How To Unlock Gold Camo In MW2 [SOLVED]

The Gold Camo is the best way to have bragging rights, here's how to unlock it.

Unlocking one of the flashiest camo options, explained.

The Gold Camo is a classic cosmetic in the series that can be used in all your guns, making its return in Modern Warfare 2. Leveling up your weapons has always been a staple of Call of Duty’s Multiplayer, and Modern Warfare 2 is no different. As you master a weapon, special camos are unlocked, one of the early ones being the gold camo. This guide acts as a comprehensive breakdown of how to unlock the gold camo for your weapons in MW2.

Key Takeaways

  • Gold Camos are a staple of the cosmetic items in the Call of duty series. They are no different here in MW2(2022).
  • The process of unlocking gold camos has been significantly changed as compared to previous entries in the series.
  • Camos for weapons have now been separated into different types, where each type requires challenges to be completed for unlocking.
  • Most of these challenges require killing enemies in different ways.

With this weapon skin, you’ll show other players how much you have used a specific gun during your time in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. This is because every camo requires you to do some grinding. It’s always about killing enemies but in different ways. You will need to play many matches before acquiring this particular camo.

How To Unlock The Gold Camo in MW2

In Modern Warfare 2, weapon camos are separated into two different types:

  • Universal camos.
  • And Completionist camos.

The Completionist camo type has four tiers: Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion. Gold camo is one of these tiers. While Completionist camos are only accessible for the specific weapon you achieved them with, Universal camos may be used for any weapon after you’ve acquired them. Therefore, if you have only unlocked gold camouflage for the Kastov Weapon Platform, it is only usable with that platform.

In Modern Warfare 2, the process to acquire Gold camo for your weapons has been significantly changed, and if you concentrate on one particular weapon at a time, unlocking it should really be relatively simple. Enter the Loadout area by going to the Multiplayer’s Weapons tab.

Tab up on the weapon to enter the Gunsmith once you’ve chosen the loadout including the weapon you want the Gold camo for.

Gunsmith in MW2 – Image Captured By Us.

You’ll see a second area on the left called Weapon Mastery if you switch to the Customize tab. There are 4 squares there, and once you finish the corresponding challenges, each one shows a new camouflage pattern. You will receive the four camo patterns and the gold camo for that weapon if you successfully complete all four of these challenges.

For the Gold camo, you must complete all of a weapon’s Camo Challenges to unlock the weapon’s Gold Mastery Camo Challenge. Generally, this is the list of all Universal Camo Challenges:


How To Unlock

Camo Challenges for Assault Rifles            Get 50 Kills

Get 10 Double Kills

Get 50 ADS Kills

Get 15 Kills from Behind

Camo Challenges for SMGs          Get 50 Kills

Get 50 ADS Kills

Camo Challenges for Marksman Rifles     Get 50 Kills

Get 30 Kills while crouched

Gold Mastery Camo Challenge   Get a certain number of kills without dying a certain number of times

The M4 is a weapon you will have immediate access to, so if you want the gold camo for it. Here are the challenges you’ll need to complete to get the camo:

  • Get 50 Kills with the M4 – Unlocks the Scales Camo
  • Get 50 Kills while ADS with the M4 – Unlocks the Desert Hybrid Camo
  • Get 10 Double Kills with the M4 – Unlocks the Dark Leaves Camo
  • Get 15 Kills from behind with the M4 – Unlocks the Urban Renewal Camo
  • Get 3 Kills without dying 10 times with the M4 – Unlocks the Gold Camo
Gold Camo for the M4 – Image Captured By Us.

Now, if you want to unlock the other completionist camo’s, it gets worse:

  • Platinum Mastery Camo Challenge will be available after you have unlocked the Gold camo for 51 weapons
  • Polyatomic Mastery Camo Challenge will be unlocked once you’ve gotten 51 Platinum camos.
  • And as you can expect, the Orion Mastery Camo Challenge is locked behind 51 Polyatomic skins.

The 51 weapons mentioned above indicate that, as of right now, all weapons included in the original game, excluding any upcoming updates, need you to acquire the Completionist camo type. However, after new weapons are dropped, you will be able to skip some weapons in order to complete the Mastery Challenges as long as you have 51 Completionist skins for all of your weapons.

Tips For Completing Gold Camo Challenges 

You can level up the weapon you want and complete its challenges in basically every online mode available (this also includes the co-op missions). Killing both real players and bots counts as long as you complete the challenges.

Double XP tokens will help out a lot in leveling up your weapons, which will duplicate all the experience points you win in a certain amount of time.

Playing online modes with no goals other than just killing enemies is another helpful suggestion—for instance, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, and Free-For-All. Here, your sole goal is to eliminate people so that you may level up your weapon and accomplish objectives.

The easiest multiplayer mode for unlocking any Gold Camo, however, is Invasion. In this mode, you fight against an army of both real-life players and enemy bots. The bots are usually easier to defeat, and they aren’t as dangerous to you. Play a couple of matches here and you’ll unlock the desired Gold Camo in the quickest way possible.

That’s it for our guide on how to unlock the gold camo in MW2, please do check more of our guides on COD MW2 here. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is out now on PC through Steam and, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

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