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Joycon-Drift Leads to EU Complaint Against Nintendo

Nintendo Switches may have made up 87% of consoles sold in Japan last year, but it’s not all roses for the Kyoto-based company. EU consumer groups have launched a formal complaint against Nintendo, citing reoccurring problems with the console. This includes the dreaded Joycon-Drift as well as other premature wear.

Nintendo switch and Joycon-Drift
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25 000 Complaints

The complaint has been made by UFC-Que Choisir, the French consumer protection group, and The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) on behalf of Nintendo customers. This comes after console users across Europe complained of reoccurring issues with Switch controls. In particular, it was the irritating instance where characters began moving without the controls being touched which has been dubbed ‘Joycon-Drift’. Over 25 000 individual complaints have been lodged regarding the problem.

Wearing Thin

But no, the issue isn’t caused by beloved characters becoming sentient and taking over. The fault is caused by electronic circuits in the Switch prematurely wearing down, according to a statement by BEUC. In fact, “in 88% of cases, the game controllers broke within the first two years of use.”

The EU Commission and the Consumer Protection Cooperation Network received the letter yesterday. The BEUC stated, “Nintendo continues to sell products that fail prematurely, harming consumers and the environment.”

Tom Wouldn’t Stand For This

They’ve even come up with some helpful Animal Crossing graphics to help get the message across. Tom Nook may be the capitalist dream, but at least his houses stay standing!

Nintendo have yet to comment on the complaints. We’ll keep you updated on any developments as they occur. You can get the Nintendo Switch -Special Edition variant or normal – here.

That’s all from me for today. What do you think of the complaint? Have you experienced Joycon-Drift? Let us know in the comments.

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