Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon? [All Theories + Our Verdict]

YES, Hogwarts Legacy has a strong connection into the Wizarding World Lore and Harry Potter stories, so it will be considered as canon.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon
Hogwarts Legacy Being Canon or Not

Hogwarts Legacy being canon is one of the major questions among the community. But what makes it canon or not and what exactly the term “Canon” means is crucial for answering the latter question. With that said, let’s look at all the aspects that authenticate Hogwarts Legacy being canon to the original Harry Potter. 

Key Takeaways

  • Canon refers to all aspects and details in a universe approved by the original creator.
  • Franchise-related fans or creators can also influence Canon.
  • “Hogwarts Legacy” is considered Canon because it’s set 100 years before Harry Potter events and follows the same Wizarding school lore.
  • Disapproval from J.K. Rowling and certain factors make it semi-canon, but community approval and deep lore tie it to the Harry Potter universe.

Canon, in simple terms, refers to elements within the same universe as the original work. In the case of Hogwarts Legacy, fans question if it’s part of the Harry Potter universe. To determine this, I’ll compare various aspects of the game with the original creation. Some aspects align with the universe, while others may not.

Hogwarts Legacy Canon
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Aspects In Favour Of Hogwarts Legacy Being Canon

Harry Potter is an ever-expanding universe with several books and movies contributing to the canon of several artworks and entertainment media. The same goes for the all-new Hogwarts Legacy. 

First, if fans consider the seven book novels for Harry Potter, these are all connected canonically with the Hogwarts Legacy. It is because Hogwarts Legacy takes place at least 100 years before the events of Harry Potter. Moreover, the lore, along with all the elements of Wizarding and Witchcraft school in Hogwarts Legacy, follows the same path as Harry Potter, thus making it a strong canon. 

Apart from the books, the movies are also a canon of the Hogwarts Legacy. Especially if fans consider the lore for spellcasting and how each character learns it, in that case, Hogwarts Legacy best fits the definition of being connected to the universe of the original Harry Potter franchise. 

The same goes for the movie series Fantastic Beast. All of the movies in the series are confirmed part of the canon with Harry Potter, which further strengthens the Hogwarts Legacy position of being within the canon of the Fantastic Beast universe. 

Hogwarts Legacy Canon
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The following important factor that must not be undermined is the video games released within the Harry Potter franchise. Over the last few decades, fans enjoyed several Harry Potter video games that were indeed a strong part of the overall Harry Potter franchise. Fortunately, video games will also be considered canon with Hogwarts Legacy. 

Harry Potter video games were part of the original series and novel by J.K Rowling, but sadly the titles did not receive much approval from the audience. Meanwhile, after the release and strong approval of Hogwarts Legacy, the community strongly approves of the game being a perfect depiction of Hogwarts, even if it is 100 years before. Apart from that, all the aspects like movies and novels mentioned above, it is easy to consider the latest released Hogwarts Legacy is strongly connected with the universe of video games. 

Broom Ride
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Aspects Against Hogwarts Legacy Being Canon

Several factors contribute to Hogwarts Legacy not being canon in the Harry Potter universe. Despite the recent allegations and much pressure on the original creator of the universe, J.K Rowling, it is imperative to incorporate the factors that will disregard Hogwarts Legacy being canon. 

As for the characters of the original Harry Potter, there is a divided audience and facts that connect the universe with the newly released game. First of all, Hogwarts Legacy is a separate universe in terms of characters. You might not hear much about the characters from the Harry Potter series or the events. That is because the Hogwarts Legacy events took place 100 years earlier. 

Secondly, J.K Rowling came forward and disapproved of all the connections or relations of the Hogwarts Legacy being canon in Harry Potter. For that instance, the game will not be considered to exist in the same universe as Harry Potter and have a direct correlation to it. 

To further affirm it, J.K Rowling rejected all theories and facts regarding her involvement in developing the Hogwarts Legacy. It means that, in a sense, Hogwarts Legacy can be considered a semi-canon and still connected with the roots of the Wizarding World of Hogwarts. 

Note: While the creator’s disapproval of project involvement and canon rejection is one thing and is sufficient enough for the community, the original creators of the game, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Portkey Games, and the in-game lore are more critical. For that instance, Hogwarts Legacy will be considered canon to Harry Potter in terms of the game developers and its ties to the Wizarding World while rejecting all disapproval. 

Hogwarts Legacy Canon or Not
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So The Answer?

That is about it for my discussion on whether Hogwarts Legacy is canon to the Harry Potter universe. my conclusion is definitely canon because of the strong ties with the Wizarding World of Magic, all the spells, and the in-depth game lore, further diving into the most detailed Hogwarts of Harry Potter yet. 

At the same time, the Wizarding School also perfectly matches the description of Harry Potter books, further strengthening its position as canon. This means that developers not only refreshed the thriving community of Harry Potter but also made sure to connect it appropriately with the universe. 

Did you find this discussion helpful in answering the question? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below. 

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