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How To Catch Abra: A Pokemon Guide (2022)

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In Pokemon, there are 18 different Pokemon types, including Fire, Water, Bug, Electric, etc. Today we are talking about Psychic Types. The pokemon type with the most damage output in the earlier generations of Pokemon is almost overpowered, and no Pokemon embodies this fact more than Abra and its evolutionary line. In this guide, you will learn How To Catch Abra and dominate in almost every game in the Pokemon series.

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Through different generations of Pokemon games, Abra has appeared, and in this guide, we will tell you where to hunt for these Pokemon and the best way to capture them. We even included some images to compliment the written text.

How To Catch Abra

Generation I

Generation I

The Generation I games include Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Generation I was the humble beginnings of the goliath that is today’s Pokemon empire. Looking back, we can genuinely see how Pokemon set itself apart from its competition during that time by innovating the battle system in a turn-based RPG.

It is probably the easiest Pokemon game to 100% in terms of things to do within the game. This is easier for the player by obtaining the second most OP Pokemon in the game (the first one is also a Psychic-Type).


how to catch Abra
Cerulean City

To catch Abra, follow this guide. Start from the PokeCenter in Cerulean city head north up the bridge where you fight multiple trainers. At the end of the bridge, turn left and down into a small patch of grass. There is a 15% encounter rate with Abra at Lv 8 – 12. When you encounter an Abra, use any one of the two methods.

Method 1

Throw Poke Balls to try and catch the Abra with sheer will and chance. There is a 36.6% chance of catching an Abra every time you throw a Poke Ball.

Method 2

Get a Pokemon that can use Sleep Powder, Bind, or Wrap. On the first move, inflict sleep on the Abra and throw Poke Balls at it to your heart’s content.

Generation II

Generation II

The Generation II games include Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Generation II is arguably the most improved upon entry in the Pokemon franchise thus far. It laid the groundwork for what Pokemon would eventually become in the near future. The introduction of features such as the day-night cycle and the addition of a plethora of new Pokemon.

Generation II would also introduce a new typing of Pokemon, the Dark-type. This was introduced to allow more unique Pokemon designs and provide a counter to the very dominant Psychic Types in Generation I, including Abra’s evolutionary line. However, its evolutionary line is still just as overpowered as in Generation I.


how to catch Abra
Goldenrod City

To catch Abra, you must first go to Route 34. This is just South of the Goldenrod City PokeCenter and in the grass patch to the right. Here you have a 10% encounter rate for an Abra Lv 8 – 10. After encountering him, you can use one of two methods.

Method 1

Throw a Poke Ball at the Abra and try your luck catching it. The rate of success is still 36.6% with a standard Poke Ball. Another thing to try is using Great Balls, as they increase the chance of capture to 1.5x the average amount. That is one way how to catch Abra.

Method 2

Use a Pokemon that induces sleep on the Abra. This will allow you to freely hurl Poke Balls at it for 1-5 turns. Any Pokemon with a sleep status move will work for this method to catch Abra.

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Generation III

Generation III

The 3rd Generation of games includes Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
It also technically includes the remakes of Generation I, known as Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, but follow that section of this guide to catch Abra in these remakes.

This is the most iconic generation in all of Pokemon, and the one most of us grew up alongside. It brought us many unique features that are staples of the Pokemon franchise, such as the Double Battle System, Pokemon natures, and personality types. And who can forget the Pokemon Contest system, which gave us an alternative to battling and allowed us to use our beloved Pokemon to show off their beauty outside of the heat of battle. The method for catching Abra is different in Pokemon Emerald than in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.


Rustboro City

To catch Abra here, you must go to Route 116. Starting from Rustboro City’s PokeCenter, go North and head beyond the Gym. After that, turn right and go to any grass patches on Route 116. You have a 10% chance of encountering an Abra at Lv 7. (Pokemon Emerald Only)

Dewford Town

Another location you might encounter Abra is in Granite Cave. Here you have a 10% of encountering Abra anywhere within the cave at Lv 8. This area is accessed from Dewford Town in the top left corner of the island, near the fisherman. (All of Generation III)

Method 1

You could use the tried and tested Poke Ball method, where you chuck a Poke Ball and hope for the best. Using some of the new Poke Balls might also help as you could either use the Ultra Ball, which has a catch rate of 2x that a standard Poke Ball, or use a Great Ball which has a 1.5x catch rate of a regular Poke Ball.

Method 2

You could use the new Pokemon special abilities system and find a Pokemon with Bind or Mean Look. This move prevents any enemy Pokemon from fleeing from the battle. With this ability active, you could quickly weaken the Abra and start throwing Poke Balls at it until you inevitability capture it.

Method 3

You could also use moves that restrict fleeing, such as Bind, Wrap, etc. This will trap the Pokemon allowing you to catch Abra with relative ease by simply whittling down its health and throwing a Poke Ball at it, and that is how to catch Abra.

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Pokemon is a franchise we are all familiar with in some shape or form. Even the most digitally illiterate of our society know about Pikachu and how it’s a Pokemon. The Pokemon games are pretty interesting. Although they are relatively easy, they hide quite a few secrets, as seen in this guide.

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