How Valorant On Consoles Changes The Meta

Valorant invades consoles, aiming to reshape the meta with controller-driven tactics.

Valorant on Console
Valorant on Console

Valorant has become one of the FPS giants in the current landscape. With their very own Esports League and millions of fans around the globe, the shooter has cemented itself in the culture. However, ever since its release, the game has only been PC-exclusive. We did hear the chatter about the Valorant Mobile game, but there hasn’t been any confirmed news.

Key Takeaways
  • Valorant, a popular hero shooter on PC, is coming to consoles.
  • This will introduce a new wave of players accustomed to controller aiming.
  • The console meta is expected to focus on close-quarters combat and abilities due to controller limitations.
  • There will likely be no cross-play between PC and console to maintain a fair playing field.
  • Developers are allowing players to seamlessly switch their accounts between PC and console versions.

In a surprise move, the developers at Riot Games announced Valorant’s Console version. Even though the console players had been looking forward to this for years, they did not expect this so soon.

This console release promises to shake up the established meta, potentially impacting gameplay, agent selection, and the overall competitive landscape.

Your Everyday Hero Shooter

Valorant Gameplay
Valorant Gameplay

I have never been that big fan of Overwatch, so Valorant was my first Hero Shooter with abilities. I do understand that Team Fortress 2 may be the first ability shooter part of the mainstream culture. Even though I love TF2, that game has been dead forever, and what better than Valorant to fill in the hole? 

At its core, Valorant is a team-based shooter that prioritizes precise aim and tactical thinking. Unlike hero shooters with auto-fire mechanics, Valorant emphasizes gunplay mastery.

Recoil patterns, bullet spread, and spray control are paramount to success. This high skill ceiling creates a rewarding experience for players who dedicate time to honing their mechanics.

Upon its release, the game was marketed as Counter-Strike meets Overwatch. There may be some truth to that, but, Valorant has been quite successful in carving out their own identity. The gameplay is incredibly addictive and requires actual skill to master.

New Map Abyss
New Map Abyss

Imagine you not only have to master the basics like your aim, and spray control, but you also have to keep in mind 20+ agents each with their unique set of abilities.

It can be a lot in the start and could overwhelm new players. However, once you get in the groove there is nothing more fun than a competitive game with your friends.

The competitive scene in Valorant thrives on this delicate balance. Teams meticulously strategize agent compositions to counter enemy picks, utilize abilities for coordinated executes, and exploit map layouts for tactical advantages.

Next Stop, Consoles!

Console Release Now In Beta
Console Release Now In Beta

This evolution of Valorant from PC to consoles feels like the natural next step. I mean they have conquered the player base on PC and it is about time console players got to try for themselves.

The arrival of Valorant on consoles signifies a significant shift in the game’s player base. The console version will soon enter its Open Beta, with a global release soon after.

Console FPS players, accustomed to controller-based aiming, will bring a different approach to the game. While aim assist might be implemented to some degree, it’s unlikely to replicate the pinpoint accuracy achievable with a mouse and keyboard. This will likely lead to a new meta focused on playstyles that capitalize on controller strengths.

We will see some crazy agent movement in Valorant on controllers. Fights will be pushed to closer quarters, similar to what we see in Rainbow Six Siege.  Shotguns are about to get insanely popular, as console players favor fighting closely and swinging quick corners.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

I do not think there would be a huge difference to the Agent Meta. However, I do think agents excelling at flashing and bringing fights up close will become popular picks.

Characters like Phoenix, who excels at flashbang entries and pushing tight corners, might become more prominent.

As of right now, the developers have announced no cross-play. This would mean two separate Valorant communities playing the game at two completely different levels. I do think this is a great decision as you aren’t pitting the long-range aim of PC players against the quick close-quarters movement of Console players.

We are about to witness a new Valorant with an emphasis on even more strategy and abilities.  

Looking Forward

Viper Ult
Viper Ult

The developers at Riot Games are letting PC players experience the Console version for themselves. They have announced that players will be able to seamlessly switch their accounts from Console to PC and vice versa. This means that players will be able to progress on PCs as well as Consoles.

You basically will have a single account that can switch between the two versions of the game. Your skin, stats, and friend list will all carry into the console game. I am not big on FPS gaming on consoles, but, as the process is so simple I would love to try it for myself.

The introduction of Valorant on the console is quite exciting news. You will finally get to see Console pros try out their luck with this game. Riot can also introduce a Masters Tournament for all the console players which would allow even more players to become part of the community.

Ultimately, the impact of Valorant on consoles hinges on Riot’s ability to adapt the game to a new control scheme while maintaining its core identity. The developer has a history of successfully balancing the game, and their approach to the console version will determine if the future holds a united Valorant community or a divided one.

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