Is Soulmask Going To Be The Next Biggest Survival Crafting Game?

With so many survival games being released today, Soulmask has managed to capture the audience's attention with its unique approach to the survival genre.

It feels like a new action survival game is released or announced every other day, but only a few catch the audience’s attention. Games like Palworld and Enshrouded appeared out of nowhere and gained significant popularity. Recently, a new game called Soulmask has generated buzz and attracted many players.

Key Takeaways

  • Even though in early access, Soulmask has gained a decent playerbase enjoying the unique survival experience that the game presents us with.
  • Soulmask has one of the best world designs, combining an excellent combat system with outstanding survival elements.
  • Soulmask faces typical early access issues, which can deter players from staying interested in the game. Many players prefer a polished and complete experience so that their first playthrough is memorable.

Soulmask is an action survival game that promises a great multiplayer experience, offering the feel of an MMORPG without the usual problems or flaws. But why has it gained such a large player base and widespread acclaim even before its full release? Let’s take a closer look.

Great Action Survival Experience

The biggest reason for Soulmask’s success is its combat and action-focused gameplay. The combat is addictive and challenging, especially if you’re not well-prepared or your gear is subpar, creating the feeling of playing an action RPG. It’s impressive how a survival game implemented a combat system that rivals most AAA games.

The game features different weapon types, each with unique moves, complementing the type of gear or skills you want to use. The combat is among the best I’ve ever seen in a survival game.

As you perform executions and stylish moves, you will become addicted to the gameplay loop of Soulmask. However, improving the animations could unlock the full potential of the combat system.

The game also features a proficiency system that allows players to stick with their favorite weapons and upgrade them through use. This system eliminates the need to grind with other weapons to gain skill points so they can increase the strength of their preferred weapon.

Being a survival game, Soulmask naturally includes a base-building feature. It includes a decent range of options for building and managing your base. For a game in early access, it already offers a variety of ways to construct your base. No matter the size or complexity of your base, the game provides all the options you might need.

Using The Base Building Menu | From Treyex Gaming

Combining this amazing combat with a robust base-building mechanic makes Soulmask stand out, even if it still has some way to go before it becomes fully stable.

The Amazing World Design

The world of Soulmask is based on tribes and ancient historical myths, an excellent concept for an action survival game’s setting, and they have captured this feeling beautifully. The lands are filled with dense foliage, and certain parts of the map offer breathtaking views.

The Beautiful View Soulmask Has To Offer

As you explore, you’ll realize the world around you feels alive. Animals interact dynamically, with different species inhabiting the land, making the environment vibrant and immersive. Exploration never felt like a chore to me, as there is always something new to discover, keeping me excited about what more the world has to offer.

The game’s multiplayer features are outstanding, aiming to replicate the MMORPG experience with thoughtful map design. The map is crafted for large-scale multiplayer games, and the activities feel engaging and enjoyable, rather than tedious.

Having played many MMORPGs, I often found their maps designed solely for multiplayer content, making exploration feel like a repetitive grind for high-level gear. Soulmask, however, offers a refreshing combination of rewarding exploration and an excellent multiplayer experience.

The Early Access Problem

The main issue with the game is how the main character (the one you create) is handled. The main character’s sole purpose is to reach a point where you would abandon them and use another character to continue playing. Many players dislike abandoning the character they worked hard on, making this a controversial mechanic.

Additionally, the game’s animations urgently need a rework. They feel like placeholders for better animations that the developers will eventually implement. The animations feel stiff and sometimes defy physics, even within the context of a fictional world.

Incomplete And Weird Animations

Since the game is in early access, bugs, and similar problems are to be expected. However, this makes some players hesitant to try the game, as they expect a polished and complete experience. It is not as bad as most games that release in early access state, but it is still sometimes annoying.

Towards Greatness

Despite being in early access, Soulmask has become one of the most played survival games. The developers actively listen to feedback and continuously update the game with more content and bug fixes. They also released a roadmap outlining the content they will add and detailing the game’s future.

Players, including myself, expect this game to become a standout action survival title. It has the potential to become a memorable survival game that players will fall in love with.

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