How Remnant 2 Combined Souls-like Experience with Guns

Remnant 2 offers a thrilling fusion of genres, applying different signature concepts of Soulsborne games.

how remnant 2 combined souls like experience with guns cover
How Remnant 2 Combined Souls-like experience with Guns cover

Souls games have become a unique genre of their own in the gaming industry. They showcase immense challenges, vast worlds, critical gameplay techniques, epic storylines, signature weapons, and extremely difficult bosses.

Surprisingly, Remnant 2 also has a few similar aspects. The game developers Gunfire Studios made the Souls games their role model to build this action-thriller masterpiece.

Key Takeaways

  • Souls games feature a characteristic gameplay experience not found in other action genre titles.
  • The world setting, dodging mechanics, and challenging levels of Remnant 2 prove to be developed on the same model as Souls games.
  • The level of skill and patience required to play this game is on par with Elden Ring and other similar FromSoftware titles.
  • A major thing that sets these two apart is the addition of Guns instead of medieval weapons like swords.

World Building

Planting Seed in Ward 13
Planting Seed in Ward 13

The World Setting of Remnant 2 is quite homogenous to that of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. The maps feature diverse worlds with mysteries, monstrous enemies, and entities.

Remnant 2 combines the world-building of Soulsborne and third-person shooter, giving you a unique experience. Although the maps aren’t huge, they don’t fail to deliver the same concept.

Moreover, Remnant 2 becomes different as it generates levels rather than having open-world locations to roam around freely. Another aspect is where you begin the story, as it happens randomly on each playthrough which provides an entirely fresh experience promoting replayability.

Also, when you die, you respawn at a checkpoint, and all the enemies of the explored area respawn as well, giving the flavor of souls gameplay.

Combat & Game Mechanics

Remnant 2 Gunslinger Class
Remnant 2 Gunslinger Class

Game mechanics is the major convergence of both titles. Remnant 2 encompasses strategic and tactical combat styles that require patience and a certain level of aiming skill. The weapons are a major difference, while the overall combat mechanics remain the same as in Soulsborne games.

Unlike the usual medieval weapons in Dark Souls or Sekiro, Remnant 2 gives access to guns. However, they aren’t overpowered and the ammunition or resources are limited. In my opinion, this gives players the edge to take fights at a distance which is completely opposite to Elden Ring, etc.

Dodging & Dancing

The primary thing I noticed in Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Remnant 2 is the dodging mechanics. It is a must that you timely dodge an incoming attack and reposition to a place that gives you a tactical advantage. For example, when fighting a boss, you must invade its attack and then find an opening to shoot rather than just going spray n’ pray because you have guns.

For me, this was the thing that I loved the most in the entire game: to not stand at a place and shoot. The fast-paced combat experience requires you to master the art of dodging and timing your shots, giving the characteristic vibe of a soul-like experience.

Challenging Experience

Character Menu Relic Slot
Character Menu Relic Slot

Souls games are famous for their extremely challenging environments. They are utterly punishable, making you reconsider your choices. On the other hand, Remnant 2 gives a little soft edge in this regard. It is challenging, but only if you are playing on the highest difficulty setting, while the easier ones are not a headache.

From my experience, you have to approach enemies and explore paths in a certain way in order to avoid getting ambushed or outnumbered. It becomes quite difficult to manage once you have a number of enemies rushing toward you, especially if you are playing a Class/Archetype with passive or supportive skills.

What Did Remnant 2 Do Differently?

Even though Remnant 2 has a number of similarities with Soul-like games, it might not be enough to make it a part of that genre. I think a few major reasons are lore, weapons, map/level designs, and character-building. However, it sure does provide a different experience, and it’s loved by the people who prefer hardcore Dark Souls and the ones who like shooting games.

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