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Jackbox Games Presents New Valentine’s Quiplash 3 Episode

Jackbox Games is spicing up their most recent release with a new episode! Quiplash 3 (found in Jackbox Party Pack 7) is getting a very Jackbox Games Valentine’s themed pack of questions.

For those not familiar with the Jackbox Party Packs, they’re a collection of little games for 1-8ish people. The catch is that your phone is your controller! You swing on over to and enter the 4 character room code. Make sure you remember to put a funny name too (my go to is PP Boi because my username everywhere is Percival Pancake). Once you do that, you’re in the game!

New Romantics

Jackbox Games valentines
Death and Suffering pinball? Sign me up! Image Source

Quiplash is a series of questions that players come up with funny (maybe) answers to. “What’s the worst thing to find in the punch bowl at prom?” or “Oh no! I’ve fallen and I can’t _____!” Your answer and another player’s go head to head for the most laughs. Whoever gets more votes gets more points! It’s good simple party game fun.

The new questions in the “Live, Lash, Love” episode will have just the right vibe to make sure your Jackbox Games Valentine’s Day is sensual, like corduroy pants.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can make your own episodes for Quiplash right here! Just promise me they’ll be good, okay?

Why Jackbox?

I’m glad you asked! Virtual game night has never been easier than with Jackbox Party Packs! The genre of games in them varies from doodling raunchy t-shirts to social deduction to save yourself from alien imposters. (These are Tee KO and Push the Button, respectively).

With a whopping 7 packs to choose from with at least 5 games a pop, there’s a Jackbox game for every occasion! Personally, I think Jackbox Party Pack 6 is some of the most bang for your buck you can get in a party game.

You can check out more games and buy any of the Party Packs at the Jackbox Games site here & if you are looking specifically for the PC versions (Steam) of the Jackbox Party Packs at really handsome discounts then check here!

Excited for new Quiplash content? Have a favorite Jackbox Game? Let us know! If you enjoyed this article, check out some of our others: New Celeste World Record and Anniversary Update or Best of Xbox Game Pass A-Z: A Is For A Way Out.

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