Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat Minerva [Definitive Guide]

A comprehensive guide that covers every aspect required to defeat Minerva in Crisis Core Reunion.

Best guide on beating optional boos Minerva.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion allows you to complete side missions. You must be wondering on how to beat Minerva in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion? Do not worry; this guide will tell you how to beat her and cover every strategy you can apply against her attack. For your convenience, we will also cover which accessories and materia you should use for Zack in this battle.

Key Takeaways

  • You can fight with Minerva at the end of chapter 3 or at the start of chapter 4.
  • Adaman Bangle and Genji Glove are the main accessories if you fight at the end of chapter 3.
  • MugSP master, and Costly Punch are the main accessories if you fight at the start of chapter 4.
  • Holy Judgment and Ultima are Minerva’s brutal attacks which can damage you with about seventy-five thousand points (75,000). Make sure your health is full while taking these attacks.
  • Use Costly Punch and Elixir frequently to win this battle.
  • The reward for defeating Minerva is a Divine Slayer accessory.

How Can You Beat Minerva In Crisis Core Reunion?

Minerva will be the optional super boss in the Crisis Core Reunion. However, unlike other final fantasy games, you can fight Minerva as early as possible. The earliest in Crisis Core Reunion you can fight Minerva is at the end of chapter 3.

Once you get to the Mako Reactor, you will get a mail from the Yuffie, which unlocks the later missions in the eighth category, and then you can complete all of them and get to the ninth category since Minerva is the final boss in this category. 

However, Minerva is a powerful opponent with about ten million health, and her states are across the board, which makes her incredibly strong to defeat. On the other hand, every attack she does will affect you with health damage of about ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine (99,999). 

So, it is impossible to unlock this fight early in chapter 3. Although fighting Minerva at the end of chapter three is going to be very difficult, it is possible to defeat her if you follow our instructions correctly. Besides this, you can also unlock this fight during chapter four.

Although we recommend you unlock this fight in chapter four because at the start of chapter 4, you can complete a couple of extra missions which allow you to equip four accessories instead of the usual two.

Early Genji Build Setup For Fighting With Minerva

You must wonder how to build your Genji for fighting with the Minerva. Do not worry; We will give you the setup for both chapter 3 and chapter 4. The materia in both chapters is the same; the only difference is the accessories.

Best build for Zack on how to defeat Minerva in Crisis Core Reunion.
Genji best build

Chapter 3 Build To Beat Minerva 

How to beat Minerva in Crisis Core Reunion while playing chapter three? If you unlock this fight at the end of chapter three, you should use accessories like Adaman Bangle and Genji Glove.  However, you can use Brutal instead of Genji Glove. You are going to have to break your HP limit, and you are going to have to break your damage limit as well.

Conversely, Ziedrich and Genji Shield are accessories you cannot use for this battle. If we talk about Materia, you could also change that. So, you will need 2 each material of max HPVitality, and Spirit in your status. Your status needs 255 Vitality, 255 maximum HP, and 255 Spirit because of Minerva.

This is the reason we suggest you fight with Minerva in chapter four. You can use Ziedrichwhich gives you an extra 100 across the board in states, allowing you to use just one materia at a time. Ziedrich will enable you to open the fourth accessory slot, which you can use with Genji Shield or Protect Ring.

Chapter 4 Build To Beat Minerva 

In chapter four, you will need only MugSP master, and Costly Punch. The mug is used to steal Phonix Down from Minerva. Costly Punch is going to be how you kill her. In the end, SP master allows us to take limit damage and give more damage to your opponent.

You have the accessories we discussed earlier in chapter 3; you can also use them. The only difference will be that now you can use Ziedrich.

So, once the fight with Minerva begins, we will use a few things earlier in this battle. The first and most important one is Phoenix Down. You need to use this item as it completely restores your HP, and moreover, you get revived if you die during a battle with Minerva.

Also, you can use Elixir to revive your HP and heal all stats of your main character Genji. The reason for using these items so early is that as long as you have maximum Vitality, Spirit, and HP, Minerva will not be able to defeat you in just one shot.

