Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Shield Surf [With Images]

Learn how to perform the neat shield surfing trick in all new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom
Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom

Shield surfing is not a unique feature. This is why players can utilize it from the start of the game. The only major requirement that is well implied in the name is that your character must own a shield. 

All you need to do is find a shield early in the game, and you will be all set to execute the shield surfing in Tears of the Kingdom. Shields are scattered around the map and are also dropped by enemies during the campaign. However, the most important aspect you need to consider is using a specific shield for surfing. 

Since your equipment can take damage and wear out with time, you might only want to use a specific shield that is either a spare in the inventory or a duplicate. It is highly recommended to avoid using the high-tier shields as these will come in handy in later stages of the game’s campaign. 

Key Takeaways

To perform efficient shield surfing, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your character has a shield equipped.
  2. Find a suitable slope in the game’s landscape.
  3. Open your inventory by pressing the + button.
  4. Select the shield you want to use for surfing.
  5. Press ZL to equip the selected shield.
  6. While holding ZL, simultaneously press X and A. This will initiate Link’s shield surfing.

Here are some additional expert tips:

  • Shield surfing is a valuable way to travel across the map quickly.
  • Keep in mind that shield surfing can gradually damage your shield.
  • Consider using weaker or duplicate shields for surfing to preserve your valuable shields for combat.
  • Monitor your shield’s durability, as it can wear out, especially on rough terrain.
  • I strongly recommend enhancing the shield’s durability by upgrading it using Fuse Abilities. This will make your shield more resilient during shield surfing adventures.

About The Author

With several hours into the game(my ID: Panther), I am confident to share my tips for Shield Surfing. 

Keybinds For Shield Surf

Now that you have the shield, the next step is to find a good slope landscape to initiate surfing. Access the inventory to equip a shield of your choice and follow the steps to perform the Shield surf. 

  1. Press the + button to use the inventory section and find a shield you want to use for surfing. 
  2. Press ZL to Equip a shield of your choice. 
  3. While holding down ZL, press the X, and A buttons. 
  4. Your character will initiate the shield surfing down the slope as soon as you perform the combination. 
Preparing to Shield Surf
Preparing to Shield Surf – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming
Keybinds for Shield Surfing
Keybinds for Shield Surfing – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Now, you must control your character around the slope by avoiding obstacles and navigating wherever you want. 

Tips & Tricks For Shield Surfing

  • Just because you are using any shield for surfing does not mean it will not take damage and wear out with time.
  • Using alternative and already broken shields for surfing is highly recommended to ensure that your character always has a good resource on hand during combat. 
  • A broken shield is also risky, as, during surfing, it can push off Link, thus resulting in colossal fall damage. 
  • While horses are to mount in Tears of the Kingdom, shield surfing is also a quick approach to traverse the map. Make sure to utilize it wisely to manage the resources and keep a safe side from taking damage. 
  • Players can also upgrade their shields to increase their durability during surfing. For that instance, you can utilize the Fuse Abilities to upgrade your shield and increase its surfing ability. 

My Opinion On Shield Surfing

Shield Surfing is inefficient, but you can easily use it for different landscapes if upgraded correctly. In the end, the efficiency of surfing depends on the landscape you use.

For instance, I used a shield on grass for most of my playthrough and encountered no problems. That is why I recommend Fuse upgrading your shields regularly. The concrete landscapes will surely break down the shield over time as a neat attention to detail in the game. 

But still, it is always an extremely crucial aspect to learn and utilize in the game. That is about it for our guide on shield surfing in Tears of the Kingdom. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. 

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