Diablo Immortal Kormus The Guardian Location & Guide

Finding and Defeating Kormus the Guardian in Diablo Immortal is no easy feat. Here is the complete guide to help you navigate in the location and complete a special event for the secret boss.

Kormus The Guardian Diablo Immortal
Kormus The Guardian Diablo Immortal

Who Is Kormus The Guardian In Diablo Immortal

Kormus the Guardian is one of the notable bosses in the Shassar Sea zone that may cause havoc for your character. Completing the Shassar Sea also requires you to defeat the boss by engaging with a special event within the zone. Apart from bosses, you must also complete eight adventure completion tasks to fully enjoy the zone’s content. 

Unlike the two bosses, Segithis and the Six-Fingered Aben, which you will encounter quickly in the zone, Kormus is not something that is going to reveal himself to your character. To summon the boss, you must visit a location in the Shassar Sea zone and engage with a particular item. 

Key Takeaways

  • Zone events are some of the best in-game content that gives players a chance to take part in a variety of tasks and gain valuable rewards for their characters.
  • One of the prominent bosses in the Shassar Sea zone that could ruin your character is Kormus the Guardian. In order to complete the Shassar Sea, you must also fight the boss by taking part in a unique event there.
  • The drawback is that some players’ progress will be halted by the quest’s random feature because they will need to wait and go back to the spot to trigger the event.
  • To earn special rewards for your character, you can defeat the guardian. Ailettes, Gold, Greaves of Fortitude, and many Enchanted Dust are some of these unique awards.
Kormus The Guardian Diablo Immortal
Fighting With Kormus The Guardian Diablo Immortal

However, many players still struggle to find the mighty beast in the confusing zone and achieve the poor achievement in Diablo Immortal. This guide will help you navigate the location and find the Kormus the Guardian in Diablo Immortal for completionists’ sake. 

Location Of Kormus The Guardian 

Although there is no order of defeating the three bosses in the Shassar Sea zone of Diablo Immortal. You may start with any bosses, even Kormus, first in the zone.

But it is worth noting that you may not have unlocked a specific portion of the map. This may be because you have not discovered it yet, and it requires walking to reveal it. 

For that instance, you must complete numerous zone events before battling with Kormus the Guardian. We recommend completing the Rat Eradication adventure event to at least unlock the Chamber of Wisdom area. From here, you can easily navigate to the location of Kormus’s boss. 

Location of Shassar Sea
Location of Shassar Sea
Location of Kormus The Guardian
Location of Kormus The Guardian

Considering you have completed Rat Eradication at Chamber of Wisdom, you can head to the southmost portion of the map. That would be below the Chamber of Wisdom. 

Another vital thing to note here is that Kormus the Guardian is randomized for a few minutes. This means there is no guarantee whether you will encounter the boss on your first try. However, you can easily find him in the location. 

Complete Perpetual Glass

To fight the ancient boss guardian, you must complete the Perpetual Glass available in the location. As soon as the event is active, you will receive objectives for Perpetual Hourglass. The main objective of the event is to Deactivate the Hourglass. 

On top of that, you may also receive a short description stating, “These spires never stop spinning and create this desert. We must put an end to it.” This description gives a more in-depth insight into the storyline, thus enhancing the playthrough experience of the players. 

Now all you need to do is interact with the spinning Spires. There are a total of 4 Spires that power the Perpetual Hourglass. Shutting down each Spire will also spawn blood-thirsty Dust Imps and Ghouls, so prepare with hot weapons and gears. 

Perpetual Hourglass Event
Perpetual Hourglass Event

Speaking of gears, since the Shassar Sea is a dangerous event, especially for solo players, you might want to upgrade your equipment by adding Diablo Immortal Best gems for your character. 

Apart from that, deactivating all of the Spires will finally call the Kormus the Guardian. His entrance is already frightening. Plus, he will set a parameter of stones around your character, so keep a safe distance to predict the next moves of the boss. 

Rewards For Defeating Kormus The Guardian

If you have finally triggered the event, you can defeat the guardian to receive special rewards for your character. These special rewards include Ailettes, Gold, Greaves of Fortitude, and multiple Enchanted Dust.

Although, there might be nothing special about these rewards. But still, completing the event and extraordinary achievement in your profile will make up for your struggle and patience. 

Final Words

Kormus the Guardian is a unique experience for players and rewards them with many items and achievements. Meanwhile, the random mechanic of the quest will halt some players’ performance as they will have to wait and return to the location to trigger the event. 

But still, the wait is entirely worth it when you complete the storyline and want to show off the achievements on your profile. Return to the proximity of Shassar Sear near Chamber of Wisdom. You will eventually get a chance to take head-on with Kormus the Guardian. 

That is for our guide on Kormus the Guardian in Diablo Immortal. Do you find this guide helpful for navigating the location and defeating the ancient guardian boss?

What is your approach to defeating the boss while dodging his incoming strikes? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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