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Joe Biden is Investigating the XBOX and PS5 Chip Shortages

As part of a wider executive order, U.S. President Joe Biden will be working to improve the supply chain for electronic components.

The order – signed on Wednesday – consists of a 100-day review of the supply chains in four areas: critical minerals, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and electric vehicle batteries.

Biden stated that the government needs to ensure supply chains are “secure and reliable”.
He described the semiconductor as a “21st centenary horseshoe nail” in reference to the old “for want of a nail” proverb; it describes the chain reaction of losses on a small scale leading to large-scale problems.

The president went on to discuss the importance of the semiconductor as a component and its wide plethora of applications, from phones and cars to medical equipment.

The review hopes to attack the problem from all angles, with the administration intending to collaborate with congress law-makers for swift improvement.

Yet another global problem attributed to COVID 19

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X & S have seen production shortages due to the global lack of semiconductor components.
The global component shortage is a problem perpetuated by the Coronavirus pandemic; people increased their usage and purchasing of electronic devices, while at the same time, production lines were slowing down.

The problem doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon, either.
Gamers can only hope that initiatives such as this one help speed up the process, but where demands for resources lay most critical are in the medical field.

Biden discussed not only semiconductor related problems in the medical field but also the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment).
The breadth of the tornado-like impact of the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be unprecedentedly far-reaching.

You can check the latest stock situation of the PS5 here & for the XBOX Series here.

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