Explained: How To Get Water In Sons of the Forest

All the possible ways of getting and collecting water in Sons of the Forest

How to get water in Sons of the Forest
Guide regarding ways to get and collect water in Sons of the Forest

Water is the basic necessity for survival, and Sons of the Forest also incorporated this mechanic into the game. From the beginning of the game, the primary thing you must focus on is finding sources for being hydrated. This Guide will provide information on different ways you can get water in Sons of the Forest.

Key Takeaways

  • There are multiple sources of getting water in Sons of the Forest.
  • Freshwater streams and ponds are the best and most reliable source of getting hydrated.
  • Water streams can be found easily using the GPS by hitting the ‘M’ key.
  • To drink water from a stream or a pond, the protagonist must not hold any equipment in their hands.
  • Eating Yarrow Flowers and Berries also improves the thirst meter.
  • Water can also be collected for remote usage in Sons of the Forest.
  • Kill a big size turtle to get its shell for storing rainwater.
  • 3D printed Water Flask can be used to store water as well and the protagonist can also carry it with him.
  • It costs 100 resin to 3D print a Water Flask.

Water Sources in Sons of the Forest

Finding water sources is not a hard job in the game, but having one of them in the close vicinity when you need it is the tricky part. This implies that only finding the water sources will not do the job rather there must be a way to store it as well to fill up your thirst while being distanced from the water sources.

Here are some of the main sources of water in the game:

  • Fresh Water Streams
  • Yarrow Flowers
  • Energy Drinks
  • Berries

How to Get Water in the beginning

At the beginning of the game, near the crash site, you will find numerous suitcases lying around. Many of them have drinks stored inside them. Searching through these suitcases and consuming these drinks will help you lower your thirst in the initial stages of the game.

These drinks will fill up the thirst meter a bit but you can’t rely on them for long. That’s the reason you must start searching for reliable water sources before ultimately getting faint due to thirst.

Where to Find Fresh Water Streams

As mentioned earlier, freshwater streams and ponds are the most reliable sources of water in Sons of the Forest. There are a lot of streams flowing throughout the map so finding one will not be that much hard.

GPS can help a lot in this regard. You can take out your GPS module by hitting the M key. Here on the screen, you can look for small blue channels that represent streams and ponds. Zooming in or out in a particular area will help in finding one sooner.

How to get water from Freshwater stream using GPS
Freshwater stream location using GPS (Image Credits: WoW Quests)

Once you have found one, you need to get into the water stream and hold a crouch position. This will allow you to drink the water by hitting the E key. One important thing you must consider while drinking from a stream or pond is not holding any weapon or other such equipment in your hand.

In the contrast, if you hold up something, you will not be able to get any option to drink the water even if you crouch in the stream. In addition to it, never drink water from the ocean as the game allows only fresh water to be used to fill up the thirst meter.

Eating Yarrow Flowers and Berries to get Hydrated

Having a freshwater stream around you is not going to happen always. So how you can fill up the thirst meter while not being in the vicinity of any fresh water source?

The answer is to find and eat Yarrow Flowers and Berries. Both of them can be found randomly at different places. In contrast to the water, these will not fill up the meter significantly. Rather they are going to remove a little amount of thirst and you cannot rely on them for long.

Yarrow Flowers and Berries are the Water Alternatives
Eating Yarrow Flowers will get you hydrated (Image Credits: WoW Quests)

Yarrow Flowers can be found easily near coastal areas. These White color flowers can be eaten and stored in the inventory as well. This implies that you can carry them up while playing and use them in emergencies to fill up the thirst meter and ultimately earning you some time to find a reliable water source.

Yarrow Flowers are not as good as fresh water sources but are far better than berries. With that being said, the main sources of getting water are explained. In addition to it, some means allow you to collect water in the game as well.

How to Collect Water In Sons of the Forest

Along with the water sources, there are ways to collect and store water in the Sons of the Forest as well. Here are the ways commonly used for this purpose:

  • Turtle Shell
  • Flask

How to get Turtle Shell

A turtle shell, having a cavity in it can be used to collect and store water in the game. They can be placed at various spots throughout the map and will be able to store water.

To get one, you need to visit the shore and kill a big turtle. Ordinary turtles are not good for the job because they will only provide meat, not the shell. So make sure to hunt a huge one and pick up its shell.

The Demerit of using a Turtle shell is its fixed location. You cannot carry them, so it is advisable to place them near your base so you don’t have to travel much to collect rainwater stored in them.

How to 3D Print a Water Flask

An interesting feature of the game is the availability of 3D printers that allows you to print some custom products. These printers are placed at designated places on the map, shown with a green marker on the GPS module.

To make any product out of it, you need resin that works as the base material for printing the product. You can find Resin while exploring the map.

Water Flask to store water for remote usage
3D Printed Water Flask to hold water for usage while being away from freshwater streams (Image Credits: WoW Quests)

By using the 3D printer, you can also print a Flask out of it. It will cost you around 100 ml of resin to print it. Printing a flask will allow you to fill it with water from the streams and you can also carry it anywhere you want.

One thing to note here is that you cannot carry more than one flask with you. So printing multiple to carry more water is just a waste of resin.


With that being said, the most crucial thing in Sons of the Forest is to find and collect resources to survive. All these ways to find and store water are helpful in achieving the ultimate aim of surviving in the jungle of the isolated island. Furthermore, if you are interested in other related tips for survival in Sons of the Forst such as where to find a rebreather, don’t forget to pay a visit to our webpage.

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