How To Heal In God of War Ragnarok [With Images]

All methods of healing Kratos in God of War Ragnarok explained in detail in this article

God of War Ragnarok Healing
Here is how you can heal Kratos and increase his maximum health

Kratos can brutally annihilate his opponents but he has an Achilles heel: his health. God of War Ragnarok teems of bloodshed and battles hence, Kratos is always indulged in fights. This requires to constantly heal him so he is ready to take on battles.

Key Takeaways

  • Kratos utilizes Healthstones to heal himself, dropped by the enemies.
  • Spartan Rages are superior to Healthstones because you can avail of them anytime.
  • You can improve your maximum health by attaining the Indunn Apple.
  • Healthstones in the squirrel can be unlocked by conquering campaign missions.
  • Compared to the Valor mode, the Fury mode helps players more.

To bring your enemies to their heels, you must get yourself healed first.

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With over 20+ hours of experience in God of War Ragnarok, I can confidently aid you with my strategies for healing your character easily. 


Kratos engages in fights, small and big. After obliterating and slashing the enemy to pieces, the enemy drops some Healthstones that can be used by Kratos to heal himself – the Healthstones are visually green orbs.

The Healthstones or orbs are also dropped when any boxes or crates are destroyed.

The green orbs are collected by going near the orbs and shattering them. This way Kratos’s health recovers, depending on the size of the orb gathered.

The stronger enemies give off better orbs i.e., the orbs that increase the health more, whereas the weaker enemies drop off orbs that fractionally increase the health.

Healthstones to heal God of War Ragnarok
Collecting Healthstones to heal Kratos

It is up to the player when he decides to collect those orbs. The orbs can be collected either immediately after killing the enemy or if more than one enemy is handled, the orbs can be periodically collected based on the health requirement.

Ideally, you should collect orbs as and when required. In fighting battles, don’t derail your focus from wiping out the enemies by collecting orbs since that further decreases your health and wastes the orbs collected.

Also, do not be super engaged in battles where you forget about your health and get knocked out by the enemy.

Spartan Rage Modes

There are 2 Spartan Rage modes that can be used in God of War Ragnarok to heal Kratos. You can either use the Spartan Rage to enter a Fury mode or a Valor mode.

Activating the Fury mode empowers Kratos to dish out heavier melee blows and heal himself for every blow he dishes to the enemy.

Around 25% of Kratos’s health can be recovered if the player does severe melee attacks thus making full use of the Fury mode.

Spartan Rage mode of Kratos
Activating Spartan Rage mode of Kratos

The other Spartan Rage mode is the Valor mode. Activating the Valor mode requires a good proportion of the Spartan Rage and gives proportionally less health in return.

Spartan Rages are better than Healthstones in a way that they can be used anytime, provided the Spartan Rage meter isn’t empty.

However, the healing they provide is relatively lesser than the healing of Healthstones. Therefore, care should be exercised while using the Spartan Rage – it is not available all the time.

Ideally, Spartan Rage should be reserved for boss battles. Defeating bosses requires huge health that can be provided by the Rage. Also, bosses do not consistently support Kratos by dropping Healthstones so the Spartan Rage meter has to be full so Kratos can heal himself with it.

Increasing Maximum Health

Apart from healing them constantly, players can look to increase their maximum health. So, there is less healing required now and then. This can be achieved by getting the Indunn Apple.

Idunn Apple Discovery Photo
Discovering Idunn Apple to increase health

The Indunn Apple can be found by opening the nine chests spread across the nine realms. There is also a Hord of Blood Mead in the chest alongside the Apple, which increases the Spartan Rage meter.

Find Health

Health can be bought or discovered. There are certain armor sets, weaponry, and Amulet modifications that can increment your health visually or provide healing. You can get such equipment by undertaking missions.

Giptumadr’s Gauntlets & Waist Guards

These increase your odds of an enemy dropping a Healthstone or a Ragestone by 10% and 20% respectively. You need to hit the enemy with a Runic attack or a Relic. This is unlocked by the blacksmith automatically, but you have to craft it to use it.

Bitter Squirrel Runic Summon

Bitter Squirrel God of War Ragnarok
Conversing with bitter squirrel

This brings in a squirrel that brings you a Healthstone. It is unlocked by completing campaign missions. When the player enters The Frozen Caverns, he continues until he has to drop from the ice ledge. Towards the right after swinging across the chasm, a legendary chest contains this feature.

My Tips And Recommendations

Early on in your game, your best hope of healing is Healthstones. The Healthstones should be used efficiently and mindfully, instead of gathering them hurriedly. But since their efficacy to heal is limited, have your Spartan Rage meter full.

The Spartan Rage will heal best when in a battle with seriously threatening enemies such as in boss battles. Since the Fury mode facilitates a player more than the Valor mode, more Rage should be spent on it. Care must be done by using the Spartan Rage meter.

Finally, players must prepare them beforehand to go into battles by unlocking the maximum potential of their health by completing the missions described above.

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