The Influence of Players’ Decisions in Detroit: Become Human

How players' choices shape the world of Detroit: Become Human making them question the moral complexity of the game.

The Influence of Players' Decisions in Detroit Become Human
The Influence of Players' Decisions in Detroit Become Human

When I first saw the Detroit: Become Human trailer, I considered it another episodic adventure game like The Walking Dead series. However, my assumptions were proved wrong when Quantic Dream released Detroit: Become Human on PC.

Key Takeaways

  • Detroit: Become Human is one hell of an interactive experience that makes you question your beliefs.
  • The players take control of three android characters: Connor, Kara, and Markus. Each is strangled by the rope of a moral dilemma.

Although I was expecting a compelling narrative, I was definitely not ready for the moral complexity that awaited me. As I laid my hands on the futuristic set interactive drama mixed with the immense feelings of identity crisis, it became clear that my decisions wouldn’t just affect the story but would define it.

Connor - One of the 3 main characters
Connor – One of the three main characters

Unlike the Telltale games, where your choices don’t change the respective outcome, Detroit: Become Human is weaved with branches and subplots. Every choice I made felt like a slight drop in a big ocean. With the game’s big narrative web, your decisions send ripples through it.

Navigating The Moral Compass of Connor, Kara, and Markus

Taking control of three distinct androids, Connor, Kara, and Markus, each has their own demons to face.

*Spoilers Incoming*

Connor: Duty V/S Compassion

As an advanced android assigned to hunt down deviant androids, Connor was my first attempt to question moral ambiguity. As Connor, I constantly tried to balance my duty to hunt down deviants and my empathy for them. 

One of the earliest missions had Connor negotiating with a deviant, Daniel holding a young girl at gunpoint. The atmosphere was filled with tension, making the situation palpable. At that point, I had to make the wisest decision to stop the girl from seeing the Angel of Death.

That moment felt like a needle piercing through my gut. When I successfully saved the girl, the feeling was overwhelming, yet my mind couldn’t stop but think about what would have happened if I had acted differently. 

The Hostage Flowchart
The Hostage Flowchart

Hearing Daniel’s dying words, “You lied to me, Connor.” felt like a tight slap to reflect upon my moral standards. 

Kara’s Flight For Safety

Throughout the journey of protection and survival, Kara’s story was heartbreaking to its core. Her potential escape from the abusive household and saving Alice instantly turned into a matter of fight or flight. I found myself quickly bashing the controller buttons, keeping Todd away from Alice.

Although I had the option to run away from Todd, I chose to kill Todd instead to ensure Alice’s safety. In my later journey as Kara, my brain lingered between the thoughts of what would have happened if I had spared Todd.

Would he come after us? Would he kill both of us? I guess I will never know.

Stormy Night Flowchart
Stormy Night Flowchart

However, as a player, I confronted myself with the question, “How far was I willing to go against my duty for the ones I deeply cared about? Even if it took to unalive my master?”

Markus’s Struggle for Freedom

Detroit: Become Human powerfully explored Markus’ character as a revolutionary leader. Initially a caretaker, Markus finally opens his eyes to acknowledge the hostile treatment he’s enduring from humans. His journey is filled with difficult choices as he paves a path for fellow deviants and becomes their leader.

However, during the Freedom March sequence, I had to decide whether to take a violent stance or advocate for a peaceful protest as the tension escalated. With the situation already getting out of hand, I chose to attack and defeat the officers, which eventually came at the cost of fellow deviant’s lives.

Markus' Web of Consequences
Freedom March Flowchart
Source: ScereBro PSNU, YouTube

This decision was a pill hard to swallow, making me wonder if my friend’s life could be spared if I had stood my ground.

My Experience With Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human isn’t just an entertainment game but a web of narratives that lets you reflect on your values and beliefs. It challenges players to think differently and mirrors real-life dilemmas with the game’s decisions. 

With powerful interactivity and a unique narrative design, Detroit: Become Human stands out as a masterclass. The consequences of your choices hurt you on a different level. This game serves as a reminder that our stories are ours to shape.

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