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HUMANKIND Devs Will Offer Players Powerful Modding Capabilities

A recent official blog post on HUMANKIND‘s Steam page, tells of how AMPLITUDE Studios aims to bring powerful modding tools to the community.

The developers stated that they intend to offer Unity Engine tools that are based on the software they use themselves:
Instead of editing game data files by hand, modders will have access to a set of Unity tools based on the tools our own team uses to add content to the game.” the spokesperson said.

They continued to discuss how even the game’s A.I. will be moddable, offering modders a large degree of freedom and creativity in how they can alter core game mechanics.

The tools won’t be available on release due to the team’s current focus on polishing the base game.
They did follow up with a comprehensive list though, of the modding capabilities that will be available on launch. They are as follows:

  • Change game values, e.g. for balancing, or to change or add new content, like technologies, civics, units, or even cultures. 
  • Change localization (Names, descriptions, event texts, tooltips) 
  • Reuse existing 3D and 2D assets for your new content 
  • Import 2D UI assets for new Content 
  • Change AI code (so it can take your other modded content into account) 
  • Create fixed maps (The Map Editor will likely be a separate tool)

The developers also listed a few more features which will be available later:

  • Import 3D assets like unit models or buildings 
  • Import materials or textures 
  • Create full scenarios

The post wrapped up with a short FAQ regarding the above features.
They also called upon anyone wanting to have a go with the modding tools early to get in contact with them; modders have a chance to join the “Modding Program” which will facilitate the testing of these features.

HUMANKIND will release April 22nd, 2021. You can Pre-order the game at a great discount here (affiliate link).

Are you excited for the game? Are you interested in these powerful modding tools? Let us know below.
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