How To Play FIFA 23 Online [With Images]

Here is how you can play multiplayer experience for Fifa 23.

FIFA 23 Online
Play FIFA 23 Online Guide

The FIFA 23 is finally here and is on the trend among football fans. But the question is how you can play FIFA 23 online. Well, we have got your back. Our guide will answer all your related questions and will surely remove all the doubts.

You can enjoy the game in many ways you can show up as a random player and mark the victory or can play with your friends to double the fun. There are also many new additions that have been made in FIFA 23.

Key Points

  • FIFA 23 is a simulation video game with tons of exciting and new features.
  • This game has several playing modes, such as you can play FIFA 23 online either with friends or with random opponents or solo.
  • Through this guide, you can add your friends on any gaming platform where you own a copy of the game.

Getting Started With FIFA 23

Things that are required to get started are:

An internet connection, a good one, so it may not interrupt your matches. If you are on PlayStation console, then a subscription to PlayStation Plus is required. Otherwise, If you want to play FIFA 23 online on PC, you must have an EA subscription or the game purchased in your origin account.

Play With Random Players

Now let’s move to the steps through which you can play FIFA 23 online.

Matching with Random Players
Play With Random Players (Image Credits: WebPro Education)
  1. Open the game, and on the home screen, you can see sections at the bottom.
  2. Now “Click” on ‘Play Modes’.
  3. Further in play modes, you can see more options and now go for ‘Seasons’. Players can have online matches with random people during the seasons.
  4. Select the ‘Play Match’, written on the top. The number of players online will also be visible to you.
  5. Move to the next step, which is search. With this, you can look for your opponents.
  6. Also, there are the Change team and kit settings. Open it to make changes. First, select the team you want to play with, and to do so, select any country per your desire. Then change the club. As you know that FIFA 23 has introduced the Women’s team, so you can also select it.
  7. After selecting the team, choose the kit. There is a wide range of kits available so opt for the one accordingly.
  8. Furthermore, one can customize the team. Select and alter the team’s formation, roles, tactics, and instructions. Do this before the beginning of the match so things can go properly.
  9. Go to the main page again, and now in the last, there are matchmaking settings. Here you can do changes in controls, club quality matching, club type, and guests.
  10. On completing and changing settings on your preferences, you can now go back and start searching to play FIFA 23 online with random opponents.
  11. The match will start after some time. It will be a random friendly game. You get to play with players with the same rank as yours; that’s how ranking in FIFA works.

Play FIFA 23 Online With Friends

To Play FIFA 23 online friendlies or with your friends, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps.

FIFA 23 With Friends
Play FIFA 23 Online With Friends (Image Credits: BR Plays)
Play With Friends
Invite Friends
  1. Start FIFA 23 on a PC or console.
  2. Go to the ‘Quickplay modes’ through the Play modes available in the game’s main menu.
  3. As you select it, the new menu page will appear with new sections. Now here, select the Online Friendlies option. 
  4. Wait for some time, and then you can see the New Friendly Season option there.
  5. By clicking it, you will be able to see both your offline and online friends that exist in your friend list.
  6. Afterwards, select any of them with whom you want to play FIFA 23 online.
  7. You can also select any team or club and change team settings before starting the match.

For Xbox And PlayStation

In the case of Xbox and PlayStation, you need to follow this method

PSP and Xbox
For Xbox and PlayStation (Image Credits: Vicky’s Blog)
  1. First of all, enable your cross-play. Go to the Social settings and it is the third option.
  2. Tap cross-play, then select the cross-play settings. Change the cross-play enabled to yes.
  3. Move back to the menu and tap the ‘Play Modes’.
  4. You get to see the ‘Ultimate Team. To complete certain setups, the download of data takes place.
  5. On the top, there is a ‘Play’ section just between the Home and Club ones.
  6. Hit it, and among the options given at the bottom, you can search for ‘Friendlies’.
  7. The ways to play will pop up, and you can select the type of playing mode. Whether it’s Couch play: it is for local multiplayer play, and you can add multiple controllers, play online with random players or Play with a friend.
  8. Tap ‘Play a friend, and your friend list will be visible to you.
  9. You can even play Co-op or Solo mode, it’s all up to your choice.

How To Add Friends

Adding friends method is different for the various gaming platforms. To make it easy for you, we have listed each of them separately so you can opt for the one according to your device or gaming setup.

Open the main menu; for PS, press R2 and ZR on Switch, and on Xbox, press RT. You can see the online friends, and if there is no friend, then type the name in search and invite them. In case of facing issues in inviting friends, then you can follow the more ways explained below.


  1. Make a sign-in to Origin if you have FIFA 23 on it and then select ‘Friends’.
  2. Then enter your friend’s EA ID and email in the search friend area.
  3. View their id by clicking on the given option and then send a request.


  1. Begin your PlayStation console and search for the ‘Friends’ option by scrolling up.
  2. Write their ID or name in the search area, and after finding the profile, add them by clicking on the + mark.


  1. Open the Friends Menu by pressing RT.
  2. Select the ‘Friends Tab’ and then click on ‘Find Someone’, scroll down a bit to get there.
  3. Type the name and add them.

Nintendo Switch

  1. Open the home screen and then go to the game user icon.
  2. Select the adding friend option here to add your friends. You can search by using the friend code or locally.


This guide is developed to help you acknowledge the right methods to play FIFA 23 online. Now we conclude our guide and expect it has been beneficial and worth reading for you. If you liked our work, then share it with your pals who are FIFA fans. See you soon with a new article.

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