How Doom Series Is The Best FPS Game?

This Franchise Still Rules The FPS Games!

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Whenever it comes to FPS games, Doom is the only title that strikes my mind. Although I firmly believe narrative is the star ingredient in making a great game, Doom made me think otherwise. That too for a variety of reasons:

Key Takeaways:

  • Doom is different than other FPS games: it utilizes fast-paced gameplay instead of the usual tactical approach.
  • Its heart lies in its energetic music, which gives players an adrenaline rush.
  • The game’s level design and setting are top-tier. Its color design and minute detailing contribute to its finest graphics.
  • Doom carries a lot of enemies that look like mere nightmares and contain unique fighting abilities.

Smash and Shoot: Doom’s Gameplay

Usually, FPS games use the idea of tactically shooting your shots; Doom is the only game that requires major aggressive gameplay. Doom’s gameplay consists mainly of shooting enemy’s brains out and breaking their spines. Altogether, it is a blend of unending shooting, terrifying monsters, and fast-paced combat.

Smash and Kill
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The key to success in Doom is mastering the art of jumping shots, precise aiming, and frequent dodging during intense battles.

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Impactful Music

Doom’s music has hands-down the best sound mixing I have ever heard, and in my opinion, it should be the primary reason anyone buys the game.

Doom’s main OST, “The Only Thing They Fear Is You,” is highly energetic and a sound of destruction. Every element in Doom’s music is designed to give an adrenaline rush and increase tension.

Christian Bale Meme For Doom
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The variation in high-voltage audio during enemy confrontation makes the combat a thousand times more exciting. Doom’s music is the classic example of the best metal music ever, from its spine-chilling demonic growls to thunderous shotgun blasts.

Level Design & Setting

Doom’s level design and setting are prime examples of detailing and accurate color combinations. Doom’s air radiates fear as it has been perfected to be both haunting and thrilling.

The game is surprisingly colorful, with pinks, blues, reds, and oranges. Each environment oozes creativity. From eerie cult symbols to flickering torches, it has honed to give players an immersive experience.

Additionally, the game contains many Sentinel Crystals at every level. These crystals help the players upgrade base states like health and ammo and acquire new skills.

Skill Tree Doom
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Plus, Doom has a reasonable map tree with no navigational objections and is easy to understand. 

Terrifying Monsters

The game crawls with menacing monsters. They are formulated to look like nightmares come to life. Each monster is designed to challenge the player differently.

Source: Rebel Raven, YouTube

Every demon has its distinct feature for unleashing attacks. There are Imps who continuously throw fireballs at you. You have Cyberdemons who tower with massive guns and roar to alert other enemies about your presence.

Cacodemons are hovering above your head, firing plasma, and there are skeleton-like creatures, Revenants, who launch missiles from their shoulder guns.  

All of these villains serve a singular purpose: to unleash hell upon anyone who dares to challenge the forces of darkness.

Doom is an intriguing and captivating game. Its seamless fast-paced gameplay and haunting setting have set its unending legacy in the world of FPS games.

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