Alan Wake 2: Investigating The Previously Flooded Areas

After coming up ashore, you're faced with the optional objective of exploring the newly unflooded areas in Cauldron lake. Since the objective doesn't require you to go to any specific place, we have you covered with how to go about it to make the most of your time here.

Key Takeaways

  • Investigating the previously flooded areas in Cauldron Lake yields valuable rewards like Cult Stashes, Manuscript Pages, Nursery Rhymes, and gear in Alan Wake 2.
  • Keep an eye out for clues like yellow arrows, colored stones, and drawings that guide you toward hidden stashes, puzzles, and collectibles.
  • Once you’re done, head back to the parking lot to finish the optional objective and head back to Bright Falls.

After Defeating Nightingale and coming up to the shore, the previously flooded areas in Cauldron Lake are available to explore. In this guide, I’m going to tell you if it’s worth investigating the previously flooded areas in Alan Wake 2.

Your goal in Return 3 – The Heart, the third chapter of the game, is to look into the Cauldron Lake area that was once flooded. A large portion of the water retracts at Cauldron Lake, exposing new areas for you to explore and investigate after the lake spits out Alan after 13 years. This is a completely optional goal, however.

How To Explore The Previously Flooded Areas?

If you want to make the most of your exploration and uncover Cult Stashes, Nursery Rhymes, Alex Casey Lunchboxes, and Manuscript pages to read, follow our guide:

The Optional Objective starts after having the conversation with Alan Wake and Alex Casey || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
  1. After speaking with Alex Casey and Alan Wake, take the southern path.
  2. Locate a spot on your map to pass under fallen branches, leading to a lower shoreline section.
  3. Discover a Cult Stash in this area; follow the pattern to unlock it and obtain an Inventory Expansion Slot and gear.
  4. Explore an unflooded campground to the west of the Safe Haven light post.
  5. Find a Manuscript Page on a picnic table and supplies and ammunition in a nearby red container.
  6. Proceed beyond green tarps and around a large tree from the campground to discover another locked Cult Stash.
  7. Use your flashlight to reveal hidden yellow arrows in rocks and trees, including a tree with a red box containing ammunition.

Streamside And The Witchfinder Station

  1. Once you cross the bridge and enter Streamside.
  2. The First Nursery Rhymes waits for you here.
      Solve this Nursery Rhyme to get a charm || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
  3. Solve interactive nursery rhyme puzzles for special rewards, including the Hammer Charm.
  4. Collect Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Pieces before leaving.
  5. Find a Safe Haven light up the road from the campground to ward off enemies.
  6. Locate a large abandoned house by turning left at the Witchfinder’s Station sign and climbing the hill.
  7. Discover a Manuscript Page near a picnic table to the right of the stairs.
  8. Follow a trail of colored stones to an overgrown path, leading to an Alex Casey Lunchbox.
  9. Examine the back side of the cabin at Witchfinder’s Station to uncover another Nursery Rhyme.
      Find this Nursery Rhyme puzzle at the back side of the Witchfinders Station || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
  10. Inside the cabin, locate a computer in the far corner by the stairs, but it’s password-protected.
  11. Access FBC emails related to “Project Nursery Rhymes” with the code 2547.
  12. Go upstairs and explore the room on the right with a playpen and hidden dolls.
  13. Take the Wolf Doll from a box on the left and the Hero Doll on the ground to solve the Nursery Rhyme.
  14. Descend the hill from Witchfinders Station and find a flooded pond.
  15. Head south across the pond to a smaller path leading to a Private Cabin with a generator for a Break Room.
  16. Inside the Break Room, discover a Manuscript Page by the door.
  17. On the other side of the Private Cabin, find the final Nursery Rhyme for this chapter.
      Final Nursery Rhyme || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
      The Final Nursery Rhyme Reads “A mother-Crow sits in her nest. Guarding her babies, doing her best. To protect her home from the Beast coming to feast. But only a Hero brave of heart can keep the two apart.” || Captured By VeryAli Gaming
  18. Leave the Private Cabin, head east toward the shallow creek.
  19. Before meeting Agent Casey, go right along the hill above the creek to find a locked Cult Stash with a note saying “Rock Rock Tree – Are you bright enough?
  20. Head upstream, following colored stones and God’s Eyes hanging from trees.
  21. Open an Alex Casey lunchbox with nine manuscript fragments near waterfalls, potentially unlocking a weapon upgrade.
  22. Use the Shortcut Key to unlock the southern or northern paths.
  23. Proceed past the FBC Station and return to the parking lot at the top of the campgrounds.
  24. Conclude your stay at Cauldron Lake.
  25. Interact with your car to complete the optional objective of Investigating the Previously Flooded areas in Alan Wake 2.

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