How To Achieve 4K Graphics On Nintendo Switch

There has been a lot of talks recently about the Nintendo Switch Pro. This will be a long-awaited follow-up console to the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. According to this leaked information, the Nintendo Switch Pro is going to offer a 1440p resolution (double that of the Switch) and also comes packed with Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 upscaling tech. This focuses on upscaling resolutions to higher levels whilst maintaining higher frame rates. What many don’t realise is that you can already get 4K Graphics on Nintendo Switch.

Running at 4K

The leaked information has excited gamers as rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro console capable of running games at 1440p or higher have been circulating the web for as long as we can remember. Until just recently, players were amazed to see their dreams come true via a gamer-created video showing Mario Kart 8 running at a 4K resolution on PC.

What players didn’t know is that you can upgrade your switch console to run at 1440p right now.

How To Upgrade To 4k

The dream of 4K Graphics on Nintendo Switch is made possible by the Marseille mClassic. Its a really cool game console graphics processor that is capable of upscaling the 720p resolution of the Switch up to 1080p / 1440p. If then displayed on an Ultra HD TV with 4K upscaling built-in, you can play your Switch games at an upscaled 4K resolution.

The best thing about the Marseille mClassic, is that it is a plug-in-and-play product, making it super easy to use. It is simply a USB dongle that sits between the Switch and the display on the console’s HDMI.

The resolution upscaling is unlocked thanks to the Marseille mClassic’s built-in 4K Chroma 4:4:4 Scaler Processor, which works in tandem with its 120 FPS Graphic Post-Processor and 1ms response time, which also means that all Nintendo Switch games are immediately upscaled and enhanced in terms of framerate, too.

You can pick up your own Marseille mClassic from Amazon here (affiliate link).

So, are you going to get in there early and grab yourself a Marseille mClassic dongle? Are you excited for 4K Graphics on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments.

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