How To Unlock Draupnir Spear In God Of War Ragnarok

The legendary Draupnir Spear is forged to kill a god!

God of War Ragnarok Spear

Draupnir is a God of War Ragnarok Spear, which is obtainable by clearing the main storyline. Aside from other weapons such as Blades and Axes, the Draupnir Spear is a close and mid-range weapon, and if used well, can throw devastating damage.

Are you not familiar with the other two weapons? Come on, guys! It’s the Legendary Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe! And the Draupnir Spear is the new addition to the weapons wielded by Kratos.

Forging Destiny
Kratos will have to repair the switch for the Bell to take him underwater!

To unlock Draupnir Spear, you will need to complete the “Forging Destiny” quest, which, by the way, will take some time to reach. But considering you’re a true God of War fan, it will be an easier task for you to finish hours of gameplay.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Draupnir Spear is unlocked In God Of War Ragnarok during the Forging Destiny quest.
  • It is a close and mid-range weapon.
  • You’ll need to be at the Svartalfheim Realm.
  • You can throw the Spear at enemies and make it explode at will.

God Of War Ragnarok Spear

Faulty Switch
You will need to repair the switch!

When you start the quest, Kratos will try to activate the bell. However, it will need a switch which you’ll have to repair. To do that, you must first find a silver material for Brok. Stand in front of the bell, turn your face away from it and look for a piece of rock.

Silver Material
The rock will be on the left side of the broken wood!

You’ll need to go near it and use your axe to chop off the silver material. Press R2 on your Playstation Controller to chop it off. Take that material and give it to Brok.

Bronze Material
These rocks will be next to each other and you’ll be able to find them easily!

Once you’ve handed him the silver material, he’ll ask for a bronze material near the same busted-up wood. Walk toward it and press R2 to chop it off.

Bring it to Brok, and he’ll forge a weapon to activate the switch. The bell will take you to the bottom of the ocean, where you’ll meet a mermaid lady. She is the one who’ll forge the Draupnir Spear for you!

Blood of a God
The mermaid lady takes the blood of Kratos for the Spear!

Hand her the bag from Brok, which contains the parts needed to forge the Spear. The last part she’ll need is the blood of a god, to which Kratos will respond by putting his hand out for the mermaid lady.

Forging The Draupnir Spear
Now, the Spear needs the blessings of Brok; the Blacksmith!

Watch the magic as she creates the Spear! And that is how you’ll obtain the Draupnir Spear in God of War Ragnarok.

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Attributes Of The Spear

The Spear can be transformed into a ring!

The Spear takes the form of a ring that Kratos wears on his right finger. It can be summoned from there. To equip the Spear and use it in combat, press the Down button on your Playstation Controller.

Draupnir Spear Skills
The Spear features Techniques, Ranged, and Melee attacks!

Players can use the Spear in close and mid-range combat. And it also produces Unlimited Spears if you throw it rapidly by pressing the L2 and R1 buttons. Once thrown, Kratos can make them explode to create a devastating explosion that will deal enormous damage to multiple enemies!

Draupnir's Call
Draupnir’s Call will allow Kratos to detonate the Spears!

Now that we have obtained the legendary Draupnir Spear, used to kill a god, you can journey across the nine realms and whittle down enemies with ease! Remember that the three weapons you have in your arsenal do not share cooldowns for each ability Kratos has. Therefore, the best method to utilize them would be to swap the weapons from time to time.

Final Words

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