Fallout 4: How to Get Curie [Easy Steps]

I will walk you through how to get a droid companion Curie.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4

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With dedication, I clocked over 90+ hours mastering Fallout 4. I can help you with getting the Curie Nanny Bot for your playthrough. 

Curie is a droid that is an acronym for Contagious Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer. Miss Curie is a Nanny robot designed for the safekeeping of Vault 81. Curie was upgraded and modified by Mr. Handy, an assistant in the labs.

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4

Key Takeaways

To acquire Curie, you must follow these steps:

  1. Reach Vault 81: Visit Vault 81 and request a tour from Austin, then find Erin’s lost cat and complete the associated quest.
  2. Mole Rat Bite: Afterward, complete a quest related to a mole rat bite. Befriend Curie by asking her for the cure.
  3. “Emergent Behavior” Quest: To give Curie a human-like body, complete the “Emergent Behavior” quest with assistance from Doctor Amari and the Memory Den.
  4. Increase Charisma: Enhance Curie’s affection by completing quests and raising your charisma stat.
  5. Romantic Relationship: Initiate a romantic relationship with Curie by choosing the “Flirt” option and boosting your charisma. Use appropriate clothing, consumables, or the Ladykiller perk to access the “Romance” option.
  6. Perks: Romancing Curie unlocks the Combat Medic perk and provides the Lover’s Embrace temporary perk.

Obtaining Curie involves completing various quests and facing challenges within Vault 81. Assisting her in getting a human-like body is essential to earn her trust and affection. Completing her quests rewards you with various in-game benefits.

One of the quests is to find Curie and get her to like you. This is ‘Emergent Behavior’.

Curie Location

Curie is located in one of the vaults, Vault 81. Behind a glass window, you can find her on the lowest and safest floor of the vault. 

How to Get Curie in Fallout 4
Vault 81
  1. Request a Tour: Ask Austin, a resident of Vault 81, to give you a tour of the vault. This initiates your interaction with the vault’s residents.
  2. Help Erin Find Her Cat: While exploring Vault 81, you’ll enter a classroom where Erin informs you about her lost cat. Agree to help her find it. This starts a quest where you need to locate and return Erin’s lost cat.
  3. Discover the Secret: During your time in the vault, you’ll hear about Austin being bitten by a Mole Rat while exploring a hidden part of the vault. You’ll be asked to help with a quest to resolve this situation.
  4. Explore the Hidden Vault: Bobby, another resident, will take you to the entrance of the secret vault. Enter the long corridor and face off against Mole Rats that attack you.
  5. Retrieve the Tape: At the end of the corridor, I suggest picking up a tape from the desk and insert it into the slot to open another door.
  6. Find Curie: Beyond the newly opened door, you’ll find Curie behind a glass window. This is where you’ll encounter Curie, the robotic character.
How to Get Curie in Fallout 4
Locating Curie In Fallout 4

Befriending Curie

She is floating around. You ask her for the cure to the bite of the Mole Rat. In the secret vault, you encounter many enemies, sentry guns, and even a few Mole rats.

You have to ward them off yourself to get to Curie. After the quest is completed, Curie will ask you to accompany her to the world outside the vault.

Befriending curie

Curie’s Body

  1. After completing the “Hole in the Wall” quest in Fallout 4, a rare quest called “Emergent Behavior” becomes available.
  2. This quest doesn’t involve any massacres.
  3. Curie, a slave robot, has lived without a body for most of her life and wants to become a Synth entirely.
  4. To help her gain a substantial amount of trust with Curie.
  5. Once you’ve earned her trust, she’ll ask for your assistance getting a body.
  6. To do this, visit Doctor Amari at the Memory Den.
  7. After leaving Curie with the doctor, she becomes a complete Synth.
  8. The doctor already has the body ready, which takes only 24 hours.

My Tips And Tricks For Curie Companion

The more you get Curie to like you, the more she’ll benefit you. For that, here are some tips I recommend from my experience.

  1. Complete Quests: Start by completing quests that involve Curie. This will increase her affection for you over time. Continue to assist her in various quests to build a stronger connection.
  2. Choose ‘Flirt’: As you progress in your interactions with Curie, the option to ‘Flirt’ will become available. Choose this dialogue option to express your romantic interest in Curie. This is a significant step towards initiating a romantic relationship.
  3. Increase Charisma: To progress further in the romance with Curie, you must have a higher Charisma stat. You can increase your Charisma temporarily by choosing appropriate clothing and consuming specific consumables. Alternatively, you can permanently increase Charisma by taking the Lady Killer perk.
  4. Choose ‘Romance’: After a while, the ‘Flirt’ option may be replaced with ‘Romance’ in the dialogue. To access this speech check and continue the romantic relationship, you must have a sufficiently high Charisma. If successful, this will signify that Curie has fallen in love with your character.
  5. Benefit from the Romance: Once you’ve successfully romanced Curie, you’ll receive certain benefits, including the “Combat Medic” perk. Additionally, you can receive the “Lover’s Embrace” perk, which grants you a 15% XP bonus for 12 in-game hours whenever you rest in a bed.
How to Get Curie in Fallout 4
Curie’s affection

It might seem a little challenging to get started with Curie. You must complete every one of the quests to have Curie by your side. Without even one quest, you may not be able to get it. Completing Erin’s and Austin’s quest is just the beginning of the hardships.

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