How To Parry In Sonic Frontiers [Full Guide]

There are different techniques and skills you can use to play at an advantage. Moves such as the Parry, Dodge, and Attack, allow your character to deal powerful blows to the enemies!

How To Parry In Sonic Frontiers

You all had this particular question in mind when you clicked on my “How To Parry In Sonic Frontiers” guide. However, before we start, you need to know that parrying is not so hard in Sonic Frontiers in fact, it is as simple as it can get!

Without wasting any time, let us hop right into the guide and ensure that you people don’t die very often!

Key Takeaways

  • To Parry in Sonic Frontiers, players need to press the L and R buttons on their Nintendo Switch Console.
  • Parrying is as simple as it can get; you might even be familiar with the concept if you’ve played Elden Ring and other Souls games. However, I might add that it is not complicated as you’ve seen in other games.
  • Parrying allows Sonic to block enemy attacks.
  • If you hold the dodge buttons, you’ll see your character go into a defensive stance.
  • To make things simpler, you won’t need to time your parry, as holding the dodge buttons will be enough for Sonic to perform a Parry Attack.
  • The Parrying system in Sonic Frontiers will always prevent your character from any damage.

How To Parry In Sonic Frontiers

Defensive Stance
Sonic will go into a Defensive Stance when you hold down the Dodge Buttons!

Sonic is our favorite speedster, and as you all know, his attributes are his incredible speed and agility. In Sonic Frontiers, your enemies will be the cybernetic Guardians, and they will not hold back their punches! Therefore, you need to learn how to dodge their attacks.

A successful Parry will look like this in the above image!

The simple and foremost easiest method is to Parry. You can hold down the L and R buttons on your Nintendo Switch Console to perform a Parry. While you’re in a defensive stance, Sonic will automatically parry incoming attacks; this means, you won’t have to time your parry at all!

For instance, let’s suppose Sonic is facing two or three enemies. Due to how fast the game is, you won’t have enough time to think and might make mistakes and lose your rings.

Scattered Rings
Sonic will lose rings if he gets attacked by enemies!

The story behind losing rings is that when your character (which is Sonic) is hit by an enemy attack, he’ll lose rings that will scatter around the playing field. When you have a maximum number of rings sonic will gain a speed boost. However, losing them will make you lose your speed boost. And what could be the worst way to lose rings? Getting hit by enemy attacks of course!

After a successful Parry, Sonic can engage in a perfect Counterattack!

Evidently, you can avoid that by parrying. It will also allow Sonic to counterattack and deal immense damage to the Guardians or his adversaries. The defensive stance is highly effective if you hold down the dodge buttons unless you stop, enabling you to dodge and throw a hard blow!

It can be associated with an impenetrable wall that prevents Sonic from taking any damage whatsoever. Heck, you don’t even need to practice the move!

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How To Dodge In Sonic Frontiers

Dodging can help you get out of sticky situations!

Apart from parrying, your character can also dodge enemy attacks without counterattacks. When it comes to dodging in Sonic Frontiers, there are two types of dodge moves;

  • Evade
  • Cartwheel Dodge

There is also one thing you need to learn about the fighting mechanism in Sonic Frontiers. The auto lock features will allow Sonic to target a single enemy instead of mixing his attacks with different enemies.

What I mean by that is, you can lock on a certain enemy and focus all your attacks on him. To lock on an enemy, you need to press the Right Analog Stick on your Nintendo Switch. If it doesn’t work, your settings may be different, so try pressing the Y button!

Let us talk about the types of Dodge in Sonic Frontiers. To evade, you only need to press the L or R bumper. It will allow Sonic to move swiftly in the intended direction. However, it will only work when you’ve locked onto your enemy.

To perform a Cartwheel Dodge, you need to press the L or R bumpers. The dodge will only work if Sonic is standing still and not moving around the plain. Evading and Cartwheel Dodge can prevent Sonic from serious harm. Therefore, you must ensure you learn these moves and use them in your fight against Cybernetic enemies!

If players are uncertain about the controls or buttons they may need to press in order to successfully perform a Parry, Evade, or Cartwheel Dodge, I have mentioned the keys and buttons for different Consoles, such as Xbox and PC.

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Controls For Xbox

Xbox Controller

If you’re playing Sonic Frontiers on an Xbox, here are the following buttons you need to press to perform certain moves;

  • Hold down or press the LB and RB buttons on your Xbox to perform a Parry.
  • To lock on an enemy, do the following actions; Down + Thumbstick.
  • After you parry, press the X Button to perform a counterattack.
  • To Evade or perform a Cartwheel Dodge, press the LB or RB Buttons.

Controls For PC

Keynotes for PC.
  • Hold down or press the Q and E Keynotes to perform a Parry.
  • To lock on an enemy, press the C keynote on your keyboard.
  • After you parry, press the Left Mouse Button to perform a counterattack.
  • To Evade or perform a Cartwheel Dodge, press the Q or E Keynotes.

Controls For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Controls for Nintendo Switch.
  • Hold down or press the L and R Buttons to perform a Parry.
  • To lock on an enemy, press the R Analog Stick on your keyboard.
  • After you parry, press the A Button to perform a counterattack.
  • To Evade or perform a Cartwheel Dodge, press the L or R buttons.

Please note, you might have to look into your controls before performing any of the above-mentioned moves. I say this because not all consoles are configured in the exact same way, so if your moves are not working, you might want to look into your controls!

With that said, I end my “How To Parry In Sonic Frontiers” guide and hope that the majority of the players were able to learn what they needed in order to enjoy the game and defeat enemies!

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