Judy Alvarez: The Fictional Character Stealing Real Hearts

If you’ve been a long time gaming fanatic, you’ll know what it feels like to take a liking to a specific gaming character. Whether it was the jagged bosoms of Lara Croft in the nineties smash hit Tomb Raider, Chun-Li’s moves in the various Street Fighter titles. Or for a more modern option, the tight spandex ensemble worn by Overwatch character D-Va. What we are saying is that there are some character models out there that do it for some people and that’s perfectly fine.

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One such character to break into this category has been Cyberpunk 2077′s braindance babe, Judy Alvarez. This green haired and tattooed vixen stole the hearts of gamers worldwide upon Cyberpunk 2077’s launch on the 10th December 2020. So despite all the controversy, the refunds, the bugs and the far less than favourable reviews. At least fans can take this one as a small victory.

Losing Touch With Reality

We are all for a little in-game crush, we have all been there. Chasing romantic options in RPGs can be a much more fun use of your time than the main story sometimes. However, it seems that the lines between gaming and reality are blurring for some gamers out there today. With some going to extreme lengths to show their adoration for this new member of the gaming heartthrob elite.

On the more admirable and creative side of things, we have seen a number of fans cosplaying as the popular character. Imitation is the best form of flattery and in this case, we can see why. The level of detail for these cosplays are incredible and you can really see the care, attention and passion that these respective artists have. Our favourite of the bunch would probably be Anastasia Drymosia’s rendition which you can find right here.

However, not all attempts to show love are quite as well received as this. Fans have taken to online forums to exchange their views regarding why Judy is the best or hottest in-game character ever. Others have been left in despair when they were unable to tempt Judy to bed with their male character as she is a lesbian. Plus, some players have even taken the time to write some really cringeworthy songs for the character. If there was a line, we would have drawn it in the sand well before the point of composing music.

Who is Judy Alvarez?

Just to give those unfamiliar with the game or the character a brief rundown on the chick in question here. Judy is a character that you meet rather early on in the game. She is a brain dance technician and a member of the moxes, a gang within Night City.

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She’s a very skilled technician, a firey character and offers the player a number of very interesting questlines relating to the goings on at Lizzie’s bar, Clouds, what happened to Elevyn Parker and many more interesting plot points. Get Cyberpunk 2077 for $35 here or here.

So that’s our piece regarding the rather strange obsession some Cyberpunk players have with Judy Alvarez. What have you made of Cyberpunk 2077 so far? Are you waiting for the patches to roll out? What romantic partners have you been chasing in your playthrough. Let us know in the comments. Also, if you liked this content, then why not check out our review of Cyberpunk 2077. Or alternatively, have a look at our feature on Paragon. Thanks for reading VeryAli Gaming

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