How to Get Curie in Fallout 4: Complete Curie Guide

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic world game situated in Boston and the surrounding areas, this is referred to as the Commonwealth. It is an action role-play game. In this game, you will discover different areas, join factions, and do their respective quests. In Fallout 4, you are allowed to join any of the 4 factions. You should choose any one of the factions. You can evaluate the factions based on their role in the Commonwealth community. The factions include; the minutemen, the railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Institute. After joining the factions, the faction gives quests that are according to their factions.

Key Takeaways

  • To get Curie, a droid in Fallout 4, players need to reach Vault 81, where she is located.
  • The first step to get Curie is to ask Austin for a tour of the whole vault and then find Erin’s lost cat.
  • After completing the quest related to the lost cat, players will have to complete a quest related to a mole rat bite to get to Curie.
  • Players can befriend Curie by asking her for the cure to the mole rat bite.
  • To get a body for Curie, players need to complete the “Emergent Behavior” quest with the help of Doctor Amari and the Memory den.
  • Players need to complete quests and increase their charisma to increase Curie’s affection.
  • Players can initiate a romantic relationship with Curie by choosing the “Flirt” option and increasing their charisma.
  • To access the “Romance” option, you need to increase your charisma through clothing choice, consuming edibles, or the Ladykiller perk.
  • Romancing Curie unlocks the Combat Medic perk and grants the Lover’s Embrace temporary perk.
  • Getting Curie in Fallout 4 requires completing various quests and fighting off enemies in the secret vault.
  • Helping Curie get a human-like body is necessary to gain her trust and affection.
  • Helping Curie rewards the player with a fruit and an energy boost.

One of the quests is of finding Curie and getting her to like you. This is ‘ Emergent Behavior’. In this article, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to get Curie in fallout 4. This article will guide you through all the hardships till she is completely yours.


Curie is a droid that is an acronym for Contagious Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer. Miss Curie is a Nanny robot that was designed for the safekeeping of Vault 81. Curie was upgraded and modified by Mr. Handy, who was an assistant in the labs.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4

Curie Location

Curie is located in one of the vaults that are Vault 81. You can find her on the lowest and the safest floor of the vault, behind a glass window. Even if one knows the location still a question hangs in the air in fallout 4 how to get curie. It’s truly a head-scratcher. You can’t access her easily.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4
Vault 81

Locating Curie In Fallout 4

To get curie, the first step is to reach vault 81 where curie is located. No other instructions or necessities are required before this.

After heading straight to the vault, you need to ask Austin to give you a tour of the whole vault. After this, you walk into the classroom where Erin will inform you about her lost cat, she will ask you to help her find it. Your quest is to find Erin’s lost cat and return it to her. Afterward, you hear a commotion and become aware of the fact that Austin has been bitten by a Mole Rat while he was trying to make his way through a hidden and secret part of the vault. You are asked to do a quest. This quest helps you resolve the mystery in Fallout 4 to get curie.

Bobby takes you to the entryway of the secret vault. Where you find yourself in front of a long corridor. In this corridor, you will have to face a few of the Mole rats that try to bite you. You are supposed to fight them off of you on your own. At the end of this corridor, you are supposed to take the tape lying on the desk and put it in the slot. This opens up another door. After you go through that door, you find Curie behind a glass window.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4
Locating Curie In Fallout 4

Befriending Curie

She is floating around. You ask her for the cure to the bite of the Mole Rat. In the secret vault, you come across many enemies, sentry guns, and even a few Mole rats. You have to ward them off yourself to get to Curie. After the quest is completed, Curie will ask you to accompany her to travel the whole world by her side.

Befriending curie

Curie’s body

After completing the Hole in the Wall quest, a rare quest arises that doesn’t involve any sort of massacre. It’s called the “Emergent Behavior”  Curie is a slave robot that has lived without a body for almost all her life. She needs a body to become a Synth through and through. When you gain a huge chunk of trust from Curie, she will ask you to help her get a body. Just as this quest arises, the player wonders in fallout 4 how to get curie a body. For this purpose, go to Doctor Amari and the Memory den. Thereafter leaving curie , she becomes a whole Synth. The doctor already has the body ready for Curie and this only requires the time of 24 hours.

Curie’s affection

The more you get Curie to like you, the more she’ll benefit you. Then, in Fallout 4 how to get Curie to like you. This is not an easy task. You need to keep completing quests for her to get her affection. Once you have completed some of the quests, an option of ‘Flirt’ will arise. By choosing this, you are initiating a relationship between you and Curie. This will help you have a strong bond with Curie very fast. After choosing  ‘Flirt’ you’ll need to increase your charisma. Charisma is increased by clothing choice, consuming edibles, or Ladykiller perk. Lady perk is a permanent charisma increase. While clothing choice and edibles are temporary adjustments.

After a while,  ‘Romance’ replaces flirt. If and only if your charisma is high, only then you can access this speech check. After this, Curie will fall in love with you. This indicates that you have the greatest amount of affinity with Curie. This will unlock an achievement, this achievement is the Combat Medic perk.

After romanticizing Curie, you get love from Curie while you lay in bed. This will help you gain a temporary perk that is Lover’s embrace perk. This helps you gain 15%  XP in 12 hours.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4
Curie’s affection


In Fallout 4 how to get curie is a difficult task, hardships and various quests obstruct your task. You need to surpass every one of the quests to have curie by your side. Without even one quest, you may not be able to get it. Completing Erin’s and Austin’s quest is just the beginning of the hardships. The real issue is fighting off foes in the secret vault. After having Curie by your side, you need to gain her trust. Curie is a heartbroken and enslaved robot. Who knows nothing but slavery and doing work for others. After you help her get her a separate human-like body, you become deserving enough to have her affection.

if you help curie, you receive a fruit. the reward is an energy boost.

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