Rough Start in 2021

The report is consistent with Stadia’s recent shift in strategy with relying more on third party support. Stadia has recently shut down two internal studios, one based in Los Angeles and the other in Montreal. Veteran producer Jade Raymond has left the company. According to a report, Stadia has paid millions of dollars to get popular games like Red Dead Redemption 2 on the platform. It was unable to attract subscribers to the platform as Stadia missed its target sales for the controller and subscriptions.

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