Killer Klown From Outer Space – Hit or Miss?

The newly released game takes you inside the movie itself.

Killer Klown From Outer Space - Hit or Miss
Killer Klown From Outer Space - Hit or Miss

Remember that bizarrely funny movie from the late 80s in which alien clowns were killing people on Earth? Yeah, you don’t and neither do I until I heard about the release of a new game this month, which is based on this movie. Meet Killer Klown From Outer Space,  a game that has taken the eccentric charm of the 1988 movie and translated it into a unique gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Killer Klown From Outer Space has done an excellent job at embodying the cult classic movie from the late 80s with its attention to detail and consideration.
  • Similarly, the gameplay mechanics are also top notch and they work exactly the way you see in the movie.
  • While the game is good enough, adding a few more features like a PvE mode would make it even better.

Developed by Teravision Games, it offers a mix of humor, horror, and chaotic multiplayer action. Within over two weeks of its release, it has amassed a rating of 7/10 on Steam. Is it a hit or a miss? Does it truly embody the movie or an average recreation of it? Well, let’s see:

Faithfulness To The Source Material

A movie based on a book is only justified if it follows the book religiously. Similarly, if a movie is adapted into a game, it is only fair if it follows the movie properly. My curiosity leads me to watch the movie to judge the game better. The movie was fine and funny, I liked it. Now, coming to the game, yeah, it has tons and tons of references from the original cult classic.

For example, the clowns are straightaway from the movie, with the same attire and look. If you have watched the movie, you will remember the creepy balloon animals. Yeah, they’re here too, floating around and tracking kids around the blocks. Similarly, the invisible car flattening those scared, and running for their lives humans is also a notable addition.

In this regard, the game has a vote from me. Even if having fun with your friends in this multiplayer game is not your primary concern, you can only play it for the sake of nostalgia and won’t be disappointed.

Gameplay Mechanics: Funhouse Or Haunted House?

At its core, Killer Klown From Outer Space is a third-person asymmetrical multiplayer game, with both both single-player and co-op modes. So don’t be fooled by the goofy visuals. It offers surprisingly strategic combat. This means that players are split into two groups: Humans and Clowns. And trust me it’s no fun playing a human. Clowns rock all those sweet spots.

You take control of either Mick or Debbie, the protagonists from the film, each with their own unique playstyle. Mick packs a punch with his shotgun and explosive yo-yo, while Debbie utilizes a zap gun and a powerful stun baton.

Clown with his Zap gun
Debbie holding his Zap gun (image from Steam)

The core gameplay loop revolves around dodging enemy attacks, managing your ammo (because who wants to run out of popcorn in a clown apocalypse?), and strategically using your character’s abilities. For example, Mick’s yo-yo can be used to stun enemies and pull them closer for a satisfying shotgun blast. On the other hand, Debbie’s stun baton can create temporary force fields, allowing you to catch your breath and unleash a devastating electric shock.

Interestingly, while the overall nature is funny, the combat shines in its boss battles. And guess who do you face in the boss battle? An ice cream truck that shoots freezing blasts. But don’t be fooled and learn from my mistakes. Yeah, I took it lightly and got my ass handed to me.

These fights require quick reflexes, smart use of your abilities, and a healthy dose of laughter, because how can you not chuckle while battling a killer ice cream truck? Again, the game gets my vote here.

Medium Sized Adventure, Missing Features, And Glitches

The game can take up to 25 hours to complete it with all its achievements unlocked. It is a fun medium-sized adventure that I will certainly recommend to you. However, the only thing that I felt was missing is a PvE mode. Yeah, it doesn’t have one feature that would have made it a game comparable to Left 4 Dead.

And certainly, that would have taken its player base from a four-digit count to possible five or even six digits if effective co-op was introduced. But again, a PvE mode requires an extensive budget and lots of time to implement completely, and, understandably, it isn’t possible in the budget under which Teravision is operating.

Clown vs Humans
You can play either as a clown or a human (Image from Steam)

If it can level up its marketing and generate a significant turnover, we can expect better features and maybe even a PvE mode. But to get there, it also needs to patch all the glitches. It is common for a new game to have many glitches and that’s the game case with KKFOS too. For example, the predictable and unbalanced spawn locations can be a frustrating exoerience. 

Similarly, a few more bugs in the objectives can sometimes disturb the gameplay but the good thing is patches are being released regularly and the majority of the bugs are already gone. As my final verdict, I think it is a decent game and you should definitely give it a try.

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