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Xenoblade Nopon Coin 3 Description

Currencies In Xenoblade 3

This game’s currencies have multiple uses, from crafting materials like gems to getting cooked meals from them. Overall, there are four types of currencies ranging from different types of Nopon coins, Gold and Silver Nopon Coins, to regular currency such as Gold and the Ether Cylinder. Let’s start with the two regular currencies, Gold and Ether Cylinder.

Key Takeaways

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 currencies have multiple uses, from crafting materials like gems to getting cooked meals from them. 
  • There are four types of currencies ranging from different types of Nopon coins, Gold and Silver Nopon Coins, to regular currency such as Ether Cylinder.
  • Silver and Gold are Nopon Coins, whereas Gold is the game’s main currency and can be obtained by defeating monsters, getting valuable materials from containers.

  • Earning Gold could be through skirmish awards, and selling unused materials to caravans. Its uses include getting items from the fabricators, getting food from the Canteen, and buying accessories from caravans.
  • Ether cylinders are another currency usually available in the region of Aionios and are limited to crafting gems and being the primary material for the activation of Forronis Hulks.
  • Coins are crucial currencies and can be acquired by beating rare monsters, completing NPC quests in Colonies, and completing Collectopaedia Card requests.
  • Nopon coins are used for obtaining certain materials of high rarities, like accessories, and are derived from small cute creatures called Nopon from the Makna forest located in the region of Bionis.
  • The uses of Silver Nopon coins include ranking up classes and upgrading them to get better skills and arts, while Gold Nopon coins can be used to obtain rare items, craft new items, and unlock new quests.


Gold is a universal currency, and in Xenoblade, it is also considered the game’s main currency. You can get Gold in many ways, which is easily achievable throughout the game. One of the main ways is by defeating monsters. With monsters roaming around the map and in every corner, it is effortless to spot them, and also defeating different ranking monsters lends you a different amount of Gold. It’s basically like the rarer the monster, the higher the amount of Gold you receive.

Just like monsters are spread out through the map, so are containers that provide you with valuable materials. Along with useful materials, it gives you Gold and is another source for obtaining this currency. Another low-key way to earn a bit of Gold is through skirmish awards and selling your unused materials to caravans.

The uses of Gold are pretty straightforward. You can use this precious metal to get items from the fabricators after the activation of Forronis Hulks, Get food from the Canteen after the liberation of a colony, and buy accessories from caravans.

Ether Cylinders

Ether cylinders are another currency usually available in the region of Aionios. These are basically Ether channels on the ground that emit neon type light and can be harvested into a cylinder with a max capacity to hold these capped at 99.

Ether Channels
Ether Channels In-Game Description

The uses of Ether are limited to only two things mainly, one being the prerequisite to crafting gems, and the second is them being the primary material for the activation of Forronis Hulks. Both uses are very crucial for advancing further in the game.

Silver and Gold Nopon Coins

Silver and Gold Nopon Coins are two types of Nopon coins available in Xenoblade 3. Gold being the rarer counterpart to Silver. These are very crucial currencies and a bit hard to acquire. For example, to achieve Silver Nopon Coins, you can either opt to beat very rare and robust monsters or do NPC quests in Colonies and complete the Collectopaedia Card requests. They have multiple other ways to be acquired and useful for progress, which we will cover later on.

Nopon Coins In Xenoblade 3

Nopon Coin
Nopon Coins In-Game Image

As stated before, Nopon coins are an exceptional type of currency used for obtaining certain materials of high rarities, like accessories. There are essentially two types of Nopon Coins, The Silver Nopon Coins and the Gold Nopon Coins. These coins are considerably hard to acquire through the game and require a little bit of grinding. Along with their rarity, they also have an inventory cap with players only being able to carry a max of 99 Nopon Coins.

Nopons In-Game

Enough about their rarity and basic information, let’s talk about where Nopon coins have been derived from in the game Xenoblade 3. Nopon coins come from the name of small cute creatures called Nopon, which are in all the Xenoblade franchise games. They are essentially from the Makna forest located in the region of Bionis. Now that we know where the Nopon Coins originated from, we must continue with their Uses and ways to find these coins.

Uses of Nopon Coins

It is a given that Nopon Coins are very hard to come by, so accordingly, the uses of this currency are very beneficial. Both the Nopon coins have different uses and are covered below.

Silver Nopon Coins

The less rare counterpart makes the uses comparatively less beneficial, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely useless.

  • Rank Up Classes
Class ranking with Nopon Coins
Ranking up with the use of Nopon Coins

The first use of Silver Nopon coins is to increase the rank of your classes. After unlocking the classes by using Nopon Coins, you can further upgrade them to get better skills and arts. These rank upgrades are potent and recommended to progress into the game quickly. The table below further explains how many Silver Nopon Coins (SNC) are required to upgrade what rank.

