Warzone 2: How To Do A Finishing Move

Finishing move in Warzone 2 is very effective to kill opponents. This article tells how to perform them effectively.

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Here is all you need to know about the finishing moves in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2.0 allows players to undertake a finishing move on their enemies. The move kills the opponent in a single move in a flash. Finishing moves, when executed rightly, are a very flamboyant way of knocking an enemy. The controls of the move are easy to master. The harder part is to find an opportunity where the move can be executed successfully since the move carries its own cons.

Key takeaways

  • Finishing moves are an eminent way to kill enemies in Warzone 2.0.
  • Default controls of the move are differently set on all gaming platforms, and they can be changed.
  • There are a few ways to use the moves effectively.
  • You should also not be a victim of an enemy’s finishing move.

How To Do A Finishing Move

A finishing move is a single button strike regardless of the gaming platform you are using. But there are prerequisites associated with the play. You are supposed to get behind an enemy and hold the melee button for the kill.

The move is executed as follows on different gaming platforms:

  • Xbox – The control of a finishing move on Xbox is to press the right analog stick. This button has been previously used also on other Call of Duty franchises that allowed the move.
  • PS4 – The R3 button is pressed to execute the move. R3 is the right analog stick.
  • PC – The default buttons for the melee strike are the ‘V’ key on the keyboard or the mouse button 4. The 4th mouse button is present on most gaming mouses but not usually present on the other.
Xbox settings for finishing move
Press the right analog stick of Xbox for finishing move

Remember that these are the default controls for a finishing move, and they can be changed as a player wants. You can set the move to any other button that you are comfortable with or replace it with another move.

There are other settings that you may want to implement. Here are the best controller settings for Warzone 2.0.

What Is A Finishing Move

The finishing move has been historically used in the previous Call of Duty franchises and has had prevalent use. However, it was unavailable for a few franchises, but it is back in Warzone 2.0. Therefore, it is being talked about a lot nowadays.

It is to be remembered that the move can only be made in two cases. First, you are facing the enemy’s back and then trying the execution. Second, the enemy you are trying to execute is downed. These would result in successful execution.

The same controls execute the finishing move and achieves the same task i.e., kills opponents in a single move, but the move is performed differently due to some factors.

Finishing move execution
Executing the finishing move while the enemy is downed

Execution of the move depends on the operator a player is using, the primary and secondary weapon equipped, etc. The difference lies in the style chosen to take the kill, but all the moves achieve the same purpose. No move is better than others in any metric, although personal likings may vary.

Players mostly use a finishing move when they are low on ammunition, and their secondary weapon is either not good enough or is out of ammo also. The move is not very effective in such situations but is still advisable since there are not many other choices available.

Successful Finishing Move

The controls of the move are simple, and so are the conditions under which the move is carried out. But despite this, performing a successful finishing move is an extremely hard task in multiplayer battles.

Finishing move standing execution
Executing the finishing move on the enemy from the back

You might have been forced to perform the move in campaign missions where you would have done it with relative ease. But in multiplayer games with real players on board, this move is the hardest to perform. Therefore, a few careful steps must be taken while using it.

Make Less Noise

This feature excels in silent takedowns. Stay low to conceal your presence and approach enemies discreetly.

Rather than sprinting directly, crouch and quietly approach opponents to execute this move, ensuring they remain unaware of the possibility of a finishing takedown.

While there are various ways to perform this kill, it’s often crucial to keep your presence unknown to the enemy before executing the move.

Use Throwables

The finishing move is the toughest choice. Instead, utilize throwables like frag grenades, smoke grenades, and stun grenades. These tools can displace enemies or temporarily impair their vision, enabling you to attack from behind. Exercise caution, as enemies are alert to grenades and such maneuvers.

Be Sure Of A Kill

Prevent being vulnerable during a finishing move. Ensure high confidence in its success before attempting it, as failure leaves you exposed to enemy fire. The move takes about 2 seconds, making it impractical in fast-paced multiplayer battles. Due to its risks and exposure, many players opt not to use it, necessitating caution when choosing to execute the move.

More Chance Than Skill

Adding finishing moves to your strategy lacks predictability. Success is more chance-based than skill-based. After several attempts, it becomes clear that success is not solely based on skill but involves a wealth of knowledge.

Forcing these moves immediately after learning about them can lead to risky situations. Being too greedy might result in failure or being shot down.

A wiser approach is to practice the move on 3-4 enemies and wait for the opportune moment to execute it. Success relies more on seizing the right opportunity rather than the skill employed.

Not Being A Victim

As you are well aware of what circumstances a finishing move is executed, you also should keep an alert eye that you are not the victim of the move. It is simple since you already know all the situations; the important thing is only to identify such instances.

Be on alert when you are in isolated places, and always watch your back. Keep moving constantly, and in cases of an encounter, jump or dash left and right to evade being executed.

Ending Notes

It is safe to conclude that although finishing moves make you look much superior to your enemy, they must be carefully used, or else they make you pay the price.

They are extremely hard to utilize in online multiplayer modes. So, make less noise when approaching an enemy, use any throwables you can, and be sure that the move will be successful.

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