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Kojima Productions confirms, a new game is in production

Kojima productions seem to be working on a brand new game, and the evidence is mounting up.

The studio’s Twitter account just confirmed that the studio is working on a brand new project and that they are looking for “best in class talent” to work on the new game. Which in turn confirms that the game is still fairly early in development. 

Another hint that the game has entered the production phase of its development, is that the audio director of Kojima productions has confirmed that they’re in full production of the music for the unannounced project.

Ludvig Forrsell is one of the many former Konami employees that followed Hideo Kojima to his new endeavour of creating Kojima productions. He is well known for his work on MGS V: The Phantom Pain, and Death Stranding.

A new Kojima mystery project

The new project itself is still very much a mystery that we can only speculate about.

According to the career listings on the company’s website, they’re working on 3D models of weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and mechas. Another listing clearly states that they’re looking for professionals with previous RPG experience. 

Death Stranding Sequel?

Numerous hints suggest “Death Stranding 2” might be in the works. Hideo Kojima tweeted last June a photo of a vehicle with the word “Bridges” on it, which was an infamous company in the first Death Stranding game.

It’s also worth mentioning that the star of the first Death Stranding game “Norman Reedus” has already confirmed during an interview last March that he’s in talks for another Kojima project. He further explained that he’s “talking to Hideo about maybe doing some Death Stranding stuff,”.

To prepare yourself for a possible Death Stranding sequel, you play Death Stranding right now on PS4 for only $29.99. Do you think Kojima is working on a Death Stranding sequel? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you want more content like this then why not check out our news on the Xbox Bethesda acquisition, also you can learn more about AOC playing Among Us on Twitch!

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