Diablo 4: Iron Hold Dungeon [Expert’s Insights]

Discover a challenging prison-like dungeon Iron Hold located in the North of the Ruins of Rakhat keep in Hawezar within the map of Diablo 4.

Iron Hold Diablo 4 [Walkthrough]

The Iron Hold is a Dungeon in the Hawezar region of the game world, similar to the other dungeons present within Diablo 4. It is a great place to find powerful loot, including legendary items worth many XP.

Key Takeaways

  • The Iron Hold is a demanding dungeon in the Hawezar region in Diablo 4.
  • Different types of Demons, such as imps, demons, and greater demons, are present in Iron Hold.
  • To complete the Iron Hold, you must be at least Level 50 to overcome the dungeon’s challenges and its boss, the Scourge of the Lands.
  • Clearing the Iron Hold will reward you with the FastBlood aspect for the Necromancer, reducing the ultimate cooldown.
  • Iron Hold is a repeatable dungeon, meaning you can farm it as often as you like.
Another Dungeon in Diablo 4
The Iron Hold Dungeon (Captured by Us)

The Iron Hold is considered one of the best Farming locations to find the maximum number of valuable items. You must fight different Demons and collect the Jailor’s key to open an unlocked door. Once you beat the dungeon, you are rewarded with the Fast Blood Aspect!

Location Of Iron Hold

You will find the Iron Hold Dungeon in the Northern part of the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in the Hawezar Region. Below is the map location for this best farming spot in Diablo 4.

Map Location within the game
Iron Hold Dungeon Map Location (Captured by Us)

Steps To Clear The Iron Hold Dungeon

I suggest following the order below to clear the Iron Hold Dungeon with minimum effort. You must defeat Scourge of the Lands to complete the Iron Hold Dungeon.

When you get close to the Dungeon entrance, you will be asked for permission to interact with the Dungeon, upon which you will be transported to the Iron Hold. From there, you will enter the Awoken Cells area, a dungeon in the Iron Hold.

Follow the instructions below, and you will complete your first step toward earning the FastBlood Aspect.

  1. Heading into the room on your left by breaking the door open will be easy and will lead you to another similar room.
  2. Within this new room, you will find a chest present at the entrance of a broken door. Open it up, and you will find some gold, collect it, and increase your loot.
  3. More and more enemies like the Vengeful Spirit will come your way. Destroy them and continue your journey. 
Iron Hold in Diablo 4
 The Awoken Cell Dungeon (Captured by Us)

The Cursed Shrine

  1. Proceeding further after killing all the enemies behind, you will come across the Artillery Shrine.
  2. There will be a time limit to defeat as many enemies as possible within this period. It will not be challenging as the Vengeful spirits are relatively easy to destroy.
  3. After defeating them and entering another room, you will encounter the Skeleton Corpse Axe, a powerful enemy.
  4. From my experience, this encounter will demand efficient use of your weapons and skills, as it poses a significant challenge.
  5. After defeating this beast, ensure to collect all the loot, especially the chest that contains valuable items like Coiling War and Emeralds.
Iron Hold in Dungeon 4
The Cursed Shrine Event (Captured by Us)

Collect the Jailor’s Key

Another important step in clearing the Iron Hold is to collect the Jailor’s key within the Dungeon. This key will help you to open the Door.

After completing the Cursed Shrine, you will face more Vengeful Spirits, defeat them all, and proceed further to collect the Jailor’s Key. You’ll also have to defeat Xanthus!

Iron Hold in diablo 4
Collecting the Jailor’s Key (Captured by Us)

Once you defeat all enemies, collect the Jailor’s Key. Finally, use it to open the Locked Door to complete another step towards attaining the FastBlood Aspect.

Iron Hold in Diablo 4
Opening the Locked Door with the Jailor’s Key (Captured by Us)

First BloodStone

  1. The Firstblood Stone can be found in the Ruins of Rakhat.
  2. Entering this region, you will enter a dark and gloomy area.
  3. There, you will come across Demonic Corruption, a powerful force that can harm your character.
  4. Entering here, more enemies will surround you, but you must defeat them individually to maintain your health.
  5. The next step will be to head downstairs, and you will enter the Hall of Malice.
  6. Here, you will face enemies like Infernal Sister, which doesn’t pose much threat.
  7. Progress further, gather all items, including a chest, defeat enemies, and enter a room to find a Bloodstone.
  8. Afterward, return it to the Pedestal to complete your first Bloodstone retrieval.
Another harmful force for your player
The Demonic Corruption (Captured by Us)

Second Bloodstone

  1. Within the Utgard Region, you can find the Second Bloodstone.
  2. On the map, the Iron Hold Dungeon is identified by Skulls and Crossbones.
  3.  First, you will come across an Iron Maiden Statue. From there, you will enter a room full of enemies that will collectively start attacking you, but you will beat them quite easily. 
  4. Upon defeating the enemies, you can acquire the Second bloodstone by locating and breaking into a Broken Jail Cell.
  5. Once you have collected both Bloodstones, you must return them to the Pedestal in the Rooms of Rakhat.
Dungeons of Diablo 4
Defeating the Scourge of the Land-Legendary Boss (Captured by Us)

Finally, after opening the last locked door, you can find the Boss Scourge of the Lands. He is a powerful enemy, so you better be prepared for a tough fight. Once you defeat the Boss, you’ll quickly obtain the FastBlood Aspect reward.

The FastBlood Aspect

In the case of Clearing the Iron Hold Dungeon, the reward is the FastBlood Aspect. The FastBlood Aspect is legendary in Diablo 4 and used as a resource enhancement but restricted only for the Necromancer Class.

This Legendary Aspect can benefit the players by reducing the Ultimate Cooldown by almost 0.5 to 1.0 seconds when using the Blood orbs.

Reward for clearing the Dungeon
FastBlood Aspect in Diablo 4 (Captured by Us)

Fast Blood Aspect yields numerous benefits:

  • Reduces Ultimate Cooldown
  • Improves the Survivability
  • Increases the Damage output

All these points can only be implemented in the game when your player defeats the Scourge of the Lands, a mighty final boss who is not easy to destroy. But after going through my guide, it wouldn’t be harder anymore.

My Thoughts On Iron Hold

It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging dungeons in the game. But the reason most players pursue it is because of the rewards and aspects it has to offer. 

The Iron Hold is a challenging farming dungeon to locate and clear, but with all these tips in mind, you are good to go and, hence, would end up claiming the rewards. In my experience, it is considered one of the best Farming Spots in Diablo 4, and you must clear it to make your gaming experience more thrilling.

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