How the Insomniac Games Got Peter Parker Right

Insomniac Games present one of the most honest renditions of Peter Parker by keeping him true to him Comic origins.

How Spiderman games get peter parker right
How To Do Peter Parker Right

Spiderman is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and famous superheroes out there. Created in 1962 by Stan Lee, the friendly neighborhood Spiderman became an instant hit—the iconic red and blue costume and most importantly the guy inside the suit.

Key Takeaways
  • Insomniac’s Spider-Man games excel at portraying Peter Parker as a relatable young adult juggling real-life struggles with his superhero duties.
  • The games effectively convey the weight of responsibility Peter carries. Highlighting the sacrifices he makes and the difficult choices he faces.
  • Insomniac fleshes out Peter’s supporting cast, showcasing the importance of his relationships with Aunt May, Mary Jane, and others.
  • By capturing the essence of Peter Parker’s character, Insomniac’s games solidify their place in the legacy of the iconic web-slinger.

One of the major reasons Spiderman is so popular among superhero fans is because of everyone’s favorite Peter Parker. Peter has to be one of the most relatable superheroes out there, with real-life problems that make the superhero business even more difficult.

Beware, there are major spoilers below!

In my opinion, the Insomniac Games created the perfect Peter Parker, then allowed them to create the perfect Spiderman.

StanLee Cameo in Spider man Game
Stan Lee Cameo

Responsibility and Sacrifice

Not every rendition of Spiderman on screen has been able to capture that so far. I mean let’s take the most recent, MCU’s Spiderman. Tom Holland’s Spidey is a great Spiderman, yet Peter Parker isn’t what fans know of. It was not until the last movie, No Way Home, that Spiderman finally got the worthy Spiderman.

In the final moments of the film when the world has forgotten about Peter Parker, he creates his suit and finally jumps out. That’s the Peter fans know, the guy who is one of the smartest people yet can not afford his rent.

Spiderman Villains
Spiderman Villains

This is what the Insomniac Games got so right. Peter Parker is completely on his own, barely making enough to pay for his rent. Even though Peter Parker gets homeless at one point in the story, his priority is still the safety of his neighborhood.

During an important section of the story, Peter even decides to work for Dr. Otto Octavious for free because he truly believes in what Otto is trying to create. This is the kind of sacrifice people know Peter can make, and that makes him special. Peter loses his parents and then his Uncle Ben and those sacrifices are what made Spiderman.

All of Peter’s sacrifices are made due to the weight of his responsibility. This truly hits home during the final few moments of the game. Spoiler Alert!

At the end of the campaign, Peter finally secures the serum for the Devil’s Breath disease that has claimed the lives of thousands. He has to go through hell because the serum is the only way to save Aunt May, who also gets affected.

Peter Making the Tough Choice for his Aunt May
Peter Making the Tough Choice for his Aunt May

However, he soon learns that if he gives the serum to his Aunt May then they won’t be able to create more serum, as this is the final sample. Peter being the protector of his neighborhood decides to not give the serum to his Aunt, which is truly one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire game. 

Peter Parker’s Support System

Another thing that Insomniac gets so right is the people around Peter. Peter Parker isn’t Peter without his Uncle Ben, Aunty May, Mary Jane, Harry Osborne, and many others. The campaign carefully reveals each character and their relation to Peter. Even in comics, most of Spidey’s villains are connected to Peter Parker in one way or another. 

Aunt May, voiced with tenderness by Nancy Linari, embodies the unwavering love and concern for Peter. Mary Jane Watson, played by Laura Bailey, is more than just a damsel in distress. She’s a strong, independent woman who challenges Peter and offers him emotional support.

Dr. Octopus and Peter Ending
Dr. Octopus and Peter Ending

The dynamic between Peter and Dr. Octopus adds a layer of tragic complexity, exploring themes of friendship and betrayal. The relationship between Peter and his mentor Dr. Otto is at the heart of this story, and it ends as fans expected. However, the final scene between Peter and the Doctor has to be one of the greatest scenes of Peter put on screen.

You can see it in Peter’s eyes that he wants to save the Doctor, but he is too far gone. Peter has to sacrifice yet another relationship. The story also introduces Miles Morales later, who becomes a source of inspiration for Peter, showcasing the legacy he’s creating.

However, these bonds are also strained by his superhero activities, creating tension and forcing Peter to make difficult choices.

The Web-slinger’s Legacy

Dr. Otto Octavious and Norman Osborne
Dr. Otto Octavious and Norman Osborne

Spider-Man boasts a rich history across various media. Insomniac respects this legacy but doesn’t shy away from offering a fresh perspective. The games retain the core traits that define Peter Parker – his wit, responsibility, and unwavering sense of justice. But they also introduce new elements to breathe life into the character.

Ultimately, the Insomniac Games’ success lies in their ability to capture the essence of what makes Spider-Man such an enduring character. They present a Peter Parker who is relatable, flawed, and ultimately inspiring.

By placing him in a rich and interactive world, they create a Spider-Man experience that feels fresh and engaging, solidifying Insomniac’s place in the web-slinger’s legacy.

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