If you have max Vitality and wall, most Minerva attacks will only give you ten to twenty thousand points of damage. The only difference is that Holy Judgement and Ultima will still give you massive damage.

Minerva Powers and Battle strategies

So, now let’s talk about her attack patterns and how you defend yourself from those attacks. 

Photon Feather

The first attack of Minerva we will discuss is Photon Wings. What are Photon Wings? They are a bunch of homing projectiles that will home on Zack and give your player moderate damage. While damage amount depends on whether you have a wall up with max vitality and spirit stats.

The easiest way to avoid Photon Wings attack is by dodging straight into her body. In this way, those wings will actually spawn behind Zack and will not be able to home in on him.

The other way to protect is to guard and take the typical damage from this attack and heal up with a health potion if needed. So these are two methods to avoid the Photon Wings attack.

Flash Slash

Another attack is Melee Slash, which is easy to dodge. But if you get hit by this attack, try to heal yourself as soon as possible because after attacking Melee Slash, Minerva will attack you with Photon Wings.

So, once Minerva’s health decreases to fifty percent, she will start using two attacks simultaneously. Therefore, be careful at that moment because two melees back to back can kill you, and you can lose the battle. If you get killed, then use the 99 PHoenix Down you stole from her to get revived.

Crimson Flare

Then let’s talk about her Fireball attack. This attack can give a tough time on the battlefield. So, how can you dodge this attack? It would be best if you went near her when she is charging up to attack the fireball, and when she fires at you, you can protect yourself by using your shield. 

This attack will give you only ten thousand (10,000) damage. After taking this attack, you can also attack Minerva several times. 

Minerva has an ice attack which is called Krysta. This is challenging to dodge. When she uses this attack, you guard it, and this attack will not be able to knock Zack over. If you do not protect Zack from this attack, Zack will get frozen, allowing Minerva to strike a second attack on Zack.

Thor’s Hammer

Another melee attack of Minerva is a Thunderstrike ability. This attack is super easy to dodge. If this attack name comes on the Minerva model, avoid it using your dodging gamepad button. As shown in the image below.

Melee attack of Minerva.
Thor’s Hammer attack


Ultima is a very nasty attack. You can start dodging as soon as the screen starts to go white, or you can wait and listen to the sound of explosions. You can begin to evade this attack by hearing the third explosion. So, in this way, you can avoid Ultima.

Stay calm if you are struggling with dodging. As long as you have total health, you can also survive this attack and heal up as needed after taking damage from Minerva’s Ultima attack.

Holy Judgment

Now, if we talk about Minerva’s most potent attack, the Holy Judgment

This is her limit break attack. She uses this three times during the whole encounter. She will use this attack at 75 percent HP, 50 percent HP, and 25 percent HP.

This attack of hers gives us seventy-five thousand (75,000) damage. This attack removes your re-raise and will damage your AP and MP too. So it would be best if you tried something other than the Costly Punch to break the limit gauge.  

With the setup we described earlier in this guide, ensure you are in maximum health and pre-select your Elixir. So, take this attack head-on, heal yourself with Elixir, and use Phoenix Down for safety. Make sure that while taking this attack, your health should be maximum.


So, you get a Divine Rule Broken Trophy and one Divine Slayer as a reward for your victory. As shown in the image below.

Reward attained after defeating Minerva.
Prize for winning battle.

Final Remarks

The method we prefer, which you should use for this battle, is that use your Costly Punch consecutively and heal yourself where required. Do not let yourself fall below sixty-thousand (60,000) health. If your health drops below sixty-thousand and Minerva uses a double melee combo, this can kill you.

So, confront Minerva using your Costly Punch and use your health potions when your health drops below sixty-thousand. Hence, using all the strategies discussed, you can ensure you will not get defeated by Minerva on the battlefield. 

Hence, these are all strategies on how to beat Minerva in Crisis Core Reunion. To get more information on Crisis Core Reunion please visit our other guides.

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