How Low Elo Players Can Upset the Ranked Ladder In Valorant

Stuck in Iron and Bronze Lobbies? Learn a few tips and tricks from us so you can escape the Low Elo curse.

Valorant Escape Low Elo
Valorant Escape Low Elo

Valorant has taken the competitive FPS scene by storm. Like other FPS giants, Valorant has made its place within the community, and it doesn’t look like it is leaving anytime soon.  The game has seen more and more players joining this fast-paced 5 v 5 shooter.

However, most new players not used to the game’s mechanics may find themselves stuck in the lower ranks of the game. I mean being a shooter is one thing, but now you agents, and each agent has their own unique set of abilities. So it may seem a little overwhelming at first, but, once you start to get the hang of things it starts coming naturally. 

Key Takeaways

  • While aim improves with time, understanding map rotations and enemy positions can give you a significant edge in lower ranks.
  • Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades. Pick an agent, learn their abilities, and dominate their strengths.
  • Capitalize on disorganized enemy teams by flanking, isolating enemies, and using unconventional tactics.
  • A supportive attitude boosts teamwork and keeps everyone focused on winning.
  • Be prepared to change your approach based on the round. Analyze mistakes and experiment with new tactics.

What Skills You Need

I have been playing Valorant for quite some time now, and this game has a sort of steep learning curve. However, most abilities and other mechanics are designed very intuitively.

One of the first skills most people will recommend to improve is your aim. I do agree that the aim is significant, but at low ranks, everyone would have an aim like you.

Breeze Mid SIte
Breeze Mid SIte

The better rank you have, the better your aim will be. It is all about practicing and getting that head-level aim right. Also, remember to know when to spray on your enemies and when to click. Every player’s aim comes with time, so what you should first focus on is your game sense.

In my opinion, this may be what makes a good player, great. I have played with many players with amazing aim, but no game sense. This leads to them often dying from angles and abilities they do not expect. Understanding map rotations, common enemy positions, and flanking routes can allow a low Elo player to predict enemy movements and get advantageous picks. 

It is incredibly important to be aware of your surroundings. Because even without an aim, most players will be able to kill an enemy they caught off guard. Moreover, pick a lane with your agent. 

Most new players keep trying different agents as if that would improve their game. The best strategy is to pick an agent and just study all his abilities. 

Reyna Abilities
Reyna Abilities – Duelist

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your agents, and what map suits them the best. The best advice is to simply keep playing more and more, seeing what other players are doing and trying to predict what the enemy might do.

Use The Low Rank To Your Advantage

Valorant tries its best to maintain skill-based matchmaking. There would be the occasional smurfs, but still, most of the time you would encounter players on par with your skills. Therefore, there are a few things you could use to your advantage and get more frags.

Sova's Ultimate Ability
Sova’s Ultimate Ability

Remember this is the Low Elo, so players won’t be as coordinated and communicating. I recommend players use this to their advantage. This could allow you to flank more, catch them on their rotations, and isolate one enemy at a time for an easier kill.

This also allows you to take aggressive positions a lot more. Have a few flashes lying around during defense? Simply let the enemy come and flash a tight corner, then peak and get your kill.

If you are lucky you will be able to get more than one kill. Then reset your position and try this again. This works especially well if the enemy is trying to push a hallway with no places to hide.

Bind B Site
Bind B Site

This trick has always worked for on Bind, at B long. This next trick sort of works in any rank. Try playing unconventionally. Low Elo players might not be prepared for unorthodox tactics.

Try using off-meta agent picks or surprising strategies to disrupt the enemy’s game plan. You can hold off corners no one expects, or use your ability in a way so they won’t see it coming. 

Your enemy’s confusion may very well be your biggest strength.

All About Mindset

Maintaining a positive mental state is crucial in low Elo. A supportive and encouraging attitude can uplift your teammates, fostering better communication and teamwork. Even when facing setbacks, positivity is contagious and can help the team stay focused on making impactful plays.

It may seem super cheesy, but trust me, the team that is enjoying the game will often win way more. Remember, adaptability is key. Be prepared to change your approach based on how the round unfolds. Analyze your mistakes, learn from them, and experiment with different tactics to find what works best in each situation. 

Updated Buy Menu
Updated Buy Menu

My final advice would be to watch how pros play and learn their mindset. I have discovered so many new positions and unique ways to use abilities just by watching pros play.

Valorant’s lower ranks can feel overwhelming for new players. Don’t sweat aim disparity – focus on game sense, mastering an agent, and exploiting enemy disorganization. Stay positive, adapt your strategies, and learn from pros. With these tips, you’ll be climbing the ranks in no time

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