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Jamie Lee Curtis Joins Star-Studded Borderlands Movie Cast
Jamie Lee Curtis Joins Star-Studded Borderlands Movie Cast

Jamie Lee Curtis Joins Star-Studded Borderlands Movie Cast

The Borderlands movie cast just added another star to its ranks: Jamie Lee Curtis. She is famous for her roles in the Halloween franchise, as well as a host of other blockbuster titles.

Horror-film veteran Eli Roth is set to direct a truly star-studded Borderlands movie cast. Cate Blanchett will play master thief Lilith, while Kevin Hart takes the part of soldier Roland.

According to Collider, Jamie Lee Curtis is joining the fray as Dr. Patricia Tannis. Tannis appears in all three games as a friendly NPC who provides quests and even assistance to the games’ various generations of player characters.

The Tannis of the film will be “an archeologist on Pandora who might have the key to finding the vault, but whose complicated history with Lilith isn’t going to help.”

Working with Curtis has been a lifelong dream for Roth. “I am so excited for her to bring her humor, warmth and brilliance to the role of Tannis,” he told Collider.

The Borderlands movie cast aren’t the only A-list players on this project. First there’s Roth, whose horror flicks Cabin Fever and Hostel make him ideal for the brutality of Pandora’s wastelands.

Next to this, Craig Mazin, who previously worked on HBO‘s Chernobyl, is handling the script. No stranger to video-game adaptations, he is also working on the network’s upcoming version of The Last of Us.

Avi and Ari Arad are producing the film, along with Erik Feig. Meanwhile, Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford and Take-Two Interactive‘s Strauss Zelnick will serve as executive producers. You can get Take-Two Interactive‘s latest Borderlands game, the excellent Borderlands 3 here.

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