How To Feed Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley [Quick Guide]

After playing Disney Dreamlight Valley for 20+ hours, I can assure you that feeding the animals is not a hard task!

Feed Animals In Disney Dreamlight Valley
Detailed Guide On Feeding Critters

There is much more in Disney Dreamlight Valley besides meeting the main characters, doing their tasks, farming, mining, and cooking. That is building a friendship with Animals in the valley and making them your companions, but how to feed animals is another question I will answer today.

My guide has made it easy for you as I have discussed all animal locations, their favorite food, and ways to get access so you can find your desired critter without difficulty.

Through feeding, you attain dream shards as a reward, and as I have mentioned earlier, you can make them buddies, but you have to feed them for two consecutive days because you can feed them once every day.

It is not simple to approach each critter, as some are less friendly than others. So, it would help if you had the right strategy to interact with them. Let’s dive into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Having critters as a companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t only the sweetest thing, but along with this, you obtain the rewards by doing so.
  • All animals are located at various locations and have a specific favorite food, which this article discusses.
  • The method to chase critters varies according to them, so the right way for each of them is covered in this article.


Raccoons are active and well aware critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Raccoon in Forest of Valor

It may take you more than one attempt to get near the raccoons as most of the time, they are alert, and if you try to reach them quickly, they will surely run away. If you find them sitting with their heads up, then you must know they are being watchful.

The best way to hit on them is when they are looking downward. Feeding raccoons require an effort, but by being consistent, you will get the reward. Don’t be Hasty while dealing with them.

  • Location: The Forest of Valor
  • Favorite Food: Blueberries
  • Racoon Variants: Blue, White, Black, Classic, and Red raccoon.


Squirrels the tiny and swift animals.

Squirrel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Squirrels are super affectionate and friendly. One can reach them without much struggle. They are the first animals whom you come across in Dreamlight Valley. Just make your way to squirrels and feed them their preferred food.

  • Location: Plaza
  • Favorite Snack: Peanuts. As we all know squirrels love to eat nuts.
  • Squirrel Variants: Red, Grey, Black, White, and Classic Squirrel.


Fox is a playful critter in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Fox in Forested Height

You may have to chase it 3 or 4 times to feed it. However, they can run up to you for food if they are hungry. Foxes like to be followed before they completely allow you to feed them.

  • Location: Forested Height
  • Favorite Food: White Sturgeon
  • Fox Variant: Classic, White, Black, Blue, and Red Fox.


These are the most alluring animals.

Sunbird's Feed Animals Guide

They have vibrant and youthful color combinations. However, they are amiable, and you don’t have to put extreme effort into approaching them. Chase them for a while, and then you will be able to feed them after quite some time. Sunbird is the only critter whose food changes with its Variant.

  • Location: Sunlit Plateau
  • Food: Orange Houseleek flower, Sunflower, Red Bromeliad, Green poison Lily and Pink Houseleek. 
  • Sunbird Variants: Orchid, Golden, Red, Emerald, and Turquoise Sunbird.

Sea Turtle

The adorable water creatures are friendly but shy.

Sea Turtle on Dazzle beach
Sea Turtle

As you stroll around the dazzling beach, you can find them. On approaching them, they may go inside their shell. But don’t give up and be patient as they appear again; it will take some time. Once their head is out again, you can feed them.

  • Location: Dazzle Beach
  • Favorite Food: Seaweed
  • Sea Turtle Variants: White, Black, Classic, Brown, and Purple Sea Turtle.


There you go with a feeding strategy for crocodiles

Golden Crocodile

To your surprise, the crocodiles in Disney Dreamlight Valley are quite endearing, and you would love to keep them as your companion. They are timid and go out of sight when you approach them as they stay vigilant.

The way to go near them is the same as of raccoons. Try to go near when their heads are down so they may not run away, and soon after, a successful attempt, feed them their favorite food.

  • Location: Glade of Trust
  • Food: Lobster
  • Crocodile Variants: Classic, White, Red, White, Blue, Golden, and Pink Crocodile.


You can look for these cutest critters hopping in the Meadows.

Rabbits in Peaceful Meadow

Rabbits have a happy disposition. If you followed them to feed the food, that would be helpful. On approaching them, they jump, run away a little, and start jumping again for once. Only after three tries will you be able to feed.

  • Location: Peaceful Meadow
  • Food: Carrots
  • Variants: Black, White, Classic, Calico, and Brown Rabbit.

Final Thoughts

I expect that my guide has been a great help to you regarding how to feed animals. It includes all the related information and details, and I have covered every aspect of the concerned topic. The article is written to make the mission simpler for you.

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