Is Valorant’s Toxicity Ruining The Gaming Experience For Players?

Exploring The Impact of Toxic Behavior on Valorant Community.

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In the realm of online gaming, players seek a competitive platform where they can fully express themselves and stay entertained and engaged. Over the years, we have seen a massive growth of e-sports.

However, there is an element of toxicity that plagues the online gaming community and destroys my gaming experience as well as that of other players. Unfortunately, Valorant is a major example of such an experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Due to its sharp gunplay and tactical abilities, Valorant quickly gained popularity in the gaming industry
  • Despite its merits, it suffers from pernicious behaviors like bullying, harassment, and smurfing
  • Toxic behavior results in demoralization and distress for players
  • The article emphasizes the need for Riot Games to address the toxicity and introduce precautionary measures 
Source: Valorant, YouTube

Considering the toxic activities within the game, the Valorant game has become a hub of disruptive behavior. From harassment to unsportsmanlike conduct, the in-game experience has been destroyed in many ways.

Dismissal by Teammates

When dealing with unfamiliar teammates, you often encounter a multitude of inappropriate conduct. For example, if I am exhibiting bad gameplay, I will be dismissed by my teammates instantly and will be inflicted with infinite trolling.

On top of that, being called out with derogatory words like “Noob”, “Stoopid” or “Dumbhead” is just an every-game thing. No matter how much you improve your game, the roasting is endless.

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Cultural Differences & Sexism

In some regions, the concept of women playing online games is not accepted. As a result, male players in those areas resort to harassing and passing misogynistic remarks towards their fellow teammates.

I vividly remember a female friend of mine receiving sexist comments like “Gimme a sammich” and “Go back to the kitchen, dishwasher.” Such actions not only make female gamers feel miserable but also lead them to quit playing Valorant altogether.

Unlimited Bullying & Racism

While competing in the arena of online games, encountering racial comments has unfortunately become a common occurrence. Valorant, which is embraced by a number of individuals hailing from different racial backgrounds, often serves as the domain in which these situations take place. Players continuously face a big stock of racial slurs, such as Arab players might be subjected to offensive comments like “bring us some kebab”.

At the same time, Chinese are bullied with derogatory statements like, “Are you ching chong”, indirectly getting their identity disrespected. Worse of all, insults are hurled at individuals from countries like Pakistan and India, who endure immense mockery and are made fun of for their speaking style and so on.

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A quick tactic to satisfy their fragile ego is used by most of the high-ranked players who create new accounts and play against low-ranked players. This grants them an advantage over regular players who find it challenging to win games.

As I perceive it, this is one of the apparent reasons for players’ demoralization and loss of interest in Valorant.

Source: Valorant Curious, YouTube

How Do I See This Situation & What Can Be Done

Despite receiving heavy traffic on their game, Riot Games has failed to abide by its community guidelines. Penalties are almost non-existent, and very few people get banned for bullying and smurfing.

Yet, they always come back by simply switching to an alternate account, considering the ease of making alts continuously. As the community grows, it gets more toxic and unbearable.

The only solution to these problems is the constant supervision of the developers. They must introduce a two-factor authentication system and spend more time detecting smurfs.

The most important of all is reducing the number of alternative accounts and introducing harsher bans for toxicity until culprits clear up their messes. This will benefit the players who just peacefully want to play VALORANT. 

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