How To Get Water In Sons of the Forest [Step-By-Step]

All possible ways to get water in Sons of the Forest. The guide covers everything from finding Freshwater streams to 3D printing Water Flasks.

How to get water in Sons of the Forest
Guide regarding ways to get and collect water in Sons of the Forest

Finding water sources is not a hard job in the game, but having one of them in the close vicinity when you need it is the tricky part. This implies that only finding the water sources will not do the job; instead, there must be a way to store water to fill up your thirst while being distanced from the water sources.

Key Takeaways

  • Freshwater streams and ponds are the best and most reliable source of getting hydrated.
  • Water streams can be found easily using the GPS by hitting the ‘M‘ key.
  • To drink water from a stream or a pond, the protagonist must not hold any equipment in their hands.
  • Eating Yarrow Flowers and Berries also improves the thirst meter.
  • Kill a big-sized turtle to get its shell for storing rainwater.
  • 3D printed Water Flask can be used to store water, and the protagonist can carry it.
  • It costs 100 resin to 3D print a Water Flask.

Here are some of the main sources of water in Sons of The Forest:

  • Fresh Water Streams
  • Yarrow Flowers
  • Energy Drinks
  • Berries

How To Get Water In The Beginning

  1. At the beginning of the game, near the crash site, you will find numerous suitcases lying around.
  2. Many of them have drinks stored inside them.
  3. Searching through these suitcases and consuming these drinks will help you lower your thirst in the initial stages of the game.
  4. These drinks will fill the thirst meter a bit, but you can’t rely on them for long.
  5. That’s why you must start searching for reliable water sources before becoming faint due to thirst.

Where To Find Freshwater Streams

Freshwater streams and ponds are reliable sources of water to quench your thirst. Here’s how to find and drink water:

  1. Use your GPS module by pressing the M key.
  2. Look for small blue channels on the screen representing streams and ponds.
  3. Zoom in or out to help locate a water source.
  4. Once you’ve found one, get into the water stream and crouch.
  5. Press the E key to drink the water.

Remember not to hold weapons or equipment while trying to drink from a stream or pond, as this may prevent the option from appearing. Also, avoid drinking from the ocean, as the game only allows you to fill your thirst meter with fresh water.

How to get water from Freshwater stream using GPS
Freshwater stream location using GPS 

Eating Yarrow Flowers & Berries To Get Hydrated

If you don’t have access to a freshwater stream, I recommend temporarily quenching your thirst by eating Yarrow Flowers and Berries. Here’s how to find and use these items:

  1. Yarrow Flowers: These white flowers can be found near coastal areas. Eating Yarrow Flowers will provide a small amount of hydration. You can also carry them in your inventory for emergencies when you can’t find a water source.

  2. Berries: Berries are another option to alleviate your thirst temporarily. They are less effective than Yarrow Flowers or freshwater sources for hydrating your character.

While Yarrow Flowers and Berries can help you manage your thirst in a pinch, finding a reliable water source, like freshwater streams and ponds, is essential for long-term hydration.

Some methods in the game allow you to collect water, providing a more sustainable way to stay hydrated.

Yarrow Flowers and Berries are the Water Alternatives
Eating Yarrow Flowers will get you hydrated 

How To Collect Water 

Along with the water sources, there are ways to collect and store water in the Sons of the Forest. Here are the ways commonly used for this purpose:

  • Turtle Shell
  • Flask

You can use a turtle shell to collect and store water. Below, I will explain how to collect water using a Turtle shell.

  1. Hunt a Large Turtle: To get a turtle shell, you must find and kill a large turtle along the shorelines. Ordinary turtles won’t provide you with a shell, so target a larger one.

  2. Collect the Shell: Once you’ve successfully killed a large turtle, you can pick up its shell. The shell will have a cavity that can be used to store water.

  3. Place the Shell: After getting a turtle shell, you cannot carry it in your inventory. Instead, you need to place it at a suitable location near your base or wherever you plan to collect rainwater.

  4. Collect Rainwater: When it rains in the game, the turtle shell will fill with rainwater automatically. You can then interact with the shell to drink from it and quench your thirst.

I should let you know that turtle shell has a fixed location and cannot be carried around. It’s essential to strategically place them near areas where you expect rainfall so that you can easily access the stored water when needed.

An interesting feature of the game is the availability of 3D printers that allow you to print custom products.

Here’s how you can use them:

  1. Locate a 3D Printer: 3D printers are placed at designated locations on the map and can be found using your GPS module, marked with a green icon.

  2. Gather Resin: To use the 3D printer, you’ll need resin as the base material. You can find resin while exploring the game world.

  3. Access the 3D Printer: Interact with the 3D printer to access its interface.

  4. Choose Your Product: Inside the 3D printer interface, you can select different products to create. Choose the product you want to print.

  5. Use Resin: Printing a product consumes resin as the building material. Make sure you have enough resin in your inventory to proceed.

  6. Print Your Product: Confirm your selection and the 3D printer will create your chosen product. It will cost you a specific amount of resin to complete the process.

Water Flask to store water for remote usage
3D Printed Water Flask to hold water for usage while being away from freshwater streams (Image Credits: WoW Quests)

By using the 3D printer, you can also print a Flask out of it. It will cost you around 100 ml of resin to print it. Printing a flask will allow you to fill it with water from the streams and carry it anywhere.

One thing to note is that you cannot carry more than one flask. So, printing multiple to carry more water is just a resin waste.

My Recommendation For Collecting Water

I will advise you to utilize the 3D printer for multiple flasks so you can bring enough resources to survive. Sons of the Forest does an excellent job of enhancing the players’ experience with critical survival situations. That is why you have multiple options that best fit your game playthrough. 

Apart from that, always avoid ocean water as it will not aid in filling the thirst meter of your character. If you have more queries, share them in the comments section below. 

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