Rank Cost in Silver Nopon Coins (SNC)
To Rank 2 SNC x2
To Rank 3 SNC x2
To Rank 4 SNC x3
To Rank 5 SNC x3
To Rank 6 SNC x3
To Rank 7 SNC x3
To Rank 8 SNC x3
To Rank 9 SNC x3
To Rank 10 SNC x4
  • Cooking meals
Cooking Meals in Xenoblade 3 with Nopon Coins
Cooking meals with Nopon Coins

These coins are also used for cooking meals. You usually require a set of materials to cook a particular recipe, but if you lack the materials, you can just skip them and use coins to cook the food.

  • Collectopaedia Quests

Always find it annoying to find the last missing piece of material for a quest? Well, no need to worry anymore as you can just bypass the requirement by using Silver Nopon Coins. Rather than exploring to find the desired item, you can use your Silver Nopon Coins and make up for the material requirement.

  • Coin X-Change
Coin X-Change for Nopon Coins
Seekseek the Merchant

The normal exchange of Nopon Coins for goods is also possible with the help of a specific vendor. After completing the Caves of Milio Trick, you can progress towards the “Sage Domicile” area where you will locate the Merchant called Seekseek. This Merchant offers you a lot of Accessories in return for Nopon Coins. Some of the available Accessories are stated below.

Accessories Description and Item value Cost in Silver Nopon Coins (SNC)
Nopon Strap After the use of Art skills, you have a 10% chance of retaining the charge, this means you can use the art again. This is a legendary Accessory. SNC x80
Rigid Support When you block an attack, you get a 10% recharge randomly on a skill you have. This is also a legendary Accessory. SNC x90
Shell Necklace You get a 25% increased speed recharge when in the water. This is also a legendary Accessory. SNC x15
Fighting Headband You have a 10% chance of getting a Power Charge when you evade attacks. This is also a legendary Accessory. SNC x30

Gold Nopon Coin

Gold Nopon Coin is the Rarest Tradeable currency in the game and gives the greatest tradeoffs, rightfully so. These are all the trades you can do with Gold Nopon Coins.

Crafting gems with Nopon coins
Gem Crafting Menu

As crafting Gems requires materials and time to collect those materials, the devs came up with an easier way to help players craft these special stones. Now with the Gold Nopon Coins, you can ignore the hassle of collecting the desired materials and straight up use these coins as an alternative build path. It is just like how Silver Nopon coins are used for cooking food.

  • Coin X-Change
Location of Seekseek
Location of Seekseek on map

You can also use the Gold Nopon Coins as an exchange currency at the X change NPC located at the place stated before. This place is the Sage’s domicile, and you can interact with Seekseek to open his shop and get items for Gold Nopon Coins. We have provided an image above to state the location of the merchant and this is taken from No-Nonsense Guides Youtube video . These are some of the items you can get from there.

Accessories Description and Item value Cost in Silver Nopon Coins (SNC)
Brute Memory You get invincibility for five seconds and the ability to live through a killing attack with a remaining of 1 HP. This is also a legendary item. SNC x30
Memory Locket Gives the ability to revive teammates, even without a healer present. This is a legendary item. SNC x99
Analyzer Scope Requires 10TP to do Chain Attacks and is a legendary item. SNC x15

This rounds up the uses of both the Gold and Silver Nopon Coins. Now let’s talk about how and where you can find these rare coins.

How To obtain Nopon Coins

Nopon Coins, a rare item in Xenoblade 3, are very tough to come by or farm. But you can still put in the effort and acquire these coins. There are multiple ways to get these coins, and we will cover all of them.

  • Containers
Container image In-Game

Getting Nopon Coins from Containers is a very luck-based way to acquire them. They can drop multiple items and have a chance to drop either Gold or Silver Nopon Coins. Luckily these Containers are scattered throughout the map in certain places such as colonies.

  • Unique Monsters
Unique monster
A Unique Monster

Unique Monsters, as the name suggests, are not standard in the sense that they are tough to take down. Along with the difficulty of the monsters comes the rewards, which are very good for game progression. These rewards include the Nopon coins as well.

  • Supply Drops

Supply drops could be the least reliable way to obtain these Nopon Coins as they have a small chance of dropping either the Gold or the Silver Nopon Coin. Supply drops are randomized and drop once in a specific region, making them almost unfarmable. You also have to defeat the monsters protecting the supply drop, adding to its difficulty.

  • Monster Dispute

If you observe two parties going ham on each other in the field, don’t worry, as it is a regular battle between two monsters. The existence of this battle gives you a choice to select which side to help and helping a specific side will lend you rewards. In these rewards, you receive Nopon Coins as well.


This covers the Nopon Coins in Xenoblade 3 in a detailed manner, talking about their basic information, uses, and how to obtain them. Nopon Coins, in general, are a rare currency and are very hard to come by, making them difficult to farm but very worth it because of their uses. If you want to find out more about the game Xenoblade 3, check out our guides on characters such as TaionSena, and Zephyr. That’s all for the Nopon Coin guide. Good luck acquiring them! 🙂

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