Here is How You Can Beat Dislyte 12-8

Dislyte 12-8
Dislyte 12-8

Dislyte is the latest entry in Lilith Games that took the world by storm. The all-new upbeat Gacha RPG was released on January 10, 2022, primarily for Android and iOS. Later on, the game is pushed globally for Microsoft Windows and Mac too. Unlike most RPG games, Dislyte has a completely unique sensation that pushes the RPG elements are little further. Set in the dark punk futuristic world, players will control characters that are known as Espers.

Since it is a Gacha-focused game, players are also found to be enrolling to get an ideal Espers for their playthrough. Apart from that, players will engage with storyline bosses, PvP, and guilds for community-based gameplay.

The game also offers intense challenges to test the abilities of the players and their interaction with the game. One of the notable challenges that players face is Dislyte 12-8, which is testing their patience with an intense boss fight. 

Key Takeaways

  • Classes in the Naraka Bladepoint are unique and have different combat skills from one another, with each having its pros and cons.
  • The game boasts a character creator that is by far the best character creator seen in a recent video game, with menus that allow players to change every aspect of their character.
  • Players can also use the “Smart Customization” feature to upload a picture and have the game try to assemble the character like the image provided.
  • The Naraka Bladepoint community is very active and thriving, with players designing and sharing their characters for others to use and modify.
  • Naraka Bladepoint changes how the entire genre is perceived by switching to melee combat instead of firearms and automatic weapons.

Dislyte 12-8 is a chapter in the game that involves one of the hardest boss fights. Especially, players that are starting new to the Gacha mechanics will face trouble handling the boss effectively and put him down to progress further in the game. Meanwhile, defeating this boss is crucial to clear the chapter and unlock new stages in the game.

If you are also one of those players that are having a hard time tackling the 12-8 Dislyte chapter, then you are at the right place. This guide entails all the details and tricks to beat the Dislyte 12-8 chapter and claim the free rewards after defeating the boss. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

How to Beat Dislyte 12-8?

Dislyte being the turn-based battle RPG, players might want to make some strict decisions to ensure success. This also affects your performance in the Dislyte 12-8 chapter. To put it simply, in chapter 12-8 in Dislyte, players are facing Siegfried or just Sieg. He is the prime boss in the chapter that comes with the stats straight off the charts. 

Dislyte 12-8
Dislyte 12-8

However, that does not mean you can not put the boss down with your formation of Espers. For that, it is crucial to understand the skill set the boss comes with. This way players can efficiently counter the attacks and eventually succeed in defeating the 12-8. Let’s discuss the top skills of the boss Siegfried that are the obstacle in beating the 12-8 chapter in Dislyte. 

Siegfried Skills in 12-8

When it comes to the skills for boss Siegfried, your Espers is definitely against the enemy of their life. Many players will relate to the Sieg being annoying as he is overpowered for a chapter like 12-8.

But in the end, all of the powers and skills for the boss are definitely worth the grind for the rewards players will receive. 

First and the most important skills of the boss are the debuffs that may hinder the performance of your Espers. These debuffs include Poison, DEF down, and other types of bonus damages. When these damages exceed the limit after the attacks from Sieg, your Espers will never stand a chance to succeed against Sieg. 

Siegfried Skills
Siegfried Skills

For those who are wondering what these debuffs are, the name includes Ironbands, Ultraviolet, and Corrupting Vortex. The Ironbands skill on the storyline boss allows him to increase the effect of all debuffs by 1 turn. Ultraviolet will inflict damage as well as the DEF down by 2 turns.

The boss will impose the buff blocker that will make things even tougher for your team to make out alive. Lastly, Corrupting Vortex will increase the damage and Poison infliction for 2 turns. 

Considering these all debuffs, Sieg boss is indeed the worst boss players will face in the 12-8 chapter. Even worse is that the complete stage can take over 8-10 minutes, which makes it extremely annoying to keep losing over a single boss fight.

However, if you manage to gain immunity for your Espers from these debuffs, you can greatly proceed in the chapter and beat the boss in a short time. So the key approach is to consider those Espers and their composition that are immune to the debuffs of the Sieg.

Finish the Chapters 12-8 Dislyte

Now that you know what was causing the continuous defeat from the single boss fight, you will have to once again reconsider the team Espers and the composition.

But first, an important piece of advice for beginner players would be to complete the storyline. This is because the storyline chapters will give you all kinds of rewards and Espers that will be considerable help here in the 12-8 stage. 

Once you have finished the storyline until the 12-8 chapters, you will have a series of new Espers characters, unique arsenal, and abilities that will be a significant aid to defeating the Sieg.

The first thing you might want to do is to drop your DPS. In essence, DPS are the heavy hitters in your team. That is also the reason why most players will focus on these fighters rather than balancing the team, just because they will inflict massive damage. 

The successful end of any chapter in the Dislyte depends on the team cooperation, after all, it is a turn-based RPG. It is best to consider only 1 DPS for chapter 12-8.

For those that are stuck with the decision of which DPS to consider, you can go for Tang Yun. Tang Yun is overpowered for abilities and going to deal massive damage to the boss. 

Dislyte 12-8 Tang Yun DPS
Tang Yun DPS

You can also consider Sander for heavy-hitting the boss by isolating him from the surrounding. Apart from that, you might also want to make a good pick on the Support.

For that, you can go for Jacob, which may come as to surprise to all players. This is because Jacob comes with Entoxification skill that grants fangs to all the fellow Espers to grant them immunities from Poison.

That is not all but fangs will also push your team to retaliate attack with Poison for 1 turn. This remarkable perk will greatly contribute to successfully beating the boss. 

Entoxification on Jacob Support
Entoxification on Jacob Support

Tips and Tricks for 12-8 Dislyte

Now that you know how to dodge the attacks of the bloodthirsty Sieg, you can also follow some of the tricks to complete the chapter easily.

Players can consider finishing the story as quickly as possible to gain access to the rewards and Espers like Jacob. Once you are able to create a powerful team composition of DPS and Support, you can easily break the intense attack cycle of the 12-8 boss 

On top of that, if you are going with your own ideal team of Espers, you need to start your attacks as soon as possible. This way you will not be giving any turn to the Sieg thus draining his HP at the start.

Many players also advise to always follow the red dots on the icons. It always represents there is something unique reward awaiting your acknowledgment. Using these rewards will be crucial for success in each stage you are currently playing or will be playing in the future.


Sieg boss comes with 2 phases that demand intense Esper experimentation and skills to easily put him down. Following the leveling up strategy and the DPS and Support in your team composition can greatly aid in beating him on the first try.

In the end, it is the practice that will come in handy to beat all kinds of bosses and chapters in the future. 

That is about it for beating 12-8 Dislyte. Do you find this guide helpful in dodging the attacks of the Sieg and beating him in a short time? What is your team composition to finish the 12-8 chapter in Dislyte? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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