Impact of Final Fantasy 7 On The RPG Genre

This Game Has An Enduring Legacy On RPGs For Many Reasons.

Impact of Final Fantasy 7 On The RPG Genre.
Impact of Final Fantasy 7 On The RPG Genre.

With the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 5, it is essential to understand the profound impact of the original Final Fantasy VII on the RPG genre. 

Source: IGN, YouTube
Source: IGN, YouTube

Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 on PlayStation and changed the entire RPG landscape. The gaming community considered it a giant leap from pixelated to fully animated graphics. 

Source: Weiss Network TV, YouTube
Source: Weiss Network TV, YouTube

Key Takeaways

  • Final Fantasy VII introduced an emotionally resonant and compelling story in a richly detailed 3D world.
  • The game had many unique combat elements like ATB and Materia system that gave players upgrades, powerful abilities, and magical spells.
  • Final Fantasy offered a vast world to explore with side quests apart from the primary campaign.
  • Nobuo Uematsu meticulously composed the music for Final Fantasy VII, setting the mood and tone of the game. Furthermore, “Aerith’s Theme” describes the character’s backstory. “One-Winged Angel” was also composed as a background score for Sephiroth.

It wasn’t just a source of entertainment for people; it also changed how the games were made. 

A Cool Story

The Final Fantasy 7’s story was super cool and didn’t feel ordinary at all. From fighting to adventures at that time, it felt more like watching a realistic cum animated movie. 

The story takes place on a planet called Gaia and centers around Claud Strife, who joins a soldier unit called AVALANCHE. Amid fighting evils, Claud stumbles upon several discoveries that will change his life.

The story is a roller coaster ride of emotions, particularly its ending, which leaves players devasted or with mixed feelings.


The gameplay of Final Fantasy is much like controlling a group of characters while going on a battling adventure. Specifically, seven out of nine characters will be added to your party automatically, while the remaining two must be recruited through side quests.

The game also features an Active Time Battle (ATB) system, the core game mechanic for battles. The ATB has many attributes, the major one being the ability to track the actions of party members. Once a collective action is executed, the ATB gauge depletes and must be recharged. 

ATB adds an element of strategy, allowing you to use party members’ abilities effectively and making your attacks timely.

Additionally, Final Fantasy has an iconic combat system, The Materia. Materia are special orbs that give characters unique spells and powerful abilities. It can be applied to players’ character’s weapons and armor to grant new skills.

Side Quests

The game offers rewards and additional depth to the gameplay experience through side quests and mini-games. From snowboarding to Chocobo racing at Chocobo Square, players have the freedom to explore more opportunities and challenges.

Source: Pineapple Express, YouTube
Source: Pineapple Express, YouTube

Music Composition

The legendary Nobuo Uematsu used his composition skills to give Final Fantasy diverse music styles, enhancing the game’s storytelling and intensifying the atmosphere.  

Nobuo Uematsu Who Composed For The Final Fantasy Series.
Nobuo Uematsu composed music for the Final Fantasy series.

From orchestrating haunting themes to upbeat battle music, Uematsu made soundtracks an integral part of the game. Each track is composed to trigger emotions and raise bars for an immersive gameplay experience.

Uematsu sets the dramatic tone of the game, creating a sense of urgency through the central theme, “Bombing Mission.”  On the other hand, “Aerith’s Theme” was originally scored to depict the character’s tragic life story while associating an iconic piece, “One-Winged Angel“, with the game’s antagonist, Sephiroth.

Nobuo Uematsu has crafted the OSTs of Final Fantasy 7 so meticulously that most players remember it for its fantastic music.

My Take

Within the gaming industry, Final Fantasy VII has established itself as one of the most beloved games of all time, primarily due to the said reasons. From energetic music to an emotional story, it is safe to say that Final Fantasy VII emerges as the Titan of revolutionizing the RPG genre.

Final Fantasy is not just a game but a thought-provoking, excellent piece of imagination that has come to life and inspires wonders. It serves as a witness to the transformative potential of games and strong narratives.

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