Crisis Core Reunion Waterfall Chaser Trophy Guide

In this guide, we will tell you how to get the Waterfall Chaser Trophy!

How to Get the Waterfall Chaser Trophy
Jack Standing on the Waterfall stream

Trying to collect all the missable trophies in the game? Let us help you acquire the Waterfall Chaser trophy in ‘Crisis Core Reunion‘!

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion has been out for almost two weeks now! The developers at Square Enix can be praised for the time they put into reviving this nostalgia. Playing mini-games and earning trophies seems to be more fun now!

You will deal with a lot of missable trophies, once you’re on a trophy collecting journey. One of those trophies is the Waterfall Chaser that takes place in chapter 9. Let us tell you what to do, so you don’t miss out on the missable trophy!

Key Takeaways

  • Zack will have to defeat 7 random enemies to unlock Waterfall Chaser trophy.
  • This is one of the missable trophies and requires Zack to play a mini-game.
  • The Waterfall mini-game requires all 10 trophies to be collected.
  • Getting in contact with the enemies will freeze Zack.
  • Missing any given steps will deprive you of the trophy.

How To Unlock The Waterfall Chaser Trophy

There are a lot of trophies in the game that can be missed if you do not roam around enough in certain areas. As we already know, we need to be in Chapter 9 for this trophy. Additionally, You must roam around the Gongaga Village to unlock this trophy.

You will have to play a minigame in this area. That mini-game is what gives the trophy. Unfortunately, the mini-game wouldn’t just start own it’s own, and can be easily missed.

Zack fighting random enemies for near the Waterfall
Zack fighting random enemies

The minigame must first be triggered, which is a time-consuming procedure. In order to do that, you must first run around this region and have 7 random enemy encounters near the Waterfall area. Remember you need to do at least 7 combats to trigger the minigame.

The Waterfall Mini-Game

Finally, travel to the cliff’s edge in the Gongaga Hills region after you’re done with the combats. Zack will hear a sound coming from the Waterfall and he will go near it to check. This region has the Waterfall Chaser Trophy and it will be acquired after the minigame.

The point where the Waterfall Chaser Mini-game will unlock
The point where the Waterfall Chaser Mini-game will unlock

The minigame will start when Zack sees a chest come down the waterfall. The game will ask you whether you want to wait to see if other chests will follow. Select this option to launch the Waterfall Chaser mini-game!

What To Do In The Mini-Game

Chest falling from the Waterfall in the Waterfall Chaser Mini game
Chest falling from the Waterfall

You must gather all 10 chests that fall in order to get the trophy. However, You’ll freeze, if you come into touch with one of the falling creatures. Fortunatley, you can always play this mini-game again.

But, you will have to start again and come back into this area after defeating 7 random enemies. That is the only way to trigger it again.

Objective of the Waterfall Mini-Game

Zack standing in the middle of 2 enemies during the Waterfall chaser
Zack standing in the middle of 2 enemies

The objective of this minigame is quite straight forward. But, we can simply put it in the following way:

  • Chests will drop from the top of the Waterfall
  • Collect all the falling chests
  • Enemies will be falling as well and will end up freezing Zack.
  • Avoid the enemies
  • If you fail to collect 10 chests, you will not get the trophy.

How to Play The Mini-Game Without Freezing

The way Zack moves is now the major challenge in this mini-game. It is quite challenging to manoeuvre Zack in small spaces. Which makes it challenging to get him to stand him in the middle of the water-stream without getting in contact with the enemy.

Let’s get you ready to play the minigame, follow the following steps to triumph over this mini-game with ease:

  • Stand a bit far from the waterfall. Do this, so you can have an idea of what’s coming.
  • Sprint to the treasure chest and come back to position.
  • In order to dodge the enemy coming from the left, go toward the screen and out to the left after grabbing the first middle chest.
  • Sweep back in and collect the left and right chests.
  • Avoid the enemy by moving away from the waterfall stream on the left or right side.
  • Repeat the process.
  • Collect all 10 chests while successfully avoiding the enemies.
Game displaying finished after the Waterfall chaser mini-game
Game displaying finished after the mini-game

Learning how the enemies and treasures descend may need a few tries, but once you do, you should be able to collect all 10 chests. Remember to stand a bit far away from the Waterfall since, what is falling from above is simply 50/50.

Tip: Simply mash the button ‘X’ (for PS players) if Zack freezes. That will unfreeze him!

Moreover, whatever’s falling will always fall in the same order. Which was not the case in the old 2007 game.

Rewards of Completing The Waterfall Mini-Game

Ultimately, you have managed to finish the mini game. Zack will then check to see what he collected in those chests. Which will give you the following rewards as they prompt up on the screen:

Rewards of the mini game
Rewards of the chests
  • 3000-gil bonus
  • 1x Goblin Punch
  • 1x Hi-Potion
  • 1x X-Potion
  • 1x Elixir
Trophy Earned
Trophy Earned

Furthermore, it will also give you the trophy that you desired, Congratulations!. Remember that this trophy cannot be achieved without doing all the steps mentioned in the article. Don’t miss out on anything!


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