How Chilla’s Art Is Reviving Japanese Retro Horror

These Japanese brothers are serious when it comes to delivering scares beyond imagination.

How Chilla's Art Is Reviving Japanese Retro Horror
How Chilla's Art Is Reviving Japanese Retro Horror

Surely, when someone talks about the best Japanese horror games, titles like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Resident Evil cross your mind. The popularity they have garnered is rightfully so, because these titles left a legacy in the world of horror gaming, making it extremely difficult to surpass the quality they managed to deliver in their respective era.

So, if you are looking to experience something similar, Chilla’s art has a plethora of Japanese retro horrors for you to try out.

Key Takeaways

  1. Chilla’s art is an underrated indie horror developer with several amazing Japanese retro horror games.
  2. These games follow a VHS style with subtle and slow-burn horror.
  3. Titles like Parasocial, The Closing Shift, and Night Delivery by Chilla’s Art are playing a great role in reviving indie horror.

Splendid Graphics

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First and foremost, every single title by the Japanese brother duo studio Chilla’s Art offers amazing graphics that are well suited to the terrifying environment it aims to build. The VHS style is prominent throughout the gameplay, which makes the whole experience seem like you’re going through the contents of a lost and found footage.

These low-resolution and grainy graphics set up a creepy atmosphere that you only see in titles from big developers. Furthermore, the inability to see clearly what lurks in the darkness ahead only adds to the horror. For instance, one of my favorite titles under Chilla’s Art, Okaeri, has pretty ancient and outdated graphics, but in all honesty, it made the experience so much better.

Atmosphere And Setting

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Chilla’s art definitely has some obsession with night, as most of the stories after games cover nighttime. To make matters more terrifyingly realistic, most of these storylines follow everyday routines, and the environment is set around crowded and work-oriented structures, making it feel like you’re walking around the most abandoned areas of Japan.

The background music is exceptionally good, and the jump scares do not follow the traditional route of loud screaming. One of the things I love the best about these titles is that they deliver subtle yet terrifying scares.

Plot And Storyline

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Crazily enough, each of Chilla’s Art titles is significantly different from one another, which really proves how talented this studio is. Some storylines follow a very popular theme, like the convenience store, which follows the story of a young girl working a night shift, unaware of the horrors that lie ahead.

Yes, I know, you must be thinking that it sounds like a cliche plot of a horror movie. But trust me, the twist is unlike anything you have ever seen, and for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I recommend you try the game yourself. On the other hand, we have parasocial, which is hands down one of the best storylines I’ve ever come across in a horror game.

The plot follows a YouTuber who has a violent stalker following her every move, which is as bit nightmarish as it sounds. If talking about the pace of the games, at times, it can feel a bit dragged. Sometimes, the puzzles can take hours to complete and figure out, but the experience makes them worth the time spent.

Characters And Mechanics

Closing shift
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Every character you play has a different persona and background, which makes each of these games versatile and a different experience. What I really liked about the characters is that, in one way or another, you relate to them deeply, as Chilla’s Art does a great job of delivering the experience of each of these characters in the best way possible. It is honestly worth applauding how the incorporation of minimal details helps you truly live the protagonist’s experience.

Sometimes, you will be playing as a worker in a convenience store, or you will be looking after an eerie bathhouse. The mechanics can use a bit of work, as you won’t get much inventory space in most of the titles under Chilla’s art.

But the best part about these games is you will get to experience several endings depending upon the choices you have made in your walkthrough.

My Recommendations

Chilla’s Art
Source: TotallyPointlessTV

I’ve told you all about how great the games from Chilla’s art are. But of course, like any other developer, some of these titles can either be a hit or miss. Personally, I recommend you try out Parasocial, The Closing Shift, The Convenience Store, The Bathhouse, Okaeri, and Night Delivery.

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