How Do Split-Screen Gaming Compare To Modern Multiplayer Experiences?

Can Split-screen video games still stand a chance against newly released online multiplayer games.

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With increasing modernization and the evolution of video gaming, it does make you wonder how far we’ve come as a community. While some do enjoy the exhilarating experience of the Modern Era multiplayer gaming, some might still lean towards the classic Split-screen style. 

Key Takeaways

  • Split-screen gaming has decreased in popularity over the past few years.
  • Modern Online Multiplayer has taken the throne as a new preferred game. 
  • Game developers tend to release more online multiplayer games instead of Couch Co-op. 

What Was Good About Traditional Split-Screen?

A journey back to our childhoods, where we used to sit on the couch and spend hours playing Co-op games. Whether it was with your siblings or friends, the experience is unforgettable. While a major chunk of this gaming orientation allowed us to play different games, some of us were just there to create memories. 

One of the group members would have a console, a Co-op game, and a place to hang out. The squad would come down to this place and engage in any sort of game, whether it was fighting, racing, or co-op adventures.

This not only helped create stronger friendship bonds amongst each other but also paved the way for how you view the gaming genre as a whole.

Downfall Of Split-Screen Gaming

Undoubtedly, there were drawbacks to this Split-Screen Gaming. While you could see 2 or 4 players at once on a screen, it also meant that each player’s visual field would be reduced.

In addition to this, the game would require more power to render, which all consoles were not capable of delivering. Helldivers 2 is a prominent example of why the game did not feature any Split-Screen aspects. 

Not only this, but this Couch Co-op gaming meant that everyone had to be physically present to take part. A compromise to your convenience, since you had to travel to your friend’s house in any case. This also meant that only that specific friend had access to the game, so you could never play it in your own free time. 

Eventually, the newly released AAA system requirements meant you needed twice or thrice the computing power to run the game smoothly for all players.

Game publishers are already pushing your device to the extremes with new graphics, AI, expansive maps, and complex mechanics, so there is no more room for your hardware to run this as a 2 or 3-player-based game. 

The Modern Gaming Era

Mulitplayer video gaming
Fifa | Multiplayer Online Video Game

As time went on, game developers leaned more toward Co-op multiplayer online games. Mainly these games have improved convenience to a great degree for their users. 

As gaming evolved, more games tended to be Co-op online games. You can use the full potential of your console, all to you.

There is no need to render extra output like in split screens, which means more graphically upgraded gameplay and screen visualization for you. You can tailor the game according to your desires.

With the general improvements in internet services globally, you can easily now sit in your comfort and play any game, any time, with your friends. More games now offer cross-platform match-making, which allows you to play any sort of video game with your friends despite the console they have.

This also meant that you did not have to run down to your friend’s house to play a specific game. Rather buy your copy, and play it at your convenience. Or decide a common time amongst your friends to play together without hassle. 

Restrictions Of Multiplayer Games

You can indeed get your copy of the game, which also means that every single friend in your group must have a copy of that game to play together. Instead of buying one game, now you might need four of them. This is also one of the reasons developers intend to make more multiplayer online games. In the end, their sales would eventually increase. 

Newer released titles tend to be graphically complex, a challenge to your frame rates, and resolution. Buying a new modern AAA title also means your console needs to be powerful enough to run it. There is always something to limit your experience as compared to your other friends. 

The internet has improved globally, but there are always server and connectivity issues faced by all users. To add to this, there is server lag, and instability, which ruins your experience further, especially in a 1v1 situation. 

In my opinion, modern multiplayer gaming is more tailored to my gaming routine. At the end of the day, what matters is your comfort and how the game runs. No one wants to compromise on the quality of your game, so I prefer the best and highly optimized game rather than a small 4-way split screen. 

It all comes down to your preference ultimately. Some might want to sit all night in a friend group and play together on a big screen. Some people prefer a quiet place at their home and play at their convenience. 

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