Forspoken: Get Inside Kloros Guild [Walkthrough]

Get inside Kloros guild easily with this detailed guide.

After entering Praenost in Forspoken, players can discover, and loot essential items scattered around the area. Exploring guilds is one way to get these valuable items. Players will encounter Kloros Guild surrounded by a nightmare cloud. Read this guide on how to explore this guild.

Key Takeaways

  • You need Zip ability to get inside Kloros Guild.
  • You’ll get the Zip ability after defeating Tanta Sila.
  • You’ll find Kloros Guild in Middle Praenost.
  • You need to grapple rock formations on the left side of the building to get inside it.
  • You’ll fight a nightmare inside the building.
  • The rewards of this guild are special nails and feathers.

Getting the Zip Ability

Image shows Tanta Sila
Frey Fights Tanta Sila.

Although you may encounter Kloros guild before you have killed the first boss, Tanta Sila, you cannot get inside it without killing her. Killing her will grant you a special ability that will allow you to grapple ledges.

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Image shows Zip ability
Frey gets Zip ability.

This Zip ability will let you grapple at ledges or areas which are colored golden.

Entering the Kloros Guild

After you have the Zip ability, go to the following location in Middle Praenost,

Image shows Kloros Guild Location on map
Proceed to Kloros Guild.

Head towards the building. You’ll notice that you are surrounded by nightmare clouds. Now, face the door of the building. Next, start running in the left direction of the building until you see a rock formation which you can grapple,

Grappling stone formation on the right of Kloros Guild.

You’ll need to use your Zip ability to get to the top of this formation. Go to the top of this formation and see on your right. You’ll find another shorter rock formation.

Image shows the second Rock formation
Grapple to this location on the shorter rock.

Next, you need to run towards this rock. When you are halfway the distance between both rocks, use your Zip ability to get on the top of this rock.

Image shows Kloros Guild's balcony
Grapple to the ledge of balcony.

Like the previous jump, jump towards the balcony and then grapple its ledge using your zip ability. You’ll get inside the building.

There are 4 floors in this building including the ground floor. Use the staircase to keep proceeding towards the ground floor. On the first floor, you’ll see a bookshelf blocking the staircase jump over the grill of the staircase to get through.

Image showing blocked staircase
Jump the grill to get to ground floor.

On the ground floor, you will fight a nightmare.

Image shows Frey encountering the Nightmare
Frey fighting the Nightmare.

Using Tanta Sila’s spells is the most affective technique against Nightmares. Use them to get rid of it. Defeating the nightmare will unlock the door.

Kloros Guild Rewards

After defeating the Nightmare, you will get Decay Nails that increases the duration of negative blows that frey inflicts on enemies. Additionally, the central chest also gets unlocked which has feathers.

Image showing Decay nails
Reward of Kloros Guild.


This sums up our guide on Kloros Guild in Forspoken. This guide has covered everything from how to get inside the Kloros Guild to how to defeat the Nightmare and the rewards it yields. For more guides on Forspoken, keep coming back to our site.

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