Lies of P Best Weapons [Top 5 ]

If you are looking for the Lies of P Best Weapons to use, then I have some you might not expect, but I promise will offer you a great time.

lies of p best weapons

Lies of P is the new souls-like game on the block, but its defining traits lie in the sheer quality that it provides in terms of gameplay. In this guide, I will talk about the Lies of P’s best weapons. These range from early-game savers to late-game monsters with an explanation as to why they are good.

Key Takeaways

  • The Two Dragons Sword is very powerful with its in-built perfect parry mechanic and great scaling.
  • The Puppet Ripper is stylish as all hell with its amazing damage and elegant moves.
  • The Holy Sword of the Ark is pretty graceful with its move-set and on-the-fly combat complexity.
  • The Electric Coil is quite good for an early weapon that can carry you throughout the early game without getting into too much trouble with basic mobs.
  • The Ouroboros’s Eye can dish out the best DPS in the game if utilized correctly and built around it.

Two Dragons Sword

two dragons sword
Two Dragons Sword | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
Type Sword
Damage 107
Durability 100
Guard Damage Reduction 47.16
Weight 12.9

This is a boss weapon acquired after defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster. Use his rare boss ergo by giving it to Alidoro, who can transmute it into the Two Dragon’s Sword, which is actually quite powerful for three reasons.

The first is its A scaling in Motivity and S scaling with a Technique Crank, which is amazing because of its high stab damage and slashing damage. Secondly, the weapon has two fable arts. One is the Link Emergency Dodge, which causes you to dodge forward into the enemy, and upon the usage of two extra fable slots, you can perform quick attacks in succession with the dash. This makes it excellent for a hit-and-run style playstyle.

The other one is a wide sweep of the space before you. This is great for dealing with gank enemies and other you don’t want to get too up close and personal with, although this only count for the normal enemies and not bosses.

When you charge your heavy attack, you get a ping sound and a flash that you are ready to strike. This doubles as a perfect parry if you time the enemy attacks with this flash and ping. The best part, it even works for a boss’s fury attack.

That’s why I highly recommend you pick up the Two Dragons Sword and place it so highly since once you master the parry timing on the heavy attack, it can be considered one of the Lies of P best weapons to have in your arsenal.

Puppet Ripper

puppet ripper
Puppet Ripper | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Type Sword
Damage 132
Durability 100
Guard Damage Reduction 51.77
Weight 16.4

Now, this weapon is for anyone who wants style points to go along with their build. I am quite fond of scythe weapons, and wherever a game has one, you will see that I opt to use that weapon class, even if it is not the best in the game.

This fact remains prevalent in Lies of P, but as fate would have it, the Puppet Ripper is really good. Not only in its style but also its damage output. The weapon has B scaling with Motivity and really high Stab damage. The only con about this weapon is that you must wait for a decent chunk into the game to get your hands on it by defeating the King of Puppets and giving his Burnt-White King’s Ergo to Alidoro.

The Fable Arts for this weapon are also quite good, with one being a Quick Slash that slices upwards. The other is a wide sweep attack, which uses the weapon head like a whip to slash all enemies around you. Great ability for dealing with mob enemies that surround you.

Holy Sword of the Ark

holy sword of the ark
Holy Sword of the Ark | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Type Greatsword
Damage 140+128
Durability 100
Guard Damage Reduction 71.87
Weight 21.2

Another weapon that flows in combat like the Puppet Ripper. A beautiful weapon that will have you saying, “It’s giving graceful,” and other things that I dare not mention.

You can get this weapon by transposing the King’s Flame Ergo by giving it to Alidoro after you defeat the One Winged Angel. Once you get your hand on this weapon, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using it since it is a weapon that does really well by utilizing Fable Arts.

Now, the weapon itself states that there are only two of these Fable Arts, but in actuality, it changes quite drastically depending on how you combo the weapon. Firstly, you can gather your strength in the weapon and do a stronger version of a heavy attack called the Patient Smash. The second Fable Art is called Alter, causing the weapon to switch from a sword to a spear while also updating its move set.

Upon casting Patient Smash in this altered form, you do a five-hit combo upon consuming 3 Fable Bars. And after reverting this transformation, you have an empowered attack on the sword version. When combined together, the Holy Sword of the Ark can dish out insane DPS numbers, which is why it makes our Lies of P best weapons list.

Electric Coil

electric coil
Electric Coil | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Type Blunt
Damage 56
Durability 100
Guard Damage Reduction 54.88
Weight 11.7

So this is the first weapon on our list that is actually found in the early game. You can get it from Alidoro for only 1200 Ergo, which is pretty cheap, considering how useful the weapon actually is in your early runs.

The Electric Coil applies Electric Shock to enemies you hit with this weapon, and yes, that includes bosses. This is really good for building up stagger, which is an essential part of Lies of P. This game revolves around staggering bosses, and with this weapon, that task is simplified on both normal and boss enemies.

Give this weapon a try until you find something you enjoy, as it will help carry you in the earlier parts of Lies of P. However, if you really like this weapon, then you can later on get an upgraded version of this called the Coil Mjolnir. So give this weapon a try, and maybe this is the one for you.

Ouroboros’s Eye

ouroboros's eye
Ouroboros’s Eye | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Type Sword
Damage 124
Durability 100
Guard Damage Reduction 52.91
Weight 16.5

An interesting weapon since it is not your typical design and is shaped more like a smoothed-out saw attached to a handle. This may look unorthodox, but the damage output for this weapon is quite literally out of this world.

You can get your hands on the Ouroboros’s Eye by giving the Sad Zealot’s Ergo to Alidoro and getting this weapon in exchange for him. However, you will have to clear one of the biggest hurdles in the entire game, Luxasia The Complete.

It has a B scaling in Technique and two amazing Fable arts to back it up, one close-ranged and the other long-ranged. Now the long-range version is quite cool since you basically throw your weapon forward and let it stay there for a short duration to do damage. Great for waiting out lengthy combos and still doing damage.

But the reason it’s on the Lies of P best weapons list is due to its second Fable Art which makes the blade stay in place and dish out insane DPS. I am not exaggerating with this one, it is actually crazy the number of DPS you can get out of this weapon if you build around it.

Weapons Comparison

Finally, let’s compare all the weapons and see how they stack against one another. Some will obviously be superior, but nonetheless.

Two Dragons Sword Puppet Ripper Holy Sword of the Ark Electric Coil Ouroboros’s Eye
107 ATK
47.16 Guard
12.9 Weight
132 ATK
51.77 Guard
16.4 Weight
140+128 ATK
71.87 Guard
21.2 Weight
56 ATK
54.88 Guard
11.7 Weight
124 ATK
52.91 Guard
16.5 Weight

My Thoughts

After using all the weapons and combining weapons with other parts, I have found that these weapons give you the best return on investment in terms of stats and how much you upgrade the weapon.

That being said, my personal recommendation would be to make a hybrid build at the start and go with the Electric Coil, but as the game progresses, lean more into Dexterity and use the Puppet Ripper till the end of the playthrough.

I did this, and I highly recommend you try this as well if you are a bit of a dexterity fiend in souls-like games.

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