How To Kill Leviathan In Dead Space Remake [Guide]

Cannot get rid of Leviathan in Dead Space remake? Read this guide on how to kill it.

Issac fighting the Leviathan

Dead Space Remake has brought many enemies back with advanced capabilities. The gigantic Leviathan is no exception. It is a giant Necromorph that players encounter 2 times in the game. The Leviathan becomes difficult to defeat with its deadly tentacles, poisonous gases, and boulders. Read this comprehensive guide on how to get rid of Leviathan in Dead Space Remake.

Key Takeaways

  • Leviathan is a giant Necromroph that Isaac encounters two times in Dead Space Remake.
  • You don’t need significant preparation to beat the Leviathan if you are not playing in Impossible mode.
  • Isaac first encounters Leviathan in Hydroponics in Chapter 6.
  • Leviathan can easily be defeated by using kinesis or firearms to damage the yellow sacks on its surface.
  • Isaac encounters Leviathan for the second time in Chapter 8 of Dead Space Remake.
  • Leviathan Remnant can easily be defeated using ADS guns.
  • You’ll get a “Get off my Ship!” trophy after defeating the Leviathan Remnant.


You don’t need extra preparation to beat the Leviathan in Dead Space Remake but you need to be extra cautious if you are playing the game in Impossible Mode. In both encounters, you can use your Kinesis to beat it and there will be plenty of resources at the site where you’ll encounter the Leviathan.

Before you encounter the Leviathan in Chapter 6, you need to inject enzymes into Wheezers. Explore all these areas completely. They have plenty of resources and ammunition that will be helpful in the fight. Moreover, you can refill your ammunition at the shop in Hydroponics Central Hub.

Image shows shop in Hydroponics Hub
Refilling ammunition at Hydroponics Hub.

You don’t need a ton of ammunition to fight the Leviathan when you encounter it for the second time in Chapter 8 because you’ll mostly use ADS Cannons to shoot it.

1st Encounter with the Leviathan

If you head into the vault in the Hydroponics, you’ll encounter the Leviathan.

Image showing Isaac advancing towards the Leviathan
Isaac decides to send Leviathan into space.

In the beginning, the area will be dark. Thanks to zero gravity, you can turn on your thrusters. This thing differentiates this Dead Space from the previous ones. Unlike the old Dead Space game, you can freely float in the area while fighting the Leviathan.

Image shows the Leviathan awakening
Isaac awakens the Leviathan.

The Leviathan will use its tentacles, poisonous sacks, and poisonous gas to attack you at different phases. This fight can be divided into 3 parts,

Part 1 – The Tentacles

In the first part of the fight, the Leviathan will attack you with its tentacles. Before attacking you with its tentacle, the Leviathan will make a sound. This alerts you that you should watch out for an incoming tentacle. Thanks to your thrusters, you can easily drift away to save yourself from it.

As soon as you are out of danger, shoot the yellow sacks on the tentacle that pops out of the Leviathan. If you prefer using your Kinesis over firearms, there are plenty of flammable cylinders you can through towards the yellow sacks. Otherwise, you can use Cannon Beam to inflict maximum damage accurately.

Image shows Isaac targeting the yellow sacks on Leviathan's tentacles.
Using Kinesis to target the Leviathan.

You need to target these yellow sacks in all the 3 tentacles before the fight moves to the second phase – The boulders.

Part 2 – The Boulders

After you have targeted the tentacles of the Leviathan, it’ll start expelling poisonous boulders toward you. These boulders explode on impact. While throwing the boulders, the Leviathan will open its mouth revealing another yellow sack. You need to shoot that sack while saving yourself from the boulders.

Image shows Leviathan throwing away poisonous boulders at Isaac
Leviathan throwing poisonous projectiles at Isaac.

The best thing to do here is to use your Kinesis to throw the poisonous boulders back into the mouth of the Leviathan to damage it. This will save you from the boulders and damage the Leviathan at the same time.

Part 3 – The end

After you have given enough damage to the mouth of Leviathan, it’ll start expelling poisonous gases.

Image shows the last phase of Leviathan boss fight in Dead Space Remake Chapter 6
Leviathan expels poisonous gases.

At this point, the Leviathan will try to damage you with all its abilities. You’ll have to save yourself from its tentacles, drift away from its boulders and defeat it before its gases suffocate you to death. The best way to go about this is to aim for its mouth and shoot it with all the weapons you have. So, focus on the mouth and keep shooting until the Leviathan gives up.

Image shows Leviathan being thrown out of the Hydroponics.
Isaac defeats Leviathan and sends it off to space.

2nd Encounter with the Leviathan

After the first encounter players think that they have killed the undead creature, but there is another fight left. In Chapter 8 of Dead Space Remake, when Isaac tries to establish a connection with the Valor ship, he finds out that the Leviathan is clinging to the communication array.

Image shows Leviathan Remnant blocking the Comms Array
Issac Encounters Leviathan Remnant.

You’ll use ADS cannons to defeat the Leviathan Remnant.

First Yellow Blob

As you’ll exit the vault that leads you to space, you need to quickly access the ADS cannon in front of you. You need to be quick because you’ll be running out of oxygen. Keep shooting the blocked yellow blob of the Leviathan with the cannon gun.

Image shows Isaac shooting Leviathan Remnant with ADS Cannon
Shooting the Leviathan Remnant with ADS Cannon.

While shooting this first site, you need to watch out for Leviathan Remnant’s tentacles. Whenever you see one coming towards you, leave the shooting and drift away to save yourself. You need to be quick because your Oxygen will be running out.

Second Yellow Blob

After you have destroyed one of these yellow blobs, head to your right. While drifting toward the right, watch out for the tentacles. You need to quickly head towards the wall and shoot the yellow sacks on the wall to reveal an oxygen canister.

Image shows Isaac refilling his oxygen reserves.
Recharge the oxygen before using the second ADS Cannon.

Now, you need to use the second ADS Cannon nearby. This time the Leviathan will throw projectiles at you. You can shoot them to save yourself from them. Keep shooting the yellow blob till it explodes.

Third Yellow Blob

After you have destroyed the second blob, head to your left. Watch out for projectiles and tentacles on your way. By this time, your oxygen will be depleting. There are oxygen canisters on the vault you used to enter the battle site. Use them to recharge your oxygen reserves. On the left area of the site, you’ll find an ADS cannon covered with yellow sacks. Shoot them to get it running. Then, use it to shoot the third and final yellow blob on the Leviathan. The Leviathan will destroy this ADS Cannon. At this point use your long-range weapons to shoot the left-off yellow blob.

Image shows Isaac defeating the Leviathan Remnant
Isaac defeats the Leviathan Remnant.

After you defeat Leviathan Remnant in Dead Space Remake, you’ll earn a Get Off My Ship! trophy.


This was our article on how to defeat Leviathan in Dead Space Remake. This article has covered everything from the resources needed to defeat the Leviathan to the number of encounters with the Leviathan and the trophy that unlocks upon defeating it.

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