Crisis Core Reunion: How To Beat Minerva [Editor’s Strategy]

Best guide on how to beat Minerva in Crisis Core. It also explains which accessories to use on the battlefield.

Best guide on beating optional boos Minerva.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion allows you to complete side missions. You must be wondering how to beat Minerva in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Do not worry; this guide will tell you how to beat her and cover every strategy you can apply against her attack. For your convenience, I will also cover which accessories and materia you should use for Zack in this battle.

Key Takeaways

  • You can fight with Minerva at the end of chapter 3 or at the start of chapter 4.
  • Adaman Bangle and Genji Glove are the main accessories if you fight at the end of chapter 3.
  • Mug, SP master, and Costly Punch are the main accessories if you fight at the start of chapter 4.
  • Holy Judgment and Ultima are Minerva’s brutal attacks which can damage you with about seventy-five thousand points (75,000). Make sure your health is full while taking these attacks.
  • Use Costly Punch and Elixir frequently to win this battle.
  • The reward for defeating Minerva is a Divine Slayer accessory.

How Can You Beat Minerva?

To fight Minerva in Crisis Core Reunion, follow these steps:

  1. Chapter 3: You can unlock Minerva’s fight as early as Chapter 3 by progressing through missions. Yuffie’s mail unlocks missions in the eighth category, leading to the ninth category where Minerva awaits.

  2. Chapter 4: While possible in Chapter 3, it’s challenging. Consider unlocking the fight during Chapter 4. You can complete extra missions early in this chapter, allowing Zack to equip four accessories instead of two.

  3. Prepare Carefully: Level up Zack, equip powerful materia, accessories, and items. Stock up on healing items and learn Minerva’s attack patterns.

  4. Patience and Strategy: Minerva has immense health and deals high damage. Be patient, save Limit Breaks, use magic, summons, and status effects wisely, and focus on dodging and blocking.

  5. Save and Retry: Save before the battle and adjust your strategy as needed. With persistence and the right approach, you can defeat Minerva.

Early Genji Build Setup For Fighting With Minerva

You must wonder how to build your Genji for fighting with the Minerva. Do not worry; We will give you the setup for both Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. The materia in both chapters is the same; the only difference is the accessories.

Best build for Zack on how to defeat Minerva in Crisis Core Reunion.
Genji best build

Minerva Powers and Battle Strategies

So, now let’s talk about her attack patterns and how you defend yourself from those attacks. 

Photon Feather

  • Photon Wings are homing projectiles that target Zack, dealing moderate damage.
  • Damage varies based on your vitality and spirit stats.
  • To avoid Photon Wings, dodge directly toward Minerva, making the wings spawn behind Zack.
  • Alternatively, you can block the attack, take damage, and use a health potion to h

Flash Slash

Minerva’s Melee Slash Attack:

  • Easy to dodge, but if hit, heal quickly.
  • After using Melee Slash, Minerva follows up with Photon Wings.

When Minerva’s Health Drops to Fifty Percent:

  • Minerva starts using two attacks simultaneously.
  • Be cautious, as two consecutive melees can be deadly.
  • If defeated, use one of the 99 Phoenix Downs you stole from her to revive.

Crimson Flare

To dodge her Fireball attack, get close when she charges, and shield up when she fires (10,000 damage). Counter-attack afterward.

For her ice attack Krysta, guarding prevents Zack from getting frozen, avoiding a follow-up attack by Minerva.

Thor’s Hammer

To dodge Minerva’s Thunderstrike attack, use your gamepad’s dodge button as shown in the image.

Melee attack of Minerva.
Thor’s Hammer attack


To avoid Ultima, start dodging when the screen goes white or listen for the third explosion sound. Stay calm, survive with full health, and heal up afterward if needed.

Holy Judgment

Minerva’s Holy Judgment is her limit break attack, used three times in the encounter at 75%, 50%, and 25% HP.

This attack deals 75,000 damage, removes re-raise, and damages AP and MP. Avoid using a Costly Punch to break her limit gauge.

Prepare for Holy Judgment by:

  1. Being at maximum health.
  2. Pre-selecting Elixir.
  3. Take the attack head-on.
  4. Heal with Elixir immediately.
  5. Use Phoenix Down for extra safety.

Maintain maximum health when facing this attack.


So, you get a Divine Rule Broken Trophy and one Divine Slayer as a reward for your victory. As shown in the image below.

Reward attained after defeating Minerva.
Prize for winning battle.

Final Remarks

The method we prefer, which you should use for this battle, is that use your Costly Punch consecutively and heal yourself where required. Do not let yourself fall below sixty-thousand (60,000) health. If your health drops below sixty-thousand and Minerva uses a double melee combo, this can kill you.

So, confront Minerva using your Costly Punch and use your health potions when your health drops below sixty-thousand. Hence, using all the strategies discussed, you can ensure you will not get defeated by Minerva on the battlefield. 

Hence, these are all strategies on how to beat Minerva. To get more information on Crisis Core Reunion please visit our other guides.

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