How Doom Perfected Run And Gun Gameplay

Doom: Why Can't You Stop Ripping and Tearing Demons?

Doom The Run and Gun Masterpiece
Doom The Run and Gun Masterpiece

Doom has to be one of the most influential video game franchises. Released originally in 1993, developed by id Software, Doom changed how people perceived gaming. Doom redefined the genre with its breakneck pace, brutal action, and unapologetically aggressive gameplay. 

You were constantly running around killing literal hellspawn while avoiding any damage. However, fans were a little skeptical when a reboot of this industry titan was announced. The previous two entries hadn’t fully hit off with the fans and people hoped Doom 2016 would save the franchise. Doom 2016 became an instant commercial and critical success.

Key Takeaways
  • Doom 2016 captured fans by staying true to the series’ core identity: fast movement, brutal action, and aggressive play.
  • Glory Kills, a new health-gaining mechanic for finishing stunned enemies, reinforces Doom’s aggressive gameplay loop.
  • Unlike past titles, Doom 2016’s fluid movement is a key weapon for offense and defense.
  • The game creates a satisfyingly violent experience with its metal soundtrack, powerful weapons, and gory enemy explosions.
  •  The upcoming Doom: The Dark Ages hints at the franchise’s ability to innovate with a medieval setting and melee combat.

Therefore, I want to examine how this game cemented the future and what made it so special.

Keep The Core Doom

Doom Guy AKA Doom Slayer
Doom Guy AKA Doom Slayer

The creators behind the modern Doom reboots focus on what makes the series tick. This becomes one of the biggest reasons for the success of Doom, as the game is never unsure of its identity. Doom (2016) didn’t reinvent the wheel. It understood the core tenets of run and gun gameplay.

Players need fast movement, powerful weapons, relentless enemies, and a level design that encourages aggression. So players can feel what it feels like as the Doom Slayer. I mean no ordinary human would go to hell and find his way back after nearly slaughtering half of all demons in existence.

Even the core setting remains the same. It is about one angry human’s fight against the entire hell. The screens are still full of demons and the level design is still similar to old-school platformers. However, one new thing that Doom 2016, brings to the table is the Glory Kills.

id Software Developers
id Software Developers

This mechanic allows players to stun an enemy, and then perform a finisher, tearing them to shreds. The mechanic may seem simple for the enjoyment of the player. However, it is an integral part of the gameplay as it allows you to farm for health. Each enemy downed by the Glory Kill drops health.

So you have to kill more demons if you want to live longer, which is a great thing when you are playing Doom.

Movement As Weapon

Praetor Suit Upgrades
Praetor Suit Upgrades

The movement in Doom feels amazing. Gone were the sluggish controls of the past. Doom (2016) introduced a movement system that felt like an extension of the player. Fluid strafing, precise jumping, and the glorious glory kill mechanic transformed movement from a means of traversal to a vital weapon in your arsenal.

You are moving to kill and you are moving so you do not die. It is this perfect balance of gameplay that allows players to enjoy a fast-paced action game. A few hours into the campaign, players are also allowed to double jump, which changed the game for me. The double jump mechanic is so perfectly integrated into the movement system, that I miss it in other games.

Even the Runes in games allow for buffs to player movements and jumps. So movement is as important as shooting in this game. I mean you will die for sure if you stand in a single spot for more than two seconds.

Therefore, Doom Guy is always sprinting and you can hold down the Shift key to walk. In my opinion, it is the single most useless key in the entire game. 


I have accidentally pressed SHIFT on PC a few times as it is the default key for sprint in most games, only to realize that you are always sprinting. 

Harmony of Violence

Doom Spider Mastermind
Spider Mastermind

The Doom’s gameplay creates a perfect harmony of violence. Imagine blasting apart demons with massive shotguns while headbanging to a killer metal soundtrack. That’s the core Doom gameplay. This soundtrack has to be one of my favorite soundtracks in any game ever. Every weapon in your arsenal is a brutal masterpiece.

Need to clear a room quickly? Unleash a hail of bullets from the combat shotgun, or switch to the plasma rifle for sustained fire. Feeling like closing up on enemies? Rev up the chainsaw and rip demons to shreds in a glorious ballet of gore. Every enemy you obliterate explodes in a satisfying splatter, adding to the symphony of destruction.

If that is not enough violence for you, the game also drops random power-ups in most arenas. You have your basic power-ups like Quad Damage, for increased damage or Haste to increase movement speed even more. Although, the best one is the Berserk.

PerformingGlory Kill
Performing Glory Kill

This unleashes the Doom Slayer’s inner rage. He ditches his guns and goes primal, pummeling demons with his bare fists. It’s a glorious one-hit-kill frenzy! Berserk lets you take a break from the usual run-and-gun and just tear through enemies in a gloriously bloody rampage. It’s a power trip that perfectly complements the core gameplay loop.

Doom Continues

Doom’s legacy is undeniable and the modern Doom titles are a testament to understanding the audience and core game. Doom (2016) didn’t stray from the series’ core identity. It retained the familiar setting of an angry human against the hordes of Hell, with levels reminiscent of classic platformers.

Moreover, the upcoming Doom: The Dark Ages hints at an exciting evolution. While details are scarce, the focus on a medieval setting and melee combat suggests a fresh take on the franchise’s core themes. Whether wielding a chainsaw or a broadsword, Doom promises to continue its reign as a masterclass in violent satisfaction. After all, the symphony of destruction never truly ends.